DAOrecords has been utilizing Music NFTs and Web3 technologies since early 2020 to reimagine the record label and democratize the music business. Artists’ rights over their music, as well as their connection with fans and the community in which they operate, is at the heart of the company’s vision for the future of the music industry.

During The Popup Season 2, which featured 12 collaborations between young musicians and crypto artists minted as Audio NFTs on Mintbase, the last time DAOrecords went to the Metaverse was in August of 2020.

By 2022, they’ve returned!

Launching DAOrecords’ Alpha product, a new minting system called FonoRoot, based on NEAR, here is SoundSplash, a twelve-week Metaverse Music Event Series. Artists and DJs from all over the world have been working on it for quite some time, and they’re all quite excited to show it off.

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I. SoundSplash

1. Introduction

1.1. Overview – A virtual pool party

Beginning on May 4th, 2022, and concluding on July 27th, 2022, SoundSplash will be a 12-week Metaverse Event Series and NFT Drop.

1.2. SoundSplash Breakdown

12 artists from across the world will represent their first round of collaborations over the course of 12 weeks.

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Artists from Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Venezuela, Australia, Singapore, the United States, Trinidad & Tobago, Cambodia, and South Africa will be included on the platform, which will be open to the public. Musicians and DJs from all around the world are coming together in one place!

1.3. Benefits of NFT Holders

To be eligible for the “Early Gen” prize draw, you must have a current Splash Pass NFT in your possession. There will be 31 Splash Pass NFTs available, and each owner will have the opportunity to win the highly sought-after Gen 1 as well as the first five generations, each with its unique set of benefits. Splash Pass members will get 12% of the entire supply of $SPLASH on drop day, in addition to their FonoRoot Audio NFT!

● Gen 1 = 1 Edition + 1,500 $SPLASH
● Gen 2 = 2 Editions + 750 $SPLASH to each holder
● Gen 3 = 4 Editions + 500 $SPLASH to each holder
● Gen 4 = 8 Editions + 250 $SPLASH to each holder
● Gen 5 = 16 Editions + 187 $SPLASH to each holder

One Splash Pass = One DAOrecords FonoRoot Audio NFT & More

Every Thursday, Splash Passes will be made accessible to the public. Get your Splash Pass at least two hours before the specified drop time. Passes will be destroyed before they become online, so don’t wait to get your hands on a prized first edition!

1.4. Web3 Launch Ready

For the next several weeks, it’ll be spotlighting a different initiative from the crypto community. The spirit of cooperation that permeates the Web3 community is one of its most appealing features.

The following activities will be included in each event, which is expected to run about two hours:

• In-World AMA with DAOrecords founder Vandal
• An Exclusive Interview with their featured Artist
• Preview of the featured Song
• Community Partner Showcase
• Contests & Giveaways
• Guest DJ Set from DJ DAD

➤ Metaverse Launch Parties

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In order to commemorate this momentous occasion, a SoundSplash Drop Party will be held simultaneously in two different areas of the Metaverse: the “SoundSplash Pool” above the DAOrecords HQ in Cryptovoxels and the DAOrecords Party Centre in Reality Chain.


All Featured DJs will be invited to join DJ DAO, which is a community of DJs from all over the world that utilizes Web3 technology to finance and power more chances.

➤ Crypto Community 

Get ready to play in a digital realm filled with interested groups who are eager to find out about your music and message.

2. Respect The Architects – SoundSplash’s first Audio NFT Drop

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SoundSplash has come with their Week One Audio NFT Drop, which includes Masia One, Janine Annice, Noyz134, JCB & ALX. These artists pay respect to hip hop with a genuinely worldwide collaboration, and the track is part of SoundSplash’s Week One Audio NFT Drop.

In the first in a series of weekly releases called Respect The Architects, creative musicians from Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Portugal, and the United Kingdom collaborated to create a bilingual boombap banger that paid tribute to the profession of architecture.

