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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone 👋👋 Welcome back to another AMA with AVAXDaily 😁 I’m Daley – your host for today and together with me is Mr. Hakusan – CEO of Hakuswap 🤩

Hello and welcome back to the group Hakusan 😎 How are you doing

Hakusan: Thanks so much for the follow up AMA! I’m doing great today and excited to be back

Cryptodaily Admin: Yeah it’s exciting indeed! We have to make up for the last time you were here. Telegram had a terrible accident and I could not welcome you properly!

Hakusan: Haha what a day! I ran the ama solo

Cryptodaily Admin: Yeah I know! You did surprisingly well to be honest. This time, let’s do things right! So, are you ready to start the AMA right away? Hakusan

Hakusan: Of course 😎

Q1: why don’t we start by reintroducing yourselves to the audience! Is the Team still together or has there been a little change?

Hakusan: I am Hakusan, the CEO of Hakuswap is the next generation DEX AMM on the Avalanche C-Chain.

I am a long time crypto holder since the OG Bitcoin Days of 2012/2013 and have worked & built many of the top defi protocols many of you have used over the last 2 years 😁

Our team has a wealth of experience building SAFE & High APR farms, lending protocols, NFT projects, and infrastructure tools.

Our team is growing! Our Spanish and Korean community is growing and we’re adding a Japanese community soon

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s fantastic news, but I thought you would be interested in opening the Japanese community first 😂

Hakusan: It’s all about finding the right people for the job 😂

Cryptodaily Admin: The project is heavily inspired by the Japanese culture so I think you guys will be fine 🙌

Q2: Please give us a short introduction about Hakuswap. And how has the project been for 1 month since our last AMA? Any updates?

Hakusan: HakuSwap is the newest Dex on Avalanche with the lowest fees and the highest APRs for Defi investors & traders! HakuSwap is a crypto world for users to trade, earn, and game. It is the premier choice for projects on Avalanche with features including AMM, NFT, and GameFi.


⛰Lowest Exchange Fee — 0.2% per swap

25% 50% of Swap Revenue Sharing with xHAKU holders

⛰NFT staking and mining

⛰Metaverse expansion

⛰Trade Mining — get paid to trade!

⛰High APR Farming & Staking Pools!

Analytics — See all the trades and liquidity on the HakuSwap Dex!

⛰Free Token Multisender

⛰1 Click Zap LP Creator

⛰Free multi chain bridge with anyswap/multichain integration. You can bridge from Eth, BSC, Poygon, FTM, and AVAX

Updates since we last spoke.

Our $HAKU public sale sold out 100% of the $500,000 in only 40 minutes! It was amazing.

TVL is now over $8 million and growing everyday. $HAKU holder count continues to grow with 875 holders and many active addresses.

Coin gecko added both $HAKU as a token and exchange.

👇Token price and information:




We’re about to sign the paperwork for a comprehensive Certik audit. Our bridge is ready to deploy. The game The Battle of HAKU is coming out soon.

And our first NFT focused partnership with Billion Happiness comes soon!

Also a massive liquidity event with ONTO wallet!

And we have a number of partnerships in the works

Cryptodaily Admin: Wow that IS impressive. I remember when preparing for this AMA, your TVL was just a little bit above 7 million

Hakusan: Growing everyday 😁 I think we’ll hit $100 million soon with a $3-5 HAKU

Q2: I think we need to address the Elephant in the room here, you “dominated” the Avalanche’s top TVL gainers in 1 week with an outstanding $5 millions (around it). And now it’s gone up to more than $8 millions. Talking about growth rate!  Do you expect to do this well in the first week? How do you expect Haku to perform in the next 2 weeks?

Hakusan: We are believers in if you build it well and safely, TVL and price action follows. You don’t need a shill campaign to get proper price action and tvl.

Our Goal is $100 million TVL and we’re confident with our road map, partnerships, and marketing strategies that we’ll sail past 100 million fairly quickly.

