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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello and welcome everyone back to another AMA with @Gems_Radar 🔥🔥 I’m your host Daley and today’s AMA is about Idle Stone Age –  a synthetic NFT concept dual-end (web/mobile) game deployed on the BSC. I have here with me Mr. JupiterXYu from the project 🤩

Jupiter Yu: Hi everyone

Cryptodaily Admin: Hello and welcome Jupiter Yu, how are you doing?

Jupiter Yu: pretty good with you guys!

Cryptodaily Admin: Man I’m thrilled for today’s AMA with Idle Stone Age, so let’s not keep everyone waiting. Shall we begin the AMA Jupiter Yu right away?

Jupiter Yu: yeah, let’s do it

Q1: What is Idle Stone Age about? Can you introduce the basic content of the game?

Jupiter Yu: As you have mentioned, Idle StoneAge is a synthetic NFT concept dual-terminal (page game/mobile terminal) game based on blockchain technology and deployed on the BSC chain. It’s community-driven, and the core gameplay is card turn-based.

At Idle StoneAge, players can: Gain investment and in-game revenue by fighting, levelling, synthesizing, trading, and pledging cards in the game; Voting on game development, activities, and funding allocation through the project governance token SAX; Gain multiple benefits through contributions such as promoting operations and creating content within the community

We have various game modes as you can see!

Cryptodaily Admin: Yeah you are! So card games will require you to strategically build your formation

Jupiter Yu: yeah, that’s a point

Q2: So what are the general playing methods of the game?

Jupiter Yu: The gameplay mode is divided into adventure mode and advanced play mode on the official website.

Adventure mode is the basic mode of the stone family, including PvE (player vs environment) and PvP (player vs player)

In addition to the adventure mode, the Idle StoneAge has also created more advanced playing methods for players who pursue play to earn: Hero competition, peak duel, big escape, hero list, etc. for specific rules, see our white paper 3.4 advanced playing methods on the official website! You can find out more in the whitepaper!

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s right, you can check out their whitepaper here:

Q3: Let’s talk about your tokenomics, what are the tokens used in the game? What can each token be used for? And what is the initial issue?

Jupiter Yu: The game consists of 3 tokens. A governance token SAX, an in-game token known as STONE as well as a token SHELL for different activities such as strengthening NFTS.

Players consume SAX to get heroes, use hero Pass (PVE) to get game points: stone, and use the stone to upgrade heroes to become stronger. By challenging arena (PVP) and relying on arena ranking to obtain withdrawal qualification and amount, withdraw stone as SHELL. Heroes above purple can participate in “Prehistoric Olympics” to win shells. By enhancing the strength of the hero through fusion, the player can improve the hero’s fighting ability in the arena and the bonus expectation of participating in the “Hero Olympics”. The fusion process consumes a little SAX and a lot of SHELL. The game through the Prisoner’s dilemma game (Prisoner ‘s was) encourages players to the principle of the constant after defecting to compete with other players, so as to achieve the purpose of the lock up. If all the players around you participate in the replay, your replay cycle will get longer and longer. If all players return, it is more in the interest of the game side.

SAX has an initial supply of 100,000,000. STONE or SHELL will be adjusted based on our user activities!

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you, this is a detailed answer and remember people, do your research by reading carefully

Jupiter Yu: Yeah, research is so important for finding a good project

Q4: Can you introduce us to the mining mechanism of the game?

Jupiter Yu: We have two kinds of mining, NFT mining and liquidity mining. Genesis mining is NFT pledge mining. After Genesis mining, NFT mining will be launched irregularly. In NFT mining, players can pledge their NFT cards and obtain mining revenue based on specific rules, unit time and mining efficiency.

For liquidity mining, there are two kinds of liquidity pools in the stone family: shell liquidity pool and sax liquidity pool, each with a specific network token. Players can buy the corresponding token and add two equivalent tokens to the corresponding liquidity pool to obtain the token pair. After having the token pair, pledge the token pair on the official website for mining to obtain rich token rewards (up to 20% of the total token value).

Cryptodaily Admin: Genesis mining means the Genesis NFT Heros that you’re about to sell right?

Jupiter Yu: Yes! By the way, we are using 20% – 30% of SAX to reward people who participate in mining activities!

