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A Growing Trend: Blockchain gaming and the play-to-earn model

The Play-to-Earn model is the most recent innovation in the gaming industry. It is a concept that embraces the idea of an open economy, combining gaming and DeFi to offer rewards to players in the form of in-game items such as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which can be sold or traded on various marketplaces, as well as cryptocurrencies or game tokens. This ‘game-changing’ approach will bring forward many new game concepts and user retention models that have not been possible in the gaming industry up until now.

The integration of blockchain is ushering in a new age of breaking down barriers and overcoming technological challenges in the industry. Giving players the opportunity to participate in the role of creators, developers, co-artists, stakeholders, and co-owners of the game worlds they explore and build is at the heart of this shift.

All of this is linked to financial opportunities, given that video game players and fans have traditionally been prepared to pay money for in-game items and upgrades, such as special skins or weapons that offer players an advantage over his or her opponents. 

While the pay-to-win model often has critics, the play-to-earn model changes the gestalt by allowing gamers to earn rewards for their participation and skills. Players can choose to utilize these in-game items in their game-play or sell them on an NFT marketplace, giving them the ability to gain real-world financial value from virtual items. 

This is a sharp contrast to traditional gaming, where there is no way to prove ownership of or individually sell valuable in-game items outside of the game. Players can spend 10s of thousands of dollars without having the ability to get a return on their investment, without selling their entire game, including all progress and achievements along with it. 

People’s passion for finding and acquiring rare or sentimental items has been well demonstrated in non-gaming domains for many years. Some examples are; the collection of sports cards, music or movie memorabilia, historical coins, stamps, or nostalgic childhood toys. 

By embracing the idea of rarity and scarcity of NFT game assets, blockchain game developers are able to add a collectibility aspect. This creates a whole other layer, allowing gamers and collectors to acquire or earn rare digital collectibles through participation or investments that are likely to appreciate over time.

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IGOs and the Seedify Platform: What is an IGO? How can you get involved through Seedify? 

What is an IGO?

An IGO (Initial Game Offering) is a crowdfunding opportunity exclusive to the online gaming industry through the utilization of blockchain technology. IGOs, just like ICO or IEO initiatives, allow participants the opportunity to purchase new game projects’ native cryptocurrencies before market launch. 

Participating in IGOs is an excellent opportunity for investors, players, and agents to gain access to these new game tokens. This creates a scenario that allows the ability to quickly grow a community of adopters for game projects, raise required funds and give early supporters the ability to start playing the game with a lower entry barrier and to take advantage of potential profits, should they choose to do so

Blockchain and decentralized finance allows users to easily buy, sell, and exchange game tokens. The data is stored on a public ledger, making transactions viewable and transparent.

The Seedify Platform

Seedify, as a blockchain game incubator and launchpad, fosters the realization of innovative new game concepts and blockchain ecosystem growth and adoption. As a full blockchain gaming innovation support and solutions hub, Seedify guides new projects on their development journey, from the conception stage to market launch. This conventional approach works because the interest is not solely based on getting projects to the IGO stage but also in supporting initiatives through access to funding opportunities, incubation and a strong support community.

The Seedify Blockchain Gaming Incubator and Launchpad Ecosystem features a robust combination of knowledge, experience, high-value industry alliances, and a passionate, supportive community.

Important industry partnerships include; Polygon, Elrond, Phala Network, Yield Guild Games, ApeSwap and Unique Network. Through the integration of these platforms, Seedify has the ability to provide support to new games on many critical aspects paramount to long-term success. This ensures that projects have access to infrastructure and funding to build and develop strong fundamentals, engaging UI and user experience, outstanding designs, token utilities, value propositions, highly effective marketing and most importantly, a strong, supportive community providing valuable feedback. 

New GameFi projects have access to various stage funding rounds through the Seedify platform. This includes VCs, private rounds and Initial Game Offerings. Qualifying projects built on Polygon have access to Polygon’s VCs through the strategic partnership with Seedify. The IGO stage features a community of over 30 000 token holders ready to participate in high-quality game token offerings.

Seedify’s marketing strategies, which include top blockchain influencers Alex Becker and JRNY Crypto as advisors, provide projects with further valuable exposure and market growth potential.

By utilizing the full benefits of the Seedify ecosystem, new game projects are able to enjoy more significant metrics of adoption and can continue to build and expand through all types of market situations via more profound execution. 

Seedify is currently incubating the highly anticipated Cryptoblades Kingdoms game.

SFUND: Access to exciting IGOs and staking opportunities for token holders

Holding SFUND, Seedify’s native token, provides holders with exciting opportunities to access multiple benefits by participating in the Seedify ecosystem.

The Seedify team identifies new quality, innovative blockchain gaming projects. Token holders have an opportunity to gain early access and purchase tokens from these exciting games by participating in the projects’  IGOs on the Seedify Launchpad before they are publicly listed on an exchange. 

Holders will also be able to stake their SFUND tokens on the Seedify dashboard and enjoy further benefits by receiving tokens from every project incubated through the Seedify platform.

In exchange for the incubation services provided, Seedify receives a percentage of a project’s tokens. In turn, Seedify distributes a portion of those tokens to SFUND stakers.

If you are looking to take advantage of the opportunities offered through blockchain gaming projects and IGOs on the Seedify platform, please click HERE to learn more about how you can get involved in this exciting space.

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