Q3:Let’s talk about your features also, you released staking already, and trade mining is nice too, free token while trading, that’s pretty unique. One feature that I really like is the multisender. The name kinda explains what it does, but would you mind explaining this to the community?

Hakusan: The multisender is live! It’s another free tool we’re providing the community. The multisender allows you to send a batch of tokens to up to 500 addresses in one transaction for free! Just pay a little bit of gas which is almost the same gas cost as a normal transaction.

So if you ever need to get AMA rewards out to your community, you can use our free multisender to do that in one batch transaction 🚀🚀👑

Cryptodaily Admin: Yeah it’s exciting 🤩but sadly we only do prizes in BUSD, any thought about cross-chain though?

Hakusan: Haha just focused on AVAX for the moment 😉

Cryptodaily Admin: I suppose that’s the best too 😁

Q4: Hakuswap is a DEX but also releasing a P2E Games, so why did you decide to build additional paths to NFT and GameFi? Also, what about the Metaverse of Hakuswap? Will the Virtual Real Estates be sold there?

Hakusan: Gamefi and NFTs is the important next step in crypto & defi. We’re seeing massive adoption of crypto through these mediums. Many of the NFT & Gamefi collectors/players first foray into crypto is an NFT or playing a P2E game.

We want to be able to go give investors, collectors, and players the best experience possible with a full feature protocol that contains all the best features of a swap with Gamefi, and NFT exchange, Play to Earn Games, and metaverse with virtual real estate

And of course all of our releases will use $HAKU to drive utility of our token

Cryptodaily Admin: Yeah and what about the concept of the NFT and Game though? Taken from your profile pic, it must be ninja-related right?

Hakusan: I’ll give you a small overview of “The Battle of Haku” our first play to earn game 😁

Our play to earn game “The Battle of Haku” is undergoing swift development and we’re so excited to push it out.

The Battle of Haku has Monks and Ninjas.

Monks can be staked in the Temple to earn $HAKU and pay a tax anytime they claim their $HAKU earnings

If a Monk is unstaked from the Temple, the Ninjas try to steal all of its accumulated $HAKU

When a new Monk is recruited, the Ninjas attempt to kidnap it. If they’re successful, it’s given to a randomly selected Ninja, instead of the owner who minted it

You have a 10% chance of minting a Ninja, each with unique traits, including an Alpha value ranging from 5 to 8. The higher the Alpha value:

– The higher the portion of $HAKU that the Ninja earns from taxes

– The higher chance of stealing a newly minted Monk or Ninja

Cryptodaily Admin: So the Monk produces $HAKU and the Ninja can steal the Monk from another holder 👀

Hakusan: That’s right and you can get better and stronger NFTs by using your $HAKU to buy them

Cryptodaily Admin: The concept sounds really cool 🤣 I don’t know if I even want to have Monks though now that I can steal from people

Hakusan: The Ninjas will be rare with only 10% of all the NFTs for them. We’re expecting some of the high powered Ninjas to go for 50+ $AVAX on the secondary market

Cryptodaily Admin: I love the odds, not too many people can have it but enough to create that “the ninja is OP, I must have it” effect

Hakusan: Exactly! 💪

Q5: What about your tokenomics? Are all your allocations deflationary? And how is the emission scheduled?

Hakusan: Overall there are 100,000,000 total $HAKU but with frequent burning & automatic protocol burns we’ll see a much lower amount of total $HAKU after 4 years 🔥

It’ll take 4 years for all the HAKU to be fully released to the public.

Our emissions direct tokens to the Farms, xHAKU staking, NFT staking, and trade mining. The trade mining will go live in a few days once the TVL builds up some more 😁

70% of all HAKU tokens are reserved for the public.