2.1. Architects of the Metaverse

It has been two years since they organized their first event in a Web3 Virtual environment, and in that time they have most likely organized over one hundred Metaverse events. It has enabled the team to create one-of-a-kind experiences that individuals from all over the globe can take part in together, while also exhibiting the work of some incredible artists.

Get your hands on a Splash Pass for Week One while you still can since these NFTs are restricted to just 31 editions total.

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2.2. Respect the Artists

Masia One, who hails from Canada and Singapore but now resides in Malaysia, opens out Respect The Architects with her Far East Empress style and flow. She then paves the way for Klang’s very own Noyz134, who continues to deliver a torrent of verses in his home language, Bahasa Melayu. Indeed, here is where the tale first picks up. Janine Annice imbues this inaugural SoundSplash drop with the vibrations of a soulful oracle by interweaving her unique voice over the rhythm created by JCB. ALX contributes his expertise to the mix and master of this track, ensuring that the boom bap production strikes just as hard as the lyrics do. He is also responsible for holding together the backside of this production. There are more than sufficient reasons for you to add this NFT to your collection.

Noyz134’s hand-drawn digital artwork for “Respect the Architects” offers a picture of the future that is menacing with robotic sludge coated streets plagued with cameras always watching. This artwork is another example of Noyz134’s talents as a visual artist. Hope is also alluded to in the artwork, which depicts individuals banding together in Web3 groups and a powerful female character in the front, who seems to be empowering her way via creativity.

Keep an eye out for the Easter eggs hidden throughout the image; these eggs contain the names of everyone who contributed to the project and serve as a symbol of the song’s message, which states that sometimes the pioneers and founders who were responsible for forging the path are not celebrated in the forefront. Regardless, show some respect to the designers.

3. Put It On Me – SoundSplash’s second Audio NFT Drop

Place It On Me, which will be released by Dedeukwu & SterryO and is slated to drop during Week 2 of SoundSplash on May 11th, 2022, will put Nigeria firmly on the musical map.

Week Two led us to the Mother Land, where they are going to introduce you to a collaboration between two incredibly dope Nigerian musicians. While they were splashing their waves over the world, Week Two brought us to the Mother Land. Meet Dedeukwu & SterryO!

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3.1. Enshryned

A little more than a year ago, Dedeukwu started his adventure through the Metaverse by releasing one of his first projects via DAOrecords. He was also an early member of NxM before branching out to help form CTRL and C1, which is now the community partner of NxM. With performances under his credit from Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space, among others! I couldn’t be more pumped for him to let some poetry flow loose for SoundSplash!

3.2. The AfroStar

Put It On Me features music that was produced, engineered, and performed by Sterry0, who has won many Grammy Awards and has earned multiple platinum certifications for his work. It should not come as a surprise that he comes accurate on all fronts as a lighthouse in the ecosystem given that he just established the AfroStar Guild, which assists in the onboarding of new artists and talents into the Web3 arena.


3.3. Community Partner: C1

The community is over the moon excited to have C1 on board with them as their Community Partner for Week Two of SoundSplash!

“What started as a collaboration track under DAO Records and the NxM guild, quickly shifted gears when learning of each other’s passion for philanthropy and community. A group of artists wanting to help other artists.”

4. Expanding The Multiverse

Let’s go on an adventure through the Mantravine, the third Audio NFT that SoundSplash has to offer. This is the place where holy sounds twist and swirl in order to thrive and find a way into the Multiverse.

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The members of Mantravine are audio alchemists that combine shamanic rhythms with live instruments, global music, and psychedelic dance grooves in their music. Ancient chants, explosive guitar, global rhythms, funky horns, syncopated basslines, and organic frequencies are used to create an atmosphere that is reminiscent of primal dance. Audiences at events in New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, and Singapore have been exposed to its psychedelic sound.

Multiverse includes Muhammad Farhan (Trumpet) Isuru Wijesoma (Guitar) Eriko Murakami (Trombone) Rupak George (Ableton) Chill Sessions Records was in charge of the mastering, while Abhinav Tyagi was responsible for the artwork for the Asama LP.

