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Solsisters is a one-of-a-kind, allegorical collection of artwork soon to be released on the Solana blockchain, heralding a new era of NFT sustainability. The SolSisters team consists of ~20 people working globally, with 7 experienced specialists on the core team. Their presale sold out in one minute and they have secured a partnership with Solanart even before minting. 

The SolSisters themselves are mythical characters of the future, returning to Earth in hopes to save Mother Nature and all her creations. Their story and symbolic traits were developed with thoughtful intention to reflect real-life issues, like the impacts of blockchain technology on the environment, as well as equality for women within the NFT environment and beyond.  

Origin Story

The idea for SolSisters arose from a discussion among the team regarding crypto’s environmental consequences, including the energy usage and exorbitant gas prices that are typical of Proof Of Work blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Why Solana? 

Solana is not only faster and has significantly lower gas prices, but it is also better for the environment. As a result, the team avoided Etherum in favor of Solana. 

Why the name ‘SolSisters’? 

Solsisters was picked in part simply because it sounded appropriate for the project. The concept of Soul Sisters is a fantastic match for the team’s objective, and it allowed them to add more feminist ideas and messages into the brand. 

Art and Vision

SolSisters’ fundamental concept and vision are centered on two topics: the Environment & Female Empowerment.

  • The SolSisters team has gone above and beyond to ensure that their art didn’t harm the environment, but instead actively took steps to humbly contribute to alleviating a crisis. As a result, they have established a charitable element through donation, a quarterly community “vote for change”, as well as for opting for using a Proof of Stake blockchain (not a Proof of Work blockchain like Ethereum).
  • In the same way that the SolSisters’ narrative reflects real-world environmental issues, being a female-led project, the team felt it was only right to take the same approach with the art. Mother Nature signifies rebirth, and the powerful, vigilante SolSisters have come to save the world; they pay tribute to strong, brave women and highlight essential feminist themes, artistically, and narratively. 

The creative artists have many years of vector art experience and have carefully constructed a variety of unique and new traits to feed the SolSisters ecology. Take an inside view here:

The team also created 10 1:1 goddesses which are highly sought after. 

Solsisters NFT

The SolSisters are a collection of 10k unique NFTs. The SolSisters collection is at the crossroads of creative placemaking and social/environmental justice. As a result, their worth is measured not only in hours spent on artistic creation but also in artistic choices that express the world’s current environment – both thermal and political. The team has teased with a highly ambitious roadmap that will take SolSisters into the metaverse – they call it the Sisterverse. 


Holding a SolSister means owning the responsibility of creating change, and taking initiative in working towards a better future. The team will be donating 10% of their primary gross earnings to a charity supporting both their goals for environmental change & female empowerment. Furthermore, the team plans on making donations on a regular basis, and holders will have the opportunity to engage in a quarterly “vote for change”.

SolSisters Holders will have the opportunity to continue to support worthy causes and have their voices heard through the vote for the change initiative.

Holders Rewards

If you hold 2 or more “sisters” in your wallet, you will be able to mint a combined 1:1 Siamese sister NFT

SolSisters holders will have VIP access to the next mint of the Sisterverse —  modular NFT pieces that contain special elements, which will not only be visually beautiful art in their own right; but they will also fit together to formulate new planets, to ultimately create the foundation of this new metaverse. See Phase 7 of the Roadmap below. 

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Project Roadmap

Phase 1

Creation of NFTs

  • Artists & team work closely together to develop and create an allegorical collection of 10,010 NFTs.
  • Includes 10,000 generated algorithmically, and 10 highly customized 1/1 rare goddesses.

Phase 2

Presale + Giveaways

  • 750 SolSisters released for pre-sale on October 2, 2021 (Sold out in ~1 minute)

Phase 3

Mint goes live

  • Mint goes live on October 15, 2021.
  • Ready to welcome the Sisterhood.
  • 10% of primary gross proceeds donated to charity.

Phase 4

Marketplace Integration

  • Available on Solanart following launch – initial exclusive arrangement already agreed.
  • Digital Eyes will be added a few days after – will consider other marketplaces if required by the community.

Phase 5

NFT Drops

  • Exclusive NFT drops to holders of Twin SolSisters – following the public mint, a list of Sisters will be released. If you hold two of these in your wallet, you are entitled to receive a customized 1/1 of your Sisters together in one NFT.
  • Other NFT drop competitions – individuals holding more SolSisters will have a higher chance of securing these.

Phase 6

The Sisterhood

  • Establishment of the Sisterhood fund which will distribute a portion of transaction fees to relevant charitable causes.
  • Each SolSisters holder will be entitled to a quarterly vote on which causes to support – the vote for change.

Phase 7

Build for the Future

  • Rebuild the world initiative: future NFT collections will contribute to the overarching theme of rebuilding the world, both online and offline and will incorporate cryptic clues and foreshadowings into the future metaverse – otherwise known as, the Sisterverse.
  • SolSisters holders will be able to mint modular NFT pieces that contain special elements, which will not only be visually beautiful art in their own right; they will also fit together to formulate new planets, to ultimately create the foundation of the Sisterverse – more information to come.

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