Lif3 Trade has made a huge leap forward in the world of Decentralized Finance by launching its spot and perpetual exchange on the BNB Chain. This move has expanded the reach of the Lif3 ecosystem, which already resides on Fantom Opera, Polygon, and Fantom’s only Layer 2 optimistic rollup. The Lif3 Trade exchange on BNB Chain allows users to trade spot and perpetual futures on select tokens while earning $BNB from trading fees.

Lif3 Trade Launches On Bnb Chain

Staking, Swapping, and Earning Real Yield! Only on Lif3 Trade

For those who do not wish to trade, Lif3 Trade provides the option to stake $LIF3 and earn yield without ever trading. Staking $LIF3 on Lif3 Trade BNB is a straightforward process. Users can follow the link to the “Earn” tab and click the button that says “Stake.” If you do not already have $LIF3 that you have earned elsewhere in the ecosystem, you can always purchase $LIF3 by swapping the tokens you already have. Lif3 Swap on supports Tomb Chain, Fantom, Polygon, and BNB Chain.

Lif3 Trade Launches On Bnb Chain

Another exciting feature of Lif3 Trade is the ability to swap tokens for $LLP. Users who already have $BNB, $BTC, $ETH, $BUSD, or $USDT can deposit any of those tokens to get a piece of the $LLP action. $LLP will be automatically staked once minted, and minting takes place during the swapping process. The LLP is comprised of the top three cryptocurrencies by market cap ($BTC, $ETH, and $BNB) and two stablecoins ($BUSD and $USDT). The LLP represents those five tokens as an index, and each token is given a corresponding weight based on how much of the LLP pool it represents.

Lif3 Trade also offers users the opportunity to earn real yield as a portion of all trading fees makes its way back to those who stake $LIF3 and those who provide liquidity by minting $LLP. In addition, Lif3 Trade offers Multiplier Points and Escrowed $LIF3 to further increase earnings. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Stake $LIF3 to earn $BNB, $esLIF3, and Multiplier Points.
  • Stake $LLP to earn $BNB and $esLIF3.
  • Stake $esLIF3 to earn $BNB, $esLIF3, and Multiplier Points.
  • Vest $esLIF3 to earn $LIF3.
  • Compound Multiplier Points to boost $BNB APRs.

To conclude

Lif3 Trade has come a long way since its inception on the Fantom Blockchain. Its expansion to the BNB Chain is a testament to its commitment to expanding its reach and providing the best trading value for all its users. Lif3 Trade’s features and benefits are sure to attract more users, and its ability to stake, swap, and earn real yield offers a unique opportunity for those who wish to earn without trading. Overall, Lif3 Trade’s expansion to the BNB Chain is an exciting development that will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and evolution of the Lif3 ecosystem.

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