With the release of Multiverse during Week Three of SoundSplash, it is now time to begin your exploration of the Metaverse!

As they do every week, Splash Passes were available up until two hours before the drop, and for just five $NEAR, they provide access to the early Generation NFTs.

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Roke.to is the Community Partner.

Splash is excited to announce that Roke.to has joined them as a Community Partner for Week Three of SoundSplash!

“Owning your cash at any given time is essential for any earner, whether you’re a freelancer, an artist, a member of a community, a new enterprise, or anything else. Do not be fooled: once you implement payroll, your whole company’s finances will become predictable and accessible. Withdraw your money at any time without incurring any fees, penalties, or locks.”

5. Watch What You Say Around COMA-CHI!

They are going to round up the month of May and their fourth week of SoundSplash with the pioneer of female rap in Japan, so let’s take a trip to the country where the sun rises. We’d like to introduce you to COMA-CHI and her accomplice, MeccaGodZilla.

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COMA-CHI is a musician who raps and sings. She first started performing publicly in 2003, and in the same year she won the SHINJUKU SPOKEN WORDS SLAM rap competition, she became known more widely. In 2006, she debuted in the independent film DAY BEFORE BLUE, which was her first film. In 2011, she parted ways with her previous management and company to launch her own record label, which she named Queen’s Room.

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She began appearing on songs by Japan’s top tier musicians such as RHYMESTER, ZEEBRA, Miliyah Kato, and Daichi Miura, amongst others, when word of COMA-abilities CHI’s spread among music aficionados in Japan. She went on to compete in the MC battle held at B-BOY PARK, where she became the first female historical finalist. She was held in such high esteem by music lovers all throughout Japan that they ranked her as the most popular female MC in Japanese hip-hop.

5.2. MeccaGodZilla

MeccaGodZilla is a music producer, MC, artist, and activist who was born in Brooklyn and reared on Long Island. His musical roots are in Brooklyn.

Working alongside Omowale Adewale and m1 of dead prez, he got his start in New York City’s underground hip-hop scene as a founding member of the nonprofit hip-hop union G.A.ME (the Grassroots Artists MovEment). This organization provided independent hip-hop artists from New York and Philadelphia with free healthcare, free dental care, free legal advice, and show bookings.

In the present day, Mecca publishes music through his independent label MANAFEST VISION, manages the streetwear brand arigatz, is an active organizer each summer for the Black VegFest vegan festival in Brooklyn, and is an official United States cultural ambassador of Hip-Hop to Uzbekistan, Taiwan, and Nepal via Next Level USA, the United States Department of State, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the Meridian International Center in Washington, D.C.

ApeBond - 970x90

II. FonoRoot Audio NFTs – A New Standard for Web3 Music

When SoundSplash opted to create and install the FonoRoot system into the heart of their Web3 music launchpad at SoundSplash, we’ll go into more detail about how it works.

It has been a pleasure for the team to see the number of artists using Audio NFTs grow since they started exploring and inventing with them in the early 2020s. As soon as they arrived, the most often asked questions were (and still are) “how many?” and “how much?” The only way to answer these questions was to take the average price of the NFTs sold to date and use that price as a baseline according to the number of editions offered.

Hence, they decided to work on a model that may help them define the future of this new music distribution format known as NFT and set them apart from the others.

With FonoRoot, musicians may decide the price and royalties of their song according to a sliding scale after they’ve moved out of their Alpha. FonoRoot is a music NFT factory that produces music on-demand. So, how does it all go?


1. The Artist’s Perspective

Artists should consider of FonoRoot as their option for a mass-market release, since it offers a pricing point that is both flexible and reasonable, allowing fans to collect the artist’s music while also benefiting from built-in revenue incentives and possibilities to stake NFTs (coming soon).

FonoRoot is not limited in any way, thus there is no need to calculate how many editions should be produced. Because of this, the pricing should be adaptable and reasonable so that it is simple for artists to get their audience on board. Imagine it as the equivalent of iTunes for music NFTs, except it’s a lot more awesome!

