Upcoming  Shield Union is introduced with total rewards of up to 200,000 $SLD. Are you ready to participate with Shield

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Recently Shield is thrilled to introduce Shield Union, a full-stack Shielder exclusive campaign carnival aimed at growing the Shield ecosystem on a worldwide scale. To accelerate more innovation and further adoption, the project will launch a series of lottery, referral programs, learn to earn campaigns on Shield Union to achieve sustainable liquidity and user growth. 

Shield Union has an initial prize pool of 200,000 SLD and is split into 3 events: 

Welcome Bonus

Shield is delighted to offer Shielders a 50 SLD welcome bonus as a warm welcome to Shield Union. With a prize pool of 50,000 SLD for the first Epoch, Shield encourages everyone to trade Shield perpetual options and get a taste of high-yield trading tools in a high-volatility market.

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Reward Claim:

  1. Join Shield Union telegram group
  2. DM Shield ambassador to verify your wallet address
  3. SLD bonus will be distributed to your address once verified.

Lottery Program 

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Period: 25 Nov 2021- 31 Dec 2021

Reward pool: 100,000 $SLD 

The lottery program is launched on a 14-day epoch basis. 

How to participate

During the lottery campaign program period, every profit order closed on Shield perpetual options represents one lottery ticket. The randomly-generated hash TX of the profit order is the ticket number. Each user can have several lottery tickets as long as the trades are profitable when closed.

After 14 days, the system will draw the lottery tickets from all eligible tickets. A 100,000 $SLD reward pool will be shared among the winners as follows: 

1st prize(1): 50,000 $SLD 

2nd prize(6): 5,000 $SLD 

3rd prize(6): 1,000 $SLD

Reward claim

Users can claim rewards on the Shield Union Lottery landing page when the lucky draw ends 3 days after. 


1. Only the profitable order placed during the program is eligible for lottery tickets. 

2. Shield Protocol reserves the right to change or amend any Competition Activity or Competition Activity Rules at the discretion.

Waterdrop Program Featuring Liquidity Mining Incentive 

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Period: 25 Nov 2021- 31 Dec 2022

Scope: Single-Stablecoin Liquidity Mining on Shield

Reward pool: 100,000 $SLD 

Reward calculation

my Score= referral^0.6 x liquidity^0.4 

reward=100,000 SLD x (myScore)/total Score 

It’s worth noting that the program implements ​​​​a 2-tier affiliate system. That is to say, if A invites B, B invites C, C invites D, and the network expands, for A, Shield only considers B-C as A’s referrals. For example, if A refers to B and B refers to C, A has 2 referrals B has 1 referral.

Reward claim

1st phase: 50,000 $SLD are claimable 3 days after the campaign ends. Users can press the “Claim” button on the program’s landing page.  

2nd phase: to activate vesting, the left 50,000 $SLD reward pool is subject to meet the goal- the average TVL of public pool ≥ $2M in consecutive 90 days after the campaign. Users can press the “Claim” button on the program’s landing page in 3 days once the goal is met. 

Note: To avoid washing trading, wallet addresses that meet the following requirements are eligible for program access: have a verifiable history of over 20 transactions or have participated in liquidity mining with more than 5k USDT.  Invitations shared by the same IP address and using the same browser will be considered invalid.

About Shield

Shield is building a one-of-a-kind decentralized protocol based on a fully non-cooperative game for future derivatives infrastructure, enabling global borderless access to finance. Perpetual Options is the first innovative long-term on-chain option without the effort, risk, or expense of rolling positions built on Shield protocol.

Learn More

Website: https://shieldex.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shield_dao/

Medium: https://shield-dao.medium.com/

Discord: https://t.co/OQhR1HtAnJ?amp=1

Telegram: https://t.me/shield_dao/