LayerZero Labs has achieved a monumental feat with the live deployment of LayerZero on both the Linea and Base mainnets. This eagerly anticipated launch comes on the heels of a successful testnet, with over 5.5 million unique wallets committing over 46 million transactions, and strong support from more than 100 partners. This significant development opens up exciting possibilities for seamless token movement and integration within its ecosystem. Let’s delve into how this groundbreaking milestone is set to revolutionize the blockchain landscape.

LayerZero unleashing the Potential of Linea on the Mainnet

With LayerZero now live on the Linea mainnet, developers and users can fully harness the power of this innovative zkEVM rollup. The integration enables faster and more scalable smart contract execution, paving the way for more sophisticated and efficient decentralized applications. By making the rollup and ETH bridge UI accessible to developers, as well as offering RPC endpoints in Infura and MetaMask, Linea demonstrates its commitment to supporting builders and partners throughout the ecosystem. The upcoming release of the canonical token bridge supporting ERC20 tokens further enhances the capabilities of the network.

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Streamlining Token Movement on Base Mainnet

Layerzero Is Live On Base Mainnet

As LayerZero joins the Base mainnet ecosystem, it unlocks seamless token movement between Base and Ethereum. This integration eliminates complexities associated with cross-chain transactions, resulting in reduced transaction times and enhanced user experiences. The Base ecosystem’s decentralized finance (DeFi) applications stand to benefit significantly from the improved token movement, attracting a broader audience of users and developers eager to capitalize on the enhanced efficiency and accessibility.


The live deployment of LayerZero on the Base mainnet marks a groundbreaking moment for the LayerZero Labs team and the entire blockchain community. The enhanced token movement and interoperability between Base and Ethereum pave the way for more robust DeFi applications and a broader user base. Additionally, the integration of Linea brings exciting new possibilities, enabling developers to harness the power of the zkEVM rollup and the canonical token bridge.

As the ecosystem continues to evolve, developers and partners can look forward to a more scalable, efficient, and innovative blockchain landscape. The gathering of developers in Paris to explore Linea showcases the commitment of the labs to foster collaboration and gather valuable feedback from the community. The future of LayerZero looks promising, as it strengthens its position as a key player in the ever-expanding decentralized finance ecosystem.

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