zkSync, the pioneering blockchain project, introduces LIBERTAS OMNIBUS, an experimental NFT venture that embraces an all-inclusive approach to revolutionizing NFT standards. Committed to transparency, the project recently revealed crucial details about the project’s distribution process, making strides toward fostering fairness and inclusivity in the NFT community.

Exploring New zkSync NFT Standards

LIBERTAS OMNIBUS has a collective mission to advance personal freedom for all. By harnessing its capabilities, this project aims to create an inclusive and fun way for the broader NFT community to join the ZK Revolution.

Zksync'S Libertas Omnibus On Element Marketplace
LIBERTAS OMNIBUS on element marketplace

The project aims to lead the way in exploring innovative NFT standards, utilizing zkSync’s efficient infrastructure to introduce novel protocol features and prototype collections curated by surprise creators. Notably, the collection’s floor price stands at 0.034 ETH (approximately $34), reflecting its accessibility and potential for the broader NFT community. For more information, you can check the details here.

Inclusivity and Fun for the Community

The success of LIBERTAS OMNIBUS is the result of a fruitful collaboration between Matter Labs and SummonHQ. Their shared vision and expertise promise to drive this experimental project toward transformative outcomes.

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LIBERTAS OMNIBUS was conceived as a way to experiment with NFT partners, introduce new types of collections with creators, and most importantly, provide a fun and engaging experience for the entire community. We value the participation of each member and strive to make NFTs more accessible to everyone.

Transparent Distribution Process and Growth

zkSync demonstrated its commitment to transparency by openly sharing the eligibility criterion used to select recipients. This gesture was reinforced by their responsiveness to community feedback, acknowledging the value of learning from past experiences. As they recommences the distribution process and explores real-life minting, the NFT community can expect an exciting journey ahead, shaping the future of NFTs together.


As the project continues to evolve, NFT enthusiasts can anticipate an exciting and thrilling journey ahead. The mystery reveal promises to captivate and inspire the entire NFT community. Embrace the LIBERTAS OMNIBUS on zkSync, where the fusion of innovation and personal freedom is reshaping the future of NFTs. Stay tuned for further updates and surprises, including potential airdrops on zkSync!

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