KingdomX is the first game to tackle NFT inflation. The KingsLanding protocol protects players’ NFT from inflation losses.


KingdomX is an NFT strategy war game. Through social networking and territory expansion, players can collect heroes and build their own personal game kingdom. In the game’s ecology, GameFi is crucial. So everyone wins tokens or rewards from the game.

This game has 3 main pillars: NFT Heroes, PVP War, and Kingslanding Protocol.

Heroes in KingdomX are NFTs. They can influence the game’s ecosystem as a core asset. Kingslanding’s protocol and battle damage system prevent hyperinflation.


KingdomX’s core PVP combat gameplay is war. To get better results, a player needs to get more rewards than just having a hero. To win the war, players must use the mutual constraints of different occupations and vocational skills of their heroes.

During battle, the combatant heroes of the defeated party may suffer battle damage. When the battle damage is used, the heroes are destroyed. The system would return tokens per the KingsLanding protocol.

The NFT is issued and destroyed using the KingsLanding protocol. This protocol will receive a certain number of tokens as insurance when generating NFT Heroes. Due to the KingsLanding protocol, even if heroes die passively from battle damage, players may not lose. Because the total number of heroes issued has increased, the protocol’s token may be greater than the player’s token used to build the bottom.


The battle damage mechanism controls the rate of hero growth in KingdomX and ensures hero value. Accumulated hero reputation earned through wars can be used to either recruit new heroes to strengthen their team, increase their winning rate, and gain more game resources, or sell them for tokens. Hero hyperinflation is avoided, but players’ benefits cannot be guaranteed.

KingdomX will be the first game to address the NFT inflation issue. The KingsLanding protocol ensures the value of NFT acquired by players and prevents inflation losses.


Liquidity and asset stability

KingdomX has four asset types. KT and KNT are ERC20 tokens. Hero and Land from NFTs. All assets are compatible with third-party markets.

GameFi’s value system rewards game participation

The GameFi value system underpins the game ecology. Players own and can sell all assets in the game, and can earn a lot of money by playing games and exchanging value.

New hero recruitment mechanism ensures NFT asset value

The kingdom requires both the KT used in bottoming and heroes with sufficient reputation. The quality of recruited new heroes is related to the quality of recruited heroes, effectively controlling the output of high-quality heroes. Meanwhile, the KingsLanding protocol ensures the value of NFT acquired by players and prevents inflation losses.

War’s gameplay indicates a low threshold, great fun, and a strong guarantee.

Anyone can join the war game as long as they have a hero, but they need to earn more rewards to produce better results. To win the war, players must use the mutual constraints of different occupations and the vocational skills of heroes. The smart contract ensures that each war is open, fair, and safe.



Token Details

There are two kinds of Tokens in KingdomX, which stabilize the economic system in the game.

King Token($KT) — The core Token used to transmit value and govern the community

Knight Token($KNT) — The functional Token is used for in-game consumption and rewards.

Use Cases

King Token ($KT)

KingdomX’s King Token (KT) is used for value transmission and community governance. In the game, KT is primarily used to recruit heroes. In the game, players earn KT by participating in wars and earning rewards.


The goal is to ensure the long-term benefits and revenues of KT holders and players who lock up their KT through the following measures.

  • Make a KT deposit in order to recruit new heroes.
  • Deposit KT for a quicker recovery.
  • Staking mining for the purpose of upgrading equipment parts


An annual KT inflation occurs due to pre-sold and sold KT as well as the KT generated by the war in the game. Burning is a token destroying mechanism used to control inflation. The KingsLanding Protocol controls the percentage of Burned KT, while the DAO votes on the rate of burning. Methods include:

  • Recruit new heroes 
  • Buy Campaign tickets

When upgrading equipment parts, KT must also upgrade key levels. The success rate of upgrading equipment parts decreases with level. If the upgrade fails, the KT is burned.

Knight Token ($KNT)

Knight Token ($KNT) is the in-game token in KingdomX. In the game, KNT is used to recruit heroes and upgrade their gear. In KingdomX, KNT can be obtained by:

  • Daily Task
  • Adventures
  • Wars


Participation in the game generates more KNT. To prevent KNT inflation from harming players’ earnings, we will lock up KNT to restrict its circulation and maintain its value as follows:

  • Upgrading the equipment


To keep KNT’s value, it is burned. Players can burn KNT in several ways in the game:

  • Recruit new heroes.
  • Purchase item 
  • Upgrade of equipment parts

KingdomX NFT 

NFT Generation In KingdomX, NFTs are vital digital assets. NFTs can be used in games and collected. Hero and Land are the two types of NFTs in games.


KingdomX’s core NFT is Hero. After launching a certain number of creation heroes, players should recruit all other heroes.

Heroes have five traits related to growth factors. The Land and the recruited hero’s attributes are linked.

When recruiting, the new hero’s equipment is automatically generated. The equipment can give the hero stat boosts, but only in battle.

There will be 11 hero classes in Alpha. Every class has advantages over certain roles and disadvantages over other classes. Later versions will add more classes.

Before joining the team and fighting, newly recruited heroes should spend several days training in the wilderness.


In KingdomX, the game developer decides how much land to add. The game developer and the community will decide when to reissue.

Recruiting heroes is based on owning land. Land’s attributes will influence the recruited heroes’ attributes.


KingdomX can lock the Hero up for more benefits. The following advantages come from locking in Hero:

Greater maximum energy

Players can get more energy by locking up more heroes in KingdomX. Currently, energy values range from 20 to 60.

Modify the Land’s attributes

In the Land’s temple, heroes can change the Land’s attributes. Land’s attributes will influence the recruited heroes’ attributes and classes. When the Land has a special attribute, heroes of that class can be recruited. It is possible to recruit a new hero with a special class depending on the number of heroes locked up in the temple.


The NFT burning mechanism prevents NFT overflow and depreciation. This can increase the value of the NFT and benefit holders. Battle damage is the KingdomX term for the Heroes’ Burning mechanism.

Heroes of the defeated player may take battle damage. Heroes with the protection status are immune to battle damage punishment; otherwise, they are destroyed and the player’s KT is returned. The battle damage mechanism controls the number of heroes in the KingdomX world and protects their value.


Ticker: $KT

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Initial Circle Supply: 62,600,000

Token Allocation


Seed Sale –  4% 

Private Sale – 20%

IGO – 2% 

Team&Advisor – 14%

Airdrop –  1% 

Liquidity & Marketing – 5% 

Ecosystem Fund – 8%

Play to Earn –  21% 

Staking Reward – 25%


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