Computer producer tycoon Lenovo will help run the blockchain network for GoChain, a blockchain protocol startup.

Lenovo will assist GoChain’s network, running a signing mode which “will be the first of its kind to be operated in a liquid immersion data center for cooling,” a January 6 official statement stated.

Made by a firm dubbed Midas Green Technology, the mentioned information center cooling strategies purportedly require less energy than different procedures, including air-based temperature control gauges, the release underscored.

Utilizing this productive innovation, Blockchain Resources Corp. is developing eco-friendly information centers where the hardware for Lenovo’s GoChain blockchain node will run.

Powering blockchains can demand a large amount of energy and cost, so, normally, different people and firms have given a shot at trying to make the procedure increasingly proficient and environmentally friendly.

In February 2018, it was reported that Bitcoin ATM provider Cointed initiated a pilot in the realm of green mining.

Technology firm Chia likewise came forward in July last year with a green paper on environmentally sensitive mining strategies.