The forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator is an interoperability protocol that unifies decentralized apps across several blockchains while also combining liquidity and allowing for easy transactions in, out, and across networks. With one single interface, the forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator allows crypto dealers to tap deep liquidity and gain superior pricing.

The forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator uses a sophisticated order routing mechanism to obtain liquidity from several DEXs, allowing users to achieve higher token exchange rates than they would get on any single DEX. The forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator can reduce slippage, swap fees, and slippage on big orders for users, as well as provide traders with the best possible price in the quickest amount of time. 

The forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator uses the Spaceflight algorithm smart order routing to split a single transaction into multiple orders across multiple DEXs, as well as route orders through, allowing crypto traders to tap deep liquidity and receive better pricing, low cost, and efficiency in the most liquid markets.

How does forbitspace works

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forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator sources liquidity from different DEXs and thus offers users better token swap rates than they could get on any single DEX. DEX aggregators have the ability to optimize slippage, swap fees and token prices which, when done right, offer a better rate for users.

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The Ecosystem Of forbitspace 

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forbitswap is a capital-efficient AMM that combines the liquidity of the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain with the scalability of a Layer 2 platform. It is now available on the Polygon Network, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and will soon be available on more blockchains, such as Solana, etc.

forbitswap will also seek to develop a complete platform for social tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

  • Swap
  • Stacking
  • Liquidity mining
  • NFTs space marketplace
  • flyby IDO Launchpad — a multi-chain platform

Key Feature

forbitspace – The DEX Super Aggregator has the features as follows:

  • Aggregation Protocol: The forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator is an interoperability protocol that unifies decentralized apps across several blockchains while also combining liquidity and allowing for easy transactions in, out, and across networks.
  • Liquidity Protocol: Traders may use the forbitspace decentralized protocol to supply liquidity to pools and earn additional FBS tokens by engaging in liquidity mining activities.
  • Limit Order Protocol:  A limit order specifies a price at which a trader wants to purchase or sell, and it is only executed if the market reaches that price. Limit orders are performed at a predetermined price that is often better than the current market price, as opposed to market orders, which are executed instantly.
  • Derivative Protocol: forbitspace‘s derivatives protocol is used to generate unique assets by utilizing forward-looking characteristics, such as price locking and the ability to purchase or sell an asset. Synthetics are the very underlying assets representative of other assets, and forbitspace employs a contract that represents an asset purchased or sold at a future date for a future price.
  • Self-custody: Their app is built on decentralized crypto, allowing clients to store their crypto in the main forbitspace app for self-custody.
  • Space DAO: Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are integrated into forbitspace protocols to support decentralized blockchain governance. To symbolize voting rights, Space DAO uses blockchain-based tokens. As a result, network governance is limited to token holders. These smart contracts can significantly minimize — if not completely remove — the need for middlemen, which might jeopardize decentralized decision-making.


forbitspace engaged CertiK, a cybersecurity firm formed by Yale professors, to audit its code in order to ensure users of the project’s usability and security. CertiK Skynet, an on-chain security and data insights platform, has also been activated by forbitspace for 24/7 smart contract monitoring. In the event of an attack, they will send a warning to our code system, allowing us to investigate and correct the problem as quickly as feasible.

Hacken, one of the major crypto audit firms, is also auditing the forbitspace protocol, ensuring and improving the platform’s safety, security, and authenticity.

Trading Flexibility

forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator protocol has already available on:

Ethereum: UniswapV2, UniswapV3, Balancer, Curve, SushiSwap, Kyber, Oasis, ShibaSwap, Aave, forbitswap, Bancor and more.

forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator – Tutorial on the Ethereum

BNB Chain: ApeSwap, Curve, Dodo, BakerySwap, SushiSwap, BiSwap, PancakeSwap, JetSwap, forbitswap, Wbnb and Julswap.

forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator – Tutorial on the Binance Smart Chain

Polygon: ApeSwap, Curve, Dodo, Dfyn, SushiSwap, QuickSwap, Vault Finance, Wmatic, JetSwap, Wmatic and Balancer.

forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator – Tutorial on the Polygon

Avalanche: Pangolin, SushiSwap, Curve, Dodo, YetiSwap, LydiaFinance, SnowBall, Olive, Baguette, Canary, Complus and Wavax.

forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator – Tutorial on the Avalanche

Project Token

Token Detail

  • Token type. Utility Governance and Multi-chain
  • Max Supply: 9,999,999,999 FBS.


Token Allocation

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Token distribution:

  • 56,0% to forbitspace Community member
  • 10,0% Network growth funds
  • 9,0% Early Backers 5-year vesting
  • 6,0% Backers 5-year vesting
  • 8,0% Core contributors and future employees with a 5-year vesting
  • 3,0% Strategic Sale IDO, IEO
  • 5,0% Small backers 5-year vesting
  • 3,0% Advisor with a 5-year vesting

A perpetual inflation rate of 3% per year will start after 5 years, ensuring continued participation and contribution to the forbitspace protocol and ecosystem at the expense of passive FBS holders.

Project Roadmap

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 Final Thoughts

The Super DEX Aggregator and AMM use an unique technique called Spaceflight to bring the most liquid pools to the trader’s doorstep.

The platform also includes a wallet that enables for safe asset self-custody and the storage of NFTs. forbitspace has also created a single interface that connects to all of the major DEXs, making it easier for users to interact with the platform.

You can learn more via: