Eggplant Finance is a next-generation gamified DeFi platform that uses the power of Binance Smart Chain to allow users to invest in a variety of DeFi goods.

Anyone can profit from Eggplant Finance’s yield farms while collecting their preferred NFTs. Furthermore, in keeping with the spirit of decentralized finance, there is no KYC (know-your-customer) policy.

Eggplant Finance will launch their expected limited edition Smart NFTs in June 2021.

Eggplant Finance

Why Choose Eggplant Finance?

Aside from the hilariously cute Eggplant mascot, Eggplant Finance offers: 

  • It’s as simple as 1-2-3 to increase your yield using Eggplant Finance. Simply link your Meta Mask (or Trust Wallet) to Eggplant Finance to begin earning cryptocurrency (up to 800 percent APR)
  • The native token ($EGGP) of Eggplant Finance allows anybody to engage in the platform of digital art, blockchain games, and decentralized finance.
  • On Eggplant Finance’s swap platform, you may trade your favorite tokens without having to provide KYC.
  • Collect and make use of digital artwork NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Use our NFTs to get awesome benefits.

If you love blockchain gaming and NFTs, then you’ll love Eggplant Finance’s Smart NFTs. Read below for more details.

Eggplant Finance

Eggplant Finance NFTs Explained 

  • Eggplant NFTs are more than simply attractive pictures; these ‘Smart’ NFTs are linked with the Eggplant Finance eco-system to provide a delightful and smooth experience.

Eggplant Finance

Equipped with your unique NFTs, you can: 

  • On the Eggplant Finance marketplace, you can trade and collect your favorite NFTs.
  • Stake your NFTs to get prizes (airdrops, $EGGP, more NFTs).
  • Hold your NFTs to get free airdrops and to automatically enter tournaments (no cost)
  • Use your NFTs to get in-game advantages (we have blockchain gaming!)
  • Stake your $EGGP in order to get limited edition NFTs. The NFTs allow you to obtain more in-game rewards and VIP status.

…and more! Sounds interesting, right? To discover more, follow Eggplant Finance on social media.

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About Eggplant Finance

Eggplant Finance is a gamified DeFi investing platform that focuses on NFTs and token utility. Eggplant Finance, which is powered by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, allows anybody to profit from cryptocurrency.