Crypto experts are speculating that a possible LayerZero token airdrop will launch soon. Although the team has not issued an official statement to support these claims, they have funding worth at least $173.3 million, which will likely trigger the development of a new token, ZRO, leading to an airdrop in order to attract users to their platform.

In preparation, we wrote this LayerZero airdrop guide to help you discover the tips that will give you a strategic advantage during allow listing. Below is a breakdown of the key insights in this article.

Key Insights: 

  • Learn what it takes to qualify for the LayerZero airdrop.
  •  Explore new Omnichain platforms to help you bridge and trade crypto 
  •  Understand what LayerZero is and the importance of acquiring the protocol’s assets.

Step by Step to be Eligible for the LayerZero Airdrop

Crypto airdrops are often highly competitive. To increase the chance of receiving airdrops, you must understand the eligibility criteria the airdrop-offering organization will use. In LayerZero’s case, the platform has yet to describe the exact qualifications for their airdrop.

But, according to other leading airdrop events, there are specific standards that LayerZero will use to evaluate suitable recipients. Let’s break down these eligibility criteria, so you know where to bring your A-game.

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1. Bridge Your Tokens

One way to qualify us for the airdrop is to utilize the platform’s primary use case. LayerZero is designed to connect multiple blockchains securely and with ease. Therefore, bridging can be seen as its primary function. Therefore, if you use the platform to bridge your tokens from one blockchain to another, LayerZero’s team will likely find you eligible for the airdrop.

LayerZero supports multiple bridging platforms. Below are the leading platforms you should consider when bridging your assets.


The LiquidSwap automated money maker partnered with LayerZero to create a bridge that transfers APTOS (APT) tokens across multiple blockchains. APT is the native token on Aptos, the network that supports LiquidSwap.

Through LiquidSwap, you can bridge cryptocurrencies from any Ethereum Virtual Machine blockchain to the Aptos network. To initiate bridging, go to the LiquidSwap bridge and transfer at least $200 worth of tokens to increase your airdrop eligibility chances.

Bridge Tokens On Liquidswap

StarGate Finance

Another popular LayerZero bridging option is StarGate Finance. This platform allows Omnichain asset transfer and supports staking and yield farming. Using a StarGate bridge, you can quickly transfer assets from one chain to another without manually swapping the coins on the destination chain.

Bridge Tokens On Stargate Finance

2. Trade Tokens on LayerZero Dapps

Besides bridging tokens, another strategy to get you on the LayerZero airdrop whitelist is to trade your cryptocurrencies on LayerZero-supported dApps. Here are a few decentralized finance (DeFi) apps to help you with this.

Dapps On Layerzero Network

Rage Trade

Rage Trade is a liquidity-building platform that allows users to open positions for ETH perpetual with at least 5x leverage. This on-chain liquidity provider also facilitates USDC, GLP deposits in vaults, lucrative stablecoin yield farming, and Ominichain recycled liquidity.

Rage Trade Protocol

Radiant Capital

Radiant Capital (RDNT) is a non-custodial decentralized lending protocol. Users can stake or borrow crypto for a specific annual percentage yield (APY). RDNT is a go-to platform for investors who want to grow their portfolio through the Arbitrum chain.

Radiant Capital Protocol

3. Vote and Stake on Stargate Finance

Exercising voting rights on Stargate Finance will also earn you eligibility for LayerZero’s airdrop. To be able to vote on the platform, you need to stake Stargate Finance tokens (STG). Here’s a brief guide on how to achieve both.

  1. Visit any exchanges that have listed STG, such as Binance, Kucoin, Bybit, or MEXC, to buy the coin 
  2. Access to the StarGate Finance staking page
  3. Stake your coins for voting power
  4. Regularly vote on project proposals through the STG DAO proposal dashboard
Stake And Vote On Stargate Finance Protocol

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4. Use Aptos Bridge

Using the Aptos bridge is also one of the notable methods to increase your chances of receiving the LayerZero airdrop package. Aptos Bridge allows users to swap tokens across multiple chains with the ease and security of LayerZero’s Ultra Light Node (ULN) technology.

The minimum briding amount on Aptos is $0.01. However, try staking at least $100-$10,000 to improve airdrop eligibility. Also, use low-fee blockchains like Polygon and Arbitrum to maintain profit margins.

Using Aptos Bridge To Bridge Tokens
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What is LayerZero?

LayerZero is an Ominchain platform that facilitates the transfer of digital assets from one network to another. Contrary to popular belief, there is no LayerZero blockchain. LayerZero is a communication protocol that can be written in any language and embedded in any layer 1 or layer 2 blockchain smart contracts.

In an ordinary setup, LayerZero serves as a bridge between two network operations. However, the protocol is different from your typical blockchain bridge. LayerZero uses Ultra Light Node (ULN) technology to ensure that transfers are safer, faster, and less expensive than they would be on regular bridges. This makes it a popular choice for interoperability services across multiple networks.


LayerZero is the future of blockchain bridges. This Omnichain protocol allows users to transfer assets across multiple networks securely and efficiently, with minimal costs. Above this, it presents an opportunity for dApps to expand their services on EVM and non-EVM chains, giving blockchain developers a more accessible time testing and deploying applications. LayerZero can be seen as a game changer, meaning their tokens will be valuable. You can get them if you adequately prepare for their airdrop.

LayerZero Airdrop Guide – FAQs

1. Will Layerzero Have a Token?

LayerZero will likely have a token. Investors like Andreessen Horowitz and Alameda Research have invested about $173.3 million to fund the LayerZero project. Such a considerable sum indicates the possibility of an upcoming ZRO token.

2. How Many Tokens Will the Layerzero Airdrop Offer?

It’s hard to tell the exact value of the LayerZero token airdrop because the protocol hasn’t yet created its coin. This means there are no tokenomics to use in speculation. However, given the growth potential that the platform has, LayerZero will want to attract as many users as possible. This translates to a highly rewarding airdrop offer for whitelisted users.

3. Will Layerzero Have a Token Airdrop?

When LayerZero launches its ZRO token, there will be an airdrop. The airdrop will reward platform users and market the newly launched coin to increase its user base. It will also help hype ZRO’s initial decentralized exchange offerings, increasing its value.

In preparation, we wrote this LayerZero airdrop guide to help you discover the tips that will give you a strategic advantage during allow listing. Below is a breakdown of the key insights in this article.

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