Compared with DeFi, it seems easier to understand and accept NFT, whose core value relies on its unique scarcity. With the development of DeFi, NFT has rapidly moved from a small circle to the public. At the same time, NFT also makes people see the extensibility of DeFi.



Trias launched NFT liquidity mining on the BSC public chain on June 24, which is a combination of NFT and traditional liquidity mining. Users can obtain LP by adding liquidity to the Trias trading pool in PancakeSwap, and then using the dinosaur NFT of Trias to improve their computing power and earn more. To make the activity more interesting and operable, NFT combines synthesis, exchange, decomposition, and other methods.

Trias NFT platform’s first activity is NFT liquidity mining, which is a comprehensive platform that integrates NFT casting, trading, games, and other services, making it easier for users to invest in NFT ecology.

The Trias NFT platform can be thought of as a combined NFT + DeFi platform. Trias combines existing DeFi applications like Lego to form modules with specific functions, and these modules are connected through various playing methods to help users better participate in the NFT ecology through the modular design.

The dinosaur NFT used for mining, for example, is a prop NFT that can be exchanged in the Trias medal system; additionally, when dinosaur NFT is decomposed, it can be used to obtain a shoe NFT that belongs to the Trias NFT Collection, where users can use NFT to exchange real-world items.

Trias combines the various modules of the Trias NFT platform with liquidity mining, allowing users to try out the basic functions of each module before learning the entire Trias NFT ecosystem.

The following are the rules of Trias’s NFT liquidity mining and the methods for users to make profits in it.

Basic information of Trias NFT mining

NFT mining will begin on the 24th at 10:00 a.m. and will last for 30 days. The prize is a total of 10,000 TRIAS. Staking LP tokens and dinosaur NFT can be used to obtain the mining reward. Dinosaur NFT has a total of 6 levels that can be used to increase mining computing power. The mining power bonus increases as the level increases.


How to start mining?

There are two steps to start mining:

1) Stake LP token,

2) Stake dinosaur NFT

Both LP token and dinosaur NFT need to be staked at the same time to start mining.

How to get LP token?

The user’s certificate as a liquidity provider is represented by the LP token. If you want to get LP tokens, you’ll need to add liquidity to the TRIAS/BUSD trading pool. That is, in Pancakeswap’s TRIAS/BUSD, the corresponding number of LP tokens can be obtained by adding TRIAS and BUSD of the same value, TRIAS and BUSD.

How to get dinosaur NFT?

Trias provides users with three ways to obtain dinosaur NFT: purchase, synthesis and swap.

Users can directly purchase LV1, Lv2 and LV3 dinosaur NFT. 

NFTs above LV3 level cannot be obtained directly through purchase, but only be synthesized with NFT of low level and a certain amount of TRIAS.

Swap refers to exchanging dinosaur NFT with other NFTs in the system. If you have Trias Contribution Medal or Wisdom Key, you will have a chance to exchange dinosaur NFT at half price:

Trias uses both the Contribution Medal and the Wisdom Key to reward users who have completed the Trias Grant. Take me for example: to obtain the Wisdom Key, I only spent 1 TRIAS in Trias Grant 1. When I swap NFT of lv6 for this “Wisdom Key,” however, it is worth 56 TRIAS, so Trias community users are expected to participate in more Trias activities, and there may be unexpected surprises.

How to calculate the income?

NFT mining income depends on two factors:

1) The number of staked LP tokens

2) The level of staked dinosaur NFT.

The specific capabilities of LP token staked are as follows:

The specific promotion for dinosaur NFTs are as follows:

Trias has limited the mining power of LP tokens this time to prevent Whales from monopolizing the majority of the rewards in the activities. The mining power will decrease as the number of LP tokens staked by users exceeds 600, ensuring that the majority of users can participate and reap the maximum benefits.

If you’re a regular user, you can get an LP token by purchasing an LV3 or LV4 NFT and adding liquidity to PancakeSwap with 100-200 TRIAS. You’ll be able to lock in about 160 TRIAS and receive about 20 TRIAS in mining rewards if you do it this way.

If you want to get the most mining reward, select the highest level dinosaur NFT and stake 200-1000 TRIAS to receive LP token. Your mining power will reach a maximum of 0.21 TRIAS/H in this case, with a final reward of around 150 TRIAS.

If you just want to try NFT mining, you can spend 1 TRIAS or take part in Trias’ NFT airdrops to get an LV1 dinosaur NFT, and stake 10 TRIAS to get an LP token, giving you about 7 TRIAS at the end of the event, which is a good return.

How to decompose NFT?

Users can decompose dinosaur NFT after the event.

Users can choose to get a sneaker NFT when the NFT above the LV3 level is decomposed. They can exchange this sneaker NFT for a pair of real Trias limited sneakers that are commemorative. At the initial auction, these sneakers were sold for a high price of 120 TRIAS. As long as you have an LV3 (8 TRIAS) NFT, you can now get it. If you like shoes, don’t miss out on this opportunity.

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