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Coinwire Admin: Good day to you ladies and gents! Welcome back to another beautiful AMA with BSC Daily 🤩🤩 My name is Daley and joining with me today is a kick-ass DeFi protocol with a HUGE community: LEONICORN! Together with LEONICORN are 3 guests from the project: Hossain, Scott and Daniel!

Hello guys! How are we feeling today?

Mofassair Hossain: Hello guys, we are doing great, mate. How are you?

Daniel Leon: Hi ❤️

Scott: Good, thanks for having us

Coinwire Admin: I’m feeling fantastic! Been waiting for this AMA foreverrrrr

Mofassair Hossain: Finally we are here

Daniel Leon: 😂 my fault

Scott: Sure there will be plenty more in the future also 😉

Coinwire Admin: Yo it’s ok my G haha. The longer you make us wait, the more we want it!!!!!

Scott: Finally the launch is in a few days 🤑

Coinwire Admin: Finally! Very eager to learn more about it too! So enough said! Let’s start our AMA with the first segment: Q&A with the host

Scott: Let’s do this

Coinwire Admin: Firstly, I just want you guys to briefly introduce yourselves to BSC Daily community! Who wants to go first?

Daniel Leon: Me 🤩 Hello, I am Daniel the Chief Advisor of Leonicorn

Mofassair Hossain: Hi everyone, I am Mofassair, CEO of Leonicorn ecosystem

Scott: Hello, I am Scott, the Chief Marketing Officer of Leonicorn. Thank you for having us

Coinwire Admin: It is refreshing to know that the Leonicorn Team is fully doxxed and their profiles are publicly available

Mofassair Hossain: I am an angel investor and a veteran in the cryptocurrency industry with over seven (7) years relevant experience. I have worked in several capacities for multiple cryptocurrency projects over the years, acquiring valuable skills, connections and a deep understanding of how the cryptocurrency industry works.

Now it is a privilege to be working together with a team of top of the range crypto experts on the vision we share about the Leonicorn ecosystem. We are harnessing our experience and passion to deliver a unique ecosystem that will be the envy of all.

Daniel Leon: I consider myself an angel investor and cryptocurrency enthusiast. I have been involved in multiple cryptocurrency projects over the last 7 years. I bring on board my in-depth knowledge, experience and connections in the cryptocurrency industry to help achieve the vision of the Leonicorn ecosystem.  

I must say it has been a pleasure working with the Team to help achieve the huge potential I believe Leonicorn has. And I am glad we are here to share this with this community.

Scott: I am a crypto marketer, promoter and angel investor with over 5 years’ experience in the industry. I have been associated with numerous crypto projects that went on to amass over $500 million in market capitalisation. I leverage my extensive network and contacts in the industry, with over 430,000 followers on Twitter, for the marketing efforts at Leonicorn.

Coinwire Admin: It is easy to see that everyone can rest easy with Leonicorn given the caliber of the Team behind it! Not financial advices of course hah, have to say it every time bois 😂

Mofassair Hossain: Oh yes, we have highly skilled and experienced people in charge of everything we do at Leonicorn. From the onset I understood that I had to assemble a competent and dedicated team to help achieve our vision. I am fortunate to have the people we have now.

Coinwire Admin: You have mentioned “Leonicorn’s vision” a few times already. Can you elaborate what the vision for the Leonicorn ecosystem is please?

Mofassair Hossain: Our shared vision at Leonicorn is creating a unique ecosystem that will truly benefit all stakeholders for years to come. We are committed to ensuring that the Leonicorn ecosystem becomes a household name in the crypto industry, a place which is a departure from riding hype & bull markets but delivering little to their community.

Coinwire Admin: Glad to learn this! I believe this is the way to go as the crypto industry matures. I observe you have been using the word “ecosystem” which suggests that there are many facets to the Leonicorn project. Can you enumerate the components of the Leonicorn project?

Mofassair Hossain: Gladly. Our ecosystem primarily consists of the following:

1)  Decentralized exchange

2)  GameFi

3)  NFT Marketplace

4)  Specialized Trading

Our Decentralized exchange component has the following features and services:

Yield Farming – Providing liquidity on our decentralized exchange to earn DEX token $LEON

Launchpad – Offers opportunity for projects to fundraise on our platform, leveraging our large and engaged community.

Limit Orders – Users do not have to be online to take advantage of pumps or buying a good dip but can set orders for transactions to be executed automatically.