DAOrecords will be the ideal venue for reissuing older albums in your discography.

There will be a sliding scale for pricing and royalties when you have submitted your audio file and cover art, filled in the song description, and established your splits (several wallets may be added, and percents can be specified). This capability will be added at a later time when it has been incorporated. Be patient, as they are currently putting this whole thing through its paces with their Alpha launch and the Metaverse Music Event Series SoundSplash.

2. The Fan’s Perspective

The current ecosystem for Music NFT has closely followed the model set by Crypto Art. In this model, the artist decides the price and amount of their NFT when they mint it on the different markets. This model has been closely followed by the current ecosystem for Music NFT. Fans who don’t have a lot of money often find it difficult to support the artists they like and follow because the prices tend to be out of their price range. Even though there is nothing inherently wrong with this model in theory, it often makes it challenging for fans who don’t have a lot of money to support the artists they like and follow. The answer may be found here.

FonoRoot is the ideal starting point for fans, since it enables them to get the NFTs they need in a manner that is both affordable and convenient. It is also a chance for them to take use of the extra advantages that are associated with collecting, such as royalty payouts (depending to the generations that they possess), NFT staking, and in the case of SoundSplash, token incentives for Splash Pass members. SoundSplash is going to serve as our example for describing how this process works, so let’s get started.

3. Bridging The Generation Gap

When it comes to FonoRoot, a new generation is created every time an NFT is bought. SoundSplash Alpha has built-in incentives for owners of Generations 1 through 5, which can be obtained exclusively via the possession of a Splash Pass. A Splash Pass NFT will put you in the running for one of the 31 NFTs available for early purchase, including the highly sought-after Gen 1 NFT for each of its 12 Drops.

The Coveted Generations:
■ Gen 1= 1 NFT
■ Gen 2 = 2 NFTs
■ Gen 3 = 4 NFTs
■ Gen 4 = 8 NFTs
■ Gen 5 = 16 NFTs

These 31 NFTs are eligible to receive $SPLASH rewards.

4. The Future

Through the use of SoundSplash, the development team will make some final adjustments to FonoRoot in order to implement some fascinating new utilities, such as distributed royalties and NFT staking.

5. Royalties Up The Root

You are able to generate passive income from all of the NFTs that were acquired via your offspring if you own an early generation DAOrecords NFT, which is one of the benefits of holding such an NFT. Remember? When an NFT is collected, two new offspring are created, and this pattern continues as far as the root system will allow.

In August 2022, when they publish the Public Beta version, they will adopt a market charge that will be connected with each initial purchase. This price will be linked with the market. Because this charge will be a tiny percentage of the list price and will be subtracted from the final sale, there will be no extra fees on top of the list price. The only exception to this will be the gas or storage fee that the collector pays on the transaction.

This indicates that if you acquire a Gen 1 edition, you have the potential to earn a percentage of each and every NFT that is bought down through each generation of children, permanently. This percentage will, of course, decrease throughout the course of history as more children are born and as new generations are born into existence. Using this incentive mechanism that is integrated into their FonoRoot platform. Let’s get a head start on the competition and reap the benefits of doing so.

6. Audio NFT Staking

As the activity that they have been wanting to undertake for some time now and that will be prepared for the conclusion of this season of SoundSplash in the month of August. They will start by authorizing betting just for SoundSplash NFTs, so if you want one, you should go grab it! and the staking incentive will be in the form of $SPLASH tokens.

There is a potential that they may possibly include some additional tokens from the NEAR ecosystem into the offering as well. However, for the time being, let’s wait till they formally launch $SPLASH at the beginning of June 2022 by holding a fundraising on MetaPool’s new platform. This will take place in 2022. (TBA).

In the future, when they go into the Private Beta phase, they will give a little more attention to how they would implement NFT Staking. The team has a variety of ideas that are possibly far cooler than simply “staking,” so they will consider all of these ideas when making this decision. Keep an eye out!

