KeyFi integrated with Polygon Network this week, allowing you to track your assets without having to leave KeyFi app. 

According to the Polygon Development Team, swapping, staking, and borrowing functions will be available in the near future in the Polygon ecosystem.

Additionally, Polygon has provided KeyFi with a grant to assist them in their development and expansion into the Polygon ecosystem, which they are grateful for.

Let’s get into what KeyFi is and how it solves challenges in the DeFi space.


KeyFi offers intelligent portfolio management tools such as bespoke strategy builders, a research dashboard, and an alert system, built from the ground up.

KeyFi aims to address the difficulties users encounter when managing their DeFi portfolios, including juggling different wallets, platforms, and chains, manually comparing interest rates, and a lack of historical data.

Managing all of your DeFi assets is hard. The mission is simple—utilize the power of data, analytics, automation, and AI to improve your DeFi experience and save you time, money, and hassle.

Upcoming Features

KeyFi Pro


Although the current core app offers relatively standard DeFi features such as swapping, earning, borrowing, and tracking, the long-awaited KeyFi Pro is where they shine.

Days away from launch, KeyFi Pro allows users to create custom DeFi strategies, project their yield, and research new tokens, all from one convenient application.

With the launch of KeyFi Pro, KeyFi’s offering expands to:

  • Transaction History
  • Borrow
  • Strategies (Design, Test, Manage aka Strategy Manager)
  • Research (Watchlists, Research Dashboard w/ Market Data, Social Data, News Feed)
  • Smart Notes
  • Smart Alerts
  • CEX Integrations
  • TradingView Charts

KeyFi Pro is now live, launching on Christmas Day. Click here to try it.

Research Dashboard


Monitor cryptocurrency prices in real-time and take instant action. Read breaking news and research in real-time, uncover hot tokens, and assess past returns.

Market Data

Crypto prices, market capitalization, rankings, advanced search, and more.


Displays relevant news for every asset. Stay up to date on the events that impact your token prices.


A curated list of cryptocurrencies by combining sentiment analysis and your existing holdings.


Track your favorite tokens by adding them to your Watchlist, and click through to swap them.

Strategy Manager


KeyFi Pro also offers the ability for users to create, save, and share custom DeFi strategies across different assets and DeFi platforms. For example, if you wanted to create a “leveraged ETH strategy” and deposit ETH on Compound, borrow DAI, and deposit that DAI on Aave, you can do that all inside the app.

You could then save that strategy and even share it with friends, family, or your audience. Not only is this faster and easier than manually writing down instructions or creating tutorials, but it introduces a social element into DeFi portfolio management.

In turn, KeyFi Pro can help you make faster and more informed decisions.

KeyFi recently released their first public live demo of KeyFi Pro. Watch it here:

BONUS: The team is also giving away $1,000 in celebration of the partnership. Click here to enter.


Phase 1: v1 Contracts and Core App 

This is the currently deployed version of the KeyFi platform app and token rewards smart contract.  

Phase 2: Pro App 

Upon completion of the development of the KeyFi Pro App, several new features relating to the KEYFI token will be released, including additional types of staking and increased opportunities for governance proposals. 

 v2 Contracts 

A v2 set of smart contracts may provide additional KEYFI token usage. This could include benefits from staking KEYFI as well as token incentives for platform usage. 

Full Decentralization 

The goal for both the KeyFi platform and KEYFI token is to be fully decentralized and all management of the platform is to be decided by the community of KEYFI token holders.

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