-35 million for farming rewards

-5 million for NFT rewards

-15 million for xHAKU rewards

-15 million for Trade mining rewards

-22 million is set aside for ecosystem and initial liquidity

-8 million is for the test vesting over 8 months

The best part about the HAKU emissions is that they will decrease by 5% per month automatically. This makes it harder to earn $HAKU and combats inflation.

Currently there is only 1 HAKU per second going to the public via the masterchef contract. So emissions are very low at the moment

Users can earn $HAKU 4 ways.

1. Stake your LP tokens in the Farm. The highest earning pool will be $HAKU-AVAX.

2. stake your Hakuswap NFTs for HAKU. We’ve allocated 5% of all tokens for NFTS. All of our P2E games will be able to earn and spend $HAKU

3. Stake your HAKU for xHAKU to earn more HAKU daily via market buy backs from protocol swap revenue and the single xHAKU staking pool.

4. you can earn HAKU via trading! Every trade will reward you with HAKU!

The great part of the trade mining is that every time you’re trading you’re making money 🤑 Trade mining will be live in a few days

We also use 50% of all swap revenue to buy back and send to our xHAKU stakers.

Each day all the LPs from the trading fees are broken and are used to market buy $HAKU. Other Dexes may only use 16% of trading revenue.

Our staking program is super aligned to reward long term $HAKU holders.

$HAKU holders can stake their $HAKU for $XHAKU and earn their share of the 50% of protocol fees + $HAKU + partner tokens + governance rights.

Users can withdraw from $XHAKU to $HAKU at any time but there is a 4% fee assessed if withdrawn before 30 days.

🔥2% of the fee is burned forever and 2% remains in the pool to reward the holders.

So far $XHAKU stakers are earning 40% APR from the withdrawal fees + swap fees alone. They can stake their XHAKU for HAKU for another 765% APR.

We are in the works to develop our own NFT market place and virtual real estate. Our end goal is to build our own metaverse town for Hakuswap and all our partners. And the primary driver of value will be the $HAKU token. 🚀

Cryptodaily Admin: I’m excited about trade mining too! so we can just trade any token with Hakuswap right? It doesn’t have to be $HAKU?

Hakusan: That’s right! Any incentivized farm will have a trade mining incentive as well. We can see trade mining helping to 4x our daily volume. That means LP holders will get PAID 🤑

Q6: Hakuswap also has Governance by holding HAKU or xHAKU, but what has the community voted on that actually affected the development route of Hakuswap so far?

Hakusan: Currently governance is not enabled. Once the Hakuswap Protocol has more TVL & Holders we will roll out governance for HAKU and xHAKU holders.

Q7: Let’s talk about the newest event though: the “Liquidity Farming Event”. What is it and how can we join?

Hakusan: It’s very easy to participate in the Liquidity Farming Event with our friends at Onto wallet 😁

1)Install ONTO Wallet

2)Add AVAX-HAKU liquidity in Haku Swap dApp within ONTO.

3)Stake at least $10 AVAX-HAKU LP in the AVAX-HAKU farming pool of Haku Swap dApp in ONTO.

Hakusan – $HAKU 🗻, [2/17/2022 10:04 PM]

Please note you MUST use the ONTO wallet to qualify

There is a $4,000 prize pool! And more instructions are here

Cryptodaily Admin: I would love to see more collaboration between Hakuswap and other wallets 🤩it’s also a neat way of incentivizing your community too

Hakusan: Yes! We have a few partnerships lined up with other wallets 😁

Q8: Where can we find out more about Hakuswap?

Hakusan:  Keep your eyes on our socials for the events.





🤳 is the best way to read about Hakuswap

We have 24/7 moderator coverage if you ever have a question in our discord and Telegram

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Hakuswap 🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Hakusan: Thank you so much for coming to the AMA.

Be sure to buy some $HAKU to support the project.

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you Hakusan once again for coming back to the AVAXDaily community! It has been a pleasure! Best of luck to you and Hakuswap! 100 millions TVL incoming ✈️✈️

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