III. $SPLASH – SoundSplash’s Token

1. $SPLASH: A Mirco-Token Economy

$SPLASH is a NEP-141 Token (NEAR) created by DAOrecords for the SoundSplash Metaverse Music Event Series micro-economy

■ Total Supply: 1,000,000

Token allocation is as follows:
➣ Team = 20%
➣ Artists = 12%
➣ NFT Pass holders = 12%
➣ NFT Staking = 10%
➣ Meta Yield Staking = 25%
➣ Liquidity = 5%
➣ DAO = 16%

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2. Why Token?

That is a really interesting question! If you are familiar with what they have been doing in this NFT sector over the course of the last two and a half years or more, you undoubtedly already know that they have been on the cutting edge of experimenting. Therefore, the situation is the same with regard to $SPLASH.

The team has decided to examine what it might look like to develop something that is especially focused on what they are doing right now rather than going all in on an official DAOrecords token (like a lot of companies do in the space), which is something that a lot of projects in the area do. So in this experiment, and with the launch of their Alpha through SoundSplash, the team thought that by deploying a designated Token for the event series, it would allow them to examine the way people use it, how they can create value for holders while not doing it at the expense of the future of DAOrecords. So in this experiment, and with the launch of their Alpha through SoundSplash, the team thought that by deploying a designated Token for the event series, it would allow them to examine the

3. Nothing To Lose

The beautiful thing about $SPLASH is that you can’t buy it. Especially, they’re not doing an IDO or TGE or ICO. Are you wondering what the heck they’re up to yet?

4. So how its value?

They’ve allocated 25% of their token supply for something really cool! Their partner Metapool is launching a new fundraising mechanism labelled “Meta Yield Liquid Kickstarter”. If you’re not familiar with the way liquid staking works on NEAR then let’s go over how it applies to what they’re doing!

Step One: When you stake NEAR, either in the wallet or with Metapool, you are supporting validator nodes that maintain the network and in return you are given a % of the rewards they earn. The same thing applies when you use the Meta Yield Liquid Kickstarter!

Step Two: When you stake your NEAR with them it will be locked up for a limited time (no details on how long, but most likely for the duration of SoundSplash). The team will earn the validator rewards at a rate of 10% APR and in return you will receive a % of $SPLASH based on your contribution and however many people join the pool.

Step Three: Once the term is up you can unlock your NEAR and claim your tokens! So aside from locking in your NEAR with them short-term, you have nothing to lose!

5. Supporting Artists

Each of the twelve acts who enter the SoundSplash 2022 competition will get a prize equal to one percent of the total supply of the $SPLASH tokens. Because the majority of the artists are new to NFTs and cryptocurrency in general, they have a fantastic opportunity to observe and collect data points through this issuance, which will enable them to fine tune future offerings. As a result, we are very interested in seeing exactly what they do with these tokens.

6. Launch

The debut of $SPLASH will take place very shortly. They are putting in a lot of effort with the rest of the crew at Meta Yield as they prepare things. They are going to make their first official announcement on May 18th, and as soon as that is over, they are going to begin putting up the liquidity pool on Ref Finance in preparation for distributing the tokens to the artists, crew, and anyone who have purchased Splash Passes.

7. Token Streaming

They will be streaming $SPLASH coins to the first organizations who are being allotted supply, and they will be doing it in collaboration with Roketo, one of their Community Partners for SoundSplash. They have come to the conclusion that doing this will prevent them from flooding the market with $SPLASH, which will enable them to produce a fair launch that will allow the market to determine the price of the token and prevent any “dumping” of the token.

Official Links

● Website: https://www.daorecords.org/

● Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/DAOrecords_/

● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DAOrecords

● Telegram: https://t.me/DAOrecords

● Telegram Community: https://t.me/DAOrecords_Community

● Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DAOrecords

● Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/daorecords/

● Medium: https://medium.com/@daorecords

● Twitter: https://twitter.com/DAOrecords_

● Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/daorecords

● Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Zp8KPJB

● Emanate Live: https://emanate.live/daorecords

● Audius: https://audius.co/daorecords

● AstroDAO: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/daorecords.sputnik-dao.near


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