HouseBit will integrate with Polygon full-stack scaling to build their digital ecosystem for real estate

HouseBit is about to launch its first tokenized property and chose to be powered by Polygon. As a popular chain with low fees, Polygon is a good environment to allow and support the scalability, costs, and security needed for the project.

The first property will be launched around April and the tokens minted and promoted through Uniswap liquidity pools, which Polygon already integrates with. The mature ecosystem Polygon has built is another bonus and reason why HouseBit has opted to launch their product on Polygon first. 

The decentralized App on Polygon

Polygon experienced rapid growth in 2021, not only in terms of users but also by building an entire ecosystem of services and features, providing more strength for Housebit to be built within the network.

The tokens promoted in the liquidity pools will allow people to swap HouseBit ownership tokens with MATIC, WETH, WBTC, USDC, DAI, USDT, and other tokens listed on Uniswap List.

HouseBit aims to decentralize buying and selling real estate by tokenizing it. To guarantee affordable tokens price, the company needs to ensure fast and low-cost transactions – this is where it comes in Polygon as an efficient, robust, and safe ecosystem.

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First tokenized property

For the first tokenized property, HouseBit has a well-structured timeline: closing property, mint tokens, marketing announcement, product launch, and token swap. At the moment, the company is focusing on finalizing their product’s first version along with the bureaucratic part of the first transaction. 

What’s next with Polygon

Proving the product thesis is HouseBit’s main focus. It’s too early to talk about future plans, but the next steps are to expand the number of properties available along with proving their tokens’ liquidity. After that, they aim to make the most of other DeFi solutions and the Polygon ecosystem.

About HouseBit

HouseBit’s mission starts with a big challenge – the real estate industry and its legacy system. It is possible to buy just about anything online these days, but why not buy real estate? With a strong regulatory framework and developing an entire cryptographically-secure ecosystem for real estate tokenization, HouseBit will allow users to invest, own, and occupy real estate quickly, inexpensively, providing a high level of ongoing liquidity.

About Polygon 

Polygon is the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to all major scaling and infrastructure solutions: L2 solutions (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid solutions, stand-alone and enterprise chains, data availability solutions, and more. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with 7000+ applications hosted, 1B+ total transactions processed, ~100M+ unique user addresses, and $5B+ in assets secured.

If you’re an Ethereum Developer, you’re already a Polygon developer! Leverage Polygon’s fast and secure txns for your dApp, get started here.

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