Multi-chain Bridges – Users can connect to multiple blockchains through our ecosystem, allowing the transfer of information and tokens among Binance Smart Chain, Celo, Fantom, Avalanche, Polygon, Optimism, Gnosis, Arbitrum, Bittorrent, Velas, Aurora, Oasis, Cronos, Heco, Moonriver, Boba Network, Aptos and OKC.

DEX Aggregation – Users can trade practically all tokens listed on all DEXES on the Binance Smart Chain through us. We have an optimized engine that ensures trading is done efficiently with the least price impact which allows traders to receive more

Staking –  Users can choose between Locked staking, where they receive fixed APR for staked tokens; or pool staking (CAVES) where they receive partner tokens. Our large and engaged community and user base offers cost effective opportunities for projects to market by providing tokens for our CAVES.

I also want to add that not only do we provide a one-stop shop for DEX trading, we also have one of the lowest trading fees compared to similar platforms. Our trading fee is 0.23% whereas the average for competitors is 0.3% (Refer to banner comparing Leonicon trading fees to competitors)

Coinwire Admin: Wow ok!!! Fire🔥I guess at the moment, the Decentralized Exchange is the most prominent pillar in your eco! Which to me looks like it has everythinggggg. Just wow! This is amazing, thanks for sharing.

Mofassair Hossain: Wait till you hear about what we have about our GameFi component. Before I share the details about our GameFi I would first like to point out one of the main things we have that no other project doing what we do has. We have a rewards sharing system where all resources generated on our platform are placed in a special pool we call The DEN. Every 72 hours, 3% of all accumulated resources in the DEN will be paid out to all holders of our special purpose token called $CUBS. The remaining 97% of the pool and new resources received are carried over to the next payment cycle. (Refer to banner on our reward sharing model). All $CUBS holders receive 50% of all pay-outs from the DEN. What is more, our Team burns 50% of all $LEON tokens we receive during each pay-out. We are excited to share this with everyone as this reward sharing system launches on 5th January 2023!

Daniel Leon: I must say. This is a game changer.

Scott: Huge burns 🔥

Coinwire Admin: Amazing! How does one get $CUBS tokens to benefit from this?

Mofassair Hossain: The only thing required to get $CUBS is to play games in our GameFi section. The volume of your gameplay determines how much $CUBS tokens you receive. That is, the more you play the more $CUBS you will receive.

We have designed the release of $CUBS in such a way that after the release of each 2,000,000 tokens you need to play more to earn the tokens. For instance in Level 1 Stage 1 you will be required to play total volumes worth $10 to earn 1 $CUBS. This increases to $11 worth of total volume to earn 1 $CUBS at Level 2 Stage 1. (Refer to banner on the transaction requirements for earning $CUBS)

We have designed the token release this way to ensure we offer the best opportunity for our early adopters. We want to reward those who choose to grow with us from the beginning by making it easier for them to accumulate $CUBS and receive part of all platform resources in perpetuity.

Coinwire Admin: I am genuinely impressed with this setup. I think it is a no brainer to accumulate as much $CUBS as possible as soon as this is launched. So what are the games users can play to earn $CUBS?

Mofassair Hossain: We will be launching 3 games over the next couple of weeks; Lottery, Bag Robbery and Dice. You will earn $CUBS based on the dollar value of your volumes of play on these games. We have plans for adding several games to our GameFi section in the months to come. Some of the games will be free to play as well as non-speculative games. Soon we will add the ability to earn $CUBS tokens by trading on our platform and using our NFT marketplace which is under development. Users will earn the tokens based on the dollar value of their trading volumes. The total supply of $CUBS is two hundred million (200,000,000) and it can only come into circulation through transactions on our ecosystem (playing games or trading).

Daniel Leon: Especially on the first 48hr 😉

Coinwire Admin: This is fascinating! Is there anything more to add to this?

Mofassair Hossain: Oh yes! We have an exciting Referral Program which is already launched. Everyone can take part and refer people to use our ecosystem. Whatever $CUBS tokens your affiliates will earn for using our ecosystem, you will receive 5% of their quantity as your reward from the Team.

As an illustration if your affiliates earn 10,000 $CUBS you will receive 500 tokens as your referral reward. You can stake this token to receive daily portions of the DEN pay-outs. We believe this is a great opportunity for all because apart from your affiliates playing our GameFi games, we will soon add earning $CUBS through trading.

Practically, we have all that anyone will need for interacting with decentralized ecosystems with our DEX aggregation tools and multi-chain bridges. This is a perfect opportunity for everyone here to build up their affiliates before the launch of our reward sharing model. Read the details on how our referral system works below:

Coinwire Admin: I got you! there’s a medium post for you to check out peeps! This keeps getting better! So what can users expect concerning your NFT marketplace as you have mentioned it is under development?