Cryptodaily Admin: Nice, so better get your hands on them as soon as possible 😂 And yes we will get to the Genesis NFT sales later on in the AMA

Q5: How is this game Idle Stone Age different from other blockchain games on the market?

Jupiter Yu: Good question! First, we’re free-to-play and offer a more stable game experience

We take care of both the big-money whales and the delving retail players.  The arena focuses on lineup collocation and lineup restraint, but limits the number of heroes to 3; “Hero Olympics” does not limit the number of applicants, the income and investment in direct proportion.

Secondly, we have a variety of gameplay and rapid development iterations.  Completed gameplay development surpasses that of most current blockchain games, with gameplay under development and planned through q4 2022.  In the early days of the game we were able to steadily release a new system or new gameplay every two weeks.

Finally, our NFT has a destroy mechanism, and most of the NFT on the market does not have a complete destroy mechanism, resulting in an infinite expansion of the output of the NFT, which puts huge selling pressure on the market.  We use Battle Royale to get players to actively destroy NFT, control the total number of high-quality NFT cards, and significantly extend the life cycle of the game.

That’s the basic, we have more differences and you can find out by playing the game!

Cryptodaily Admin: Oh the NFT burning mechanism to ensure the rarity of the NFT I suppose. So that means after each Royal Battle, if we lose the game, we will lose the NFT also?

Jupiter Yu: Yeah, that’s right, but the bonus is huge and you know, risk more reward more

Q6: When will NFT blind boxes start selling? What’s the price? And can I buy NFT without a white list?

Jupiter Yu: NFT blind box sales will begin at the end of February 2022 (please follow twitter and community news for a specific time). The blind boxes adopt the joint distribution curve. With the increase in the sales quantity, the price will also increase. The price of the first 1000 blind boxes is 30 USDT(this can be adjusted according to different networks) / piece. Every time the sales quantity is doubled, the price will increase by 10 USDT.

So the earlier you buy NFT, the cheaper it will be.

And we have a whitelist to give a priority to those who participate in our test

Cryptodaily Admin: So when the boxes number increases to 1001 -2000, it will cost 40busd/box

Jupiter Yu: Yeah, on BSC, we use busd, so it will cost 40 busd

Q7: What’s the difference between ten consecutive Genesis blind boxes and ten single blind boxes?

Cryptodaily Admin: Will the prize for drawing 10 blind boxes be the same as drawing 10 single boxes?

Jupiter Yu: yeah people experienced with card games should know haha, but we give more rewards!

For all forms of blind boxes, players can choose single or ten consecutive draws. For Genesis blind boxes, ten consecutive draws will give Sax tokens. For limited blind boxes and resident blind boxes, ten consecutive draws are equivalent to ten single draws with a 5% discount

We will give lots of SAX token in the genesis NFT sale

Cryptodaily Admin: Yeah it sounds about right 😂 but Idle Stone Age will also give additional $SAX – their main token if you draw 10 consecutive Genesis Boxes, so keep that in mind!

Q8: What is in the hero blind boxes? And what is the probability of each hero’s quality in the blind box?

Jupiter Yu: There are three types of hero blind boxes in Idle StoneAge. Each blind box must contain one NFT hero of ordinary to Mythic quality.

Among them, the Genesis blind box, which is sold in the Genesis event; the limited blind box, which is sold at some other events, has a chance to obtain new heroes when purchased, and the quality of the new hero is no less than epic; the resident blind box, which will be sold for a long time after the game goes online.

The average probability for the quality of heroes in the blind box is:

Ordinary 45.1%, rare 35%, epic 14.9%, legend 4.5%, mythic 0.5%. The higher the quality, the more talents, the stronger the mining ability, and the more mining output per unit time.

Q9: Right so what about the game? When is it online?

Jupiter Yu: The game has been developed and can be launched after the sales of Genesis blind box. In other words, it will be online soon

Q10: How can I follow up on the latest activities and progress of the game?

Jupiter Yu: Follow our Twitter, join our discord and telegraph communities, and stay informed of our next moves




Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Idle Stone Age🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Jupiter Yu: Yeah, nice to meet you guys, very thanks for listening, we are waiting for you to join!

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you Jupiter Yu for being here and talking about Idle Stone Age! On behalf of the community, we wish you the best of luck and smooth sailing for Idle Stone Age! Take care!

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