What exactly is YSL.IO?


YSL.IO is a DeFi yield farming tool that derives its name from its key features; high YIELDS, rewards for STAKING and locked LIQUIDITY.

The yield farming industry may be set for a radical transition with the unique approach YSL.IO has for generating yields, one that is backed by the continual creation of locked liquidity. Unlike others, YSL.IO has designed their protocol to generate liquidity autonomously at various points as a user interacts with the platform. This auto-generated liquidity is then sent to a locked liquidity contract so that it can be locked away in the YSL-BUSD pool on ApeSwap for 1000 years.

This novel approach to yield farming has been designed with purpose and aims to revamp the DeFi ecosystem by changing the way yield farming participants are rewarded for their efforts. This approach has been made possible by having the value of their governance token (sYSL) being pegged to the amount of liquidity locked held within the YSL-BUSD pool on Apeswap. This offers an attractive way to not only boost liquidity but one that will reward supporters of the project. sYSL token holders will benefit from the protocols capability of autonomously creating locked liquidity, as the mechanism will essentially form a positive feedback loop that increases the price of the sYSL token as more platform users are onboarded.


How does YSL.IO maximise your returns?

The platform offers two functions that are able to maximise your returns, the YSL.IO optimisation function and the YSL.IO amplification function. What’s really impressive is that the YSL.IO platform has none of the traditional costs associated with yield farming platforms, so platform users are able to deposit and withdraw LP tokens with zero fees.

YSL.IO Optimisation

YSL.IO has an innovative optimisation function that will increase the returns of a farming position held on AAMs by 300%. To put that into perspective, if you provide liquidity in the BANANA-BNB farm on Apeswap you would obtain 249.13% in BANANA after a year. Instead, if you were to deposit your BANANA-BNB LP tokens into the YSL.IO BANANA-BNB vault your returns would increase to 746.19% thanks to the YSL.IO optimisation function. These optimised returns are distributed on each block as Optimisation Rewards (sYSL tokens), and the amount of rewards received will ultimately be determined by the APR (%) of the token being optimised.

YSL.IO Amplification

In addition to optimised returns, platform users will profit from the protocol’s amplification function (Strategy 1) which is automatically initiated when LP tokens are deposited into any of the vaults offered by YSL.IO. Instantly boosting the user’s optimised returns by 1% APR (Strategy 1). The platform is also able to improve this amplification by up to 100% APR, if a user acquires aYSL tokens (Strategy 2).

Strategy 1:

This Strategy is automatically activated when LP tokens are deposited into any vault on YSL.IO and will yield an extra 1% APR on top of the optimised returns generated by the platforms optimisation function.


Strategy 2:

This strategy can be unlocked to achieve an amplification of up to 100% APR. To do this, a user will need to acquire aYSL tokens by providing either WBNB or BUSD through the platforms Amplify tab. To unlock the maximum amplification of 100% APR, a user will need to hold aYSL tokens equivalent to 400% of their TVL held on YSL.IO


Are there benefits for holding the sYSL token?


sYSL is positively correlated with YSL-BUSD Locked Liquidity 🚀

As previously mentioned, the price of the sYSL token is tied to creation of YSL-BUSD locked liquidity. And thanks to the protocol’s capability of autonomously creating locked liquidity through 10 individual mechanisms, the sYSL token will appreciate in price with the growing amount of locked liquidity that is created as the platform onboards users.

Staking Rewards

Holders of sYSL are able to receive a share of the Buy-Back and Inflation Rewards by staking their sYSL tokens into the sYSL vault, with the sYSL vault being allocated a 40% share of the Automated Buy-Back Reward and a 30% of the Inflation Reward.

Governance Participation

The primary function of the sYSL token is to serve as a governance token. Holders of the sYSL tokens will be able to use their holding to vote on various governance actions that they believe align with their intention.

Cross-Chain Integration Airdrops

YSL.IO intends to expand onto other chains in the near future. Along with these Cross-Chain integrations, you can expect a post-launch airdrop. These airdrops will occur each time YSL.IO integrates onto a new chain, with holders that have sYSL tokens staked in the sYSL vault eligible for the airdrop.


When are the Private & Public Sales?

The Private Sale begins in a little under two weeks (July 1st) and will run for 23 days, with the Public Sale commencing immediately after (July 24th) and lasting for a week. 

What is the purpose of the 30-Day Price Discovery Phase?

The primary objective of the Private and Public Sale will be to establish the YSL-BUSD liquidity pool on Apeswap. The WBNB and BUSD collected during the 30 days (Price Discovery Phase) will ultimately determine the initial supply and price for both the YSL and sYSL token. 

There are two key events that occur after the 30-Day Price Discovery Phase:

1) The YSL-BUSD Liquidity Pool is established (held on ApeSwap Finance as locked liquidity)
2) The price and supply of the sYSL token is determined from the locked liquidity established.

The price of the sYSL token and the YSL token will be calculated based on a notional supply of 100,000 tokens, price being primarily dependent upon the from sum total value of BUSD collected at the end of the price discovery phase. To put this into perspective, if the total BUSD acquired from private & public sale was $100,000, the price of the sYSL token would be determined as $1. You can refer to the YSL.IO GitBook to learn exactly how the supply and price for each token will be determined.


Are there any Incentives for Participating?

YSL.IO has some great incentives for those that take part in the 30-day Price Discovery Phase:

Referral Bonus Program

By sharing a referral link during the Price Discovery Phase, an individual could receive a 10% referral bonus. The 10% referral bonus that an individual earns is based on the overall value given by any participant they recommend. This is done on-chain, so the referrer will benefit if the participant contributes via their shared link. Following the end of the price discovery phase, the referral bonus will be distributed in the form of sYSL tokens.

Bonus Multiplier

The Bonus Multiplier will be applied to all deposits made during the Price Discovery Phase. It will essentially add a bonus on top of a user’s deposit. As the bonus multiplier is set to 3.00x during the Private Sale, those who make a contribution during this time will get an extra value equal to 200% of their investment. To put this into perspective, if you were to provide $5,000 of BUSD during the 23 day Private Sale, your overall contribution would be calculated as $15,000.


YSL.IO will conduct an airdrop of sYSL tokens to the Peanut (NUX) community at the end of the 30-day Price Discovery Phase. The minimum balance to be included in the airdrop has been set at 100 NUX (Snapshot date will be on the 25th June). There’s also an extra incentive for holding 100 NUX before the Private Sale begins. Any NUX holder that has a balance of 100 NUX or more by the 25th of June, will be able to provide any amount during the 30-Day Price Discovery Phase. This means the minimum deposit that is stipulated for each day will not be applicable to those included in the NUX community airdrop.

Here’s where you can learn more about YSL.IO:

Gitbook: https://docs.ysl.io/ysl-io

GitHub: https://github.com/ysl-io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ysl_io

Telegram (EN): https://t.me/ysl_io

Telegram (VN): https://t.me/ysl_vn

Medium: https://ysl-io.medium.com