What is DAOs

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a non-centralized organization. The community is managed by a set of rules enforced on a blockchain, and decisions are made from the bottom up.

DAOs are decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) that are cooperatively owned and governed by their members. They have built-in treasuries that may only be accessed with the members’ permission. Decisions are made by suggestions that the group votes on over a set period of time.


A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) operates without the need for hierarchical administration and can serve a variety of objectives. These groups can create freelancer networks where contracts combine their cash to pay for software subscriptions, philanthropic organizations where members authorize payments, and venture capital businesses run by a group.

Before we go any further, it’s vital to distinguish between a DAO, which is an internet-native organization, and The DAO, which was one of the first of its kind. The DAO was a 2016 initiative that ultimately collapsed, causing the Ethereum network to divide dramatically.

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How does a DAO work?

A DAO, as previously stated, is an organization in which decisions are made from the ground up by a group of members. A DAO can be joined in a number of ways, the most common of which is through the ownership of a token.

Smart contracts, which are simply bits of code that run automatically when a set of conditions is satisfied, are used by DAOs. Smart contracts are currently used on a variety of blockchains, while Ethereum was the first to do so.

The DAO’s regulations are established by these smart contracts. Those who own a share in a DAO are given voting rights and have the ability to influence how the company functions by voting on or proposing new governance ideas.

This methodology protects DAOs from being inundated with suggestions by requiring that a proposal be approved by a majority of stakeholders. The method for determining that majority differs from DAO to DAO and is described in the smart contracts.

DAOs are completely self-contained and transparent. Anyone may see their code since they are built on open-source blockchains. Because the blockchain records all money transactions, anybody may audit their built-in treasuries.

DAOs Landscape

DAOs offer significant benefits over traditional organizations since they are internet-native. The absence of trust required between two parties is a key benefit of DAOs. While a typical organization demands a great deal of faith in the people who run it — particularly on behalf of investors — DAOs just require trust in the code.

It’s simpler to trust that code because it’s open source and can be thoroughly vetted before being released. After a DAO is started, every action it performs must be authorized by the community and is totally public and verifiable.

More than 100 DAOs already manage over $10 billion in assets.

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SnowCone Introduction

When you get together a group of motivated, like-minded people to solve a problem or contribute to a cause, the possibilities are unlimited. SnowCone is a pioneer in the DAO-as-a-Service scene, delivering DAO interoperability tools while supporting creators. SnowCone projects may be used for a variety of purposes in a rising distributed sector, including fundraising, gaming guilds, treasury management, ventures, bug bounties, cultural movements, charity, and just about any other creative concept that comes to mind.

SnowCone offers a variety of services and integrated working elements to assist in the development of a long-term and self-sustaining organization:

Framework For On-Chain Governance 

SnowCone will allow developers and communities to set the framework for a protocol that will allow stakeholders to propose how treasuries should be spent and managed. Grants, quadratic voting, charity fundraising, rewarding participation, bug bounties, and proposal submissions will all be streamlined with these features.

Creator & Community Driven 

SnowCone Governance values feedback and recommendations since they are a crucial component in keeping your DAO together. SnowCone will also be able to award grants to projects produced on the platform as well as other incentive endeavours in order to support both SnowCone & the Avalanche network’s development and acceptance.

Plug & Play Infrastructure 

Constructing DAOs and putting them into action should be simple. With custom or premade DAO Templates, SnowCone provides customers with the tools they need to meet their goals, allowing them to pick which components their organization will employ to manage and enrol members.

Organizational Distribution 

Knowing how to grow your infrastructure and motivate stakeholders is crucial to building a loyal community. SnowCone helps its users align incentives across their businesses while also ensuring that employees engaged are acknowledged for the value they contributed. SnowCone allows projects to specify how their tokens should be created when they receive donations, as well as the parameters under which cash can be delivered to whitelist addresses or claimed by their community.

Sub-DAO Deployment & Management 

It’s not uncommon for good ideas to emerge in pairs. Rather than attempting to cram everything into one company, make sure your surrounding working groups have their own basis and ownership structure since it is critical to provide value to the original entity. Sub-DAOs change the way DAOs evolve by safely scaling and maximizing value for all members when it’s needed.

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Fundraising and Adaptable Governance 

In order to develop and enable value for a small group of individuals or a network of thousands of Anons, you must first bootstrap your organization. If a project is open-ended, it might include developing limits or incentives, as well as the ability to make changes to the organization’s governance structure over time.

Why SnowCone?

Community tokens may help your project’s supporters by providing mutual advantages, resulting in a win-win situation for both organizers and contributors. Users are given the freedom to organize day-to-day operations by being able to program their DAOs’ spending and that of those they assist. On-chain openness is also critical to the success of autonomous institutions since it reduces power struggles and allows communities to vote on changes as they see appropriate. SnowCone permits redistribution of monies or tokens issued by users if a DAO obtains contribution overflows.

Because the majority of activity takes place on-chain, SnowCone aids in the development of long-term organizations. This dashboard is a customisable interface that collects data on-chain and organizes it. 

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