Scott: One of our hallmarks as an ecosystem is delivering products and services that can rival the best the crypto industry has to offer. For this reason we are developing our NFT marketplace to have all the features and tools which ensures the best experience for all. We always prioritize security, user-friendliness and beautiful designs. All we can say is everyone will be happy once our NFT marketplace is launched.

We are aware the enthusiasm surrounding NFTs has waned a little in this bear market. We believe the story will be very different in the next bull cycle. So we are preparing to ensure our ecosystem is not left behind.

Coinwire Admin: Nice, I think the only section of your ecosystem you have not given details on is the Specialized Trading.

Scott: Yes, at the moment traders can do Perpetual Futures Trading on our platform. This is an important addition to our products and services as typically such services are available on centralized exchanges. Now people are not required to create any account and undertake KYC procedures before they can do Perpetual Futures Trading. We are always on the lookout to add more specialized trading products.

Coinwire Admin: At this point you have mentioned 2 ecosystem tokens, $LEON and $CUBS. Can you share additional information about them?

Scott: We had another ecosystem token, $LEOS, which was the governance token. We are now in the process of merging that with $LEON so that we are left with $LEON as our primary ecosystem token. Being the primary ecosystem token, $LEON is inflationary. However, we have instituted strong burning mechanisms and we also manage emissions rates very well to ensure the level of inflation matches overall ecosystem growth.

We expect the $LEOS merge with $LEON to commence on 4th Jan 2023 Total supply of $LEON after the merger will be 1.3 billion. (Refer to banner on the merger of LEOS)

We have already indicated that the total supply of $CUBS is 200,000,000 (Two hundred million). This is our specialty token required to receive part of platform rewards. It will only come into circulation based on transaction volumes of users on our platform. This means once you hold this token the process of releasing more supply guarantees rewards for you!

Coinwire Admin: Let’s talk about marketing now 🙌 What should people expect about marketing plans?

Scott: Everyone knows marketing is central to the success of any crypto project. We always focus on proven approaches that are effective and efficient. We have some exciting partnerships lined up to help grow our ecosystem.

Additionally, we have special events and promotions planned for our GameFi section once we have all our initial 3 games launched and we are certain all potential bugs have been ironed out. It is going to be another level of excitement in our ecosystem over the next few weeks with our marketing efforts.

Coinwire Admin: Awesome 🤩 We are winding down on this exciting AMA session. What parting words do you have for us?

Scott: We invite all to take advantage of the unique opportunities our ecosystem is offering to all users. It is an incredible opportunity to get your hands on $CUBS tokens right out of the gate when we go live. This ensures you spend as little resources to get as many tokens as possible. And you will be set to receive part of platform rewards in perpetuity.

It is also very opportune to build your affiliates right now as the amount of $CUBS you will earn will depend on their total earned tokens. It will be easier for your affiliates to get $CUBS tokens in the initial stages as well.

Additionally, we have intensified our development in the bear market which is a departure for what most projects experience. We are convinced about our shared opportunity and we want to grow with as many people as possible. Everyone is invited to use our products and services. We have not even scratched the surface in terms of what we believe we will achieve together with our community.

Furthermore, the market cap for $LEON is insanely low compared to all the things we have going for us. There is tremendous opportunity in abundance in our ecosystem now. We know we have what it takes to get noticed during the next bull cycle. Every veteran in crypto will tell you it is all about getting noticed as a product in a bull cycle.

And also, before we continue, the team has an amazing surprise and we are adding: 500k USD into pool to start

Coinwire Admin: Brooo yesss! Been waiting for you to address this hah. You kinda spoil it before our AMA though 😂

Scott: So yeah anyone who has followed me from the start of my crypto days knows the power of these systems

Daniel Leon: This is something we have never seen before. It means “pure” money to cubs holders!! This is an amount that no one got cubs for

Coinwire Admin: This has been an enjoyable session. Before we open for questions I want to share the social media links and additional information for the benefit of our community:

1️⃣ Website

2️⃣ Social Media links

Telegram       –

Medium         –

Twitter           – 

LinkedIn        –

Coinwire Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with LEONICORN🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Scott: Thanks so much for having us and we hope to see you on the 5th of Jan for the new explosive trend #MineFi. You can join our TG and we will answer any unanswered questions you have. Take care & a happy healthy successful New year to all of you

Daniel Leon: Thank you very much for having us. BSC Daily is my favorite 😍

Coinwire Admin: Thank you! Best of luck to LEONICORN guys!!!!