The professional mercenary company Wagner Group has rebelled against the Russian regular army after the CEO of Wagner accused the Russian army of attacking its strong points, killing many of its fighters.

Wagner Coup Attack Report

The Wagner CEO also posted a video demonstrating the consequences of the Russian missile attack. Currently, Russian forces are on alert and Wager’s brigade has crossed the Ukrainian border back to Russia and is on its way to Rostov (southern Russia). U.S. and Ukrainian officials confirm the fact, while analysts point to the possibility of Russia’s frontline collapse in Ukraine.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has denied Wagner’s accusations of spreading false information and urged Wagner to remain loyal. Wagner is a private military corporation that played a key role in Russia’s offensive operations to control the city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine.

Latest Update: The Coup is Over

The head of the Wagner group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has issued a statement announcing the end of the coup attempt. He stated that the group retreated peacefully and covered a significant distance away from Moscow without any bloodshed. Belarus President Lukashenko has been involved in negotiations and has claimed credit for the peace agreement.

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Prigozhin accepted the terms of Lukashenko’s agreement, agreeing to halt the movement of his forces and return to their bases. The agreement ensures the security of PMC Wagner fighters. Reports indicate that Wagner forces are leaving not only Moscow Oblas but also Rostov.

Russian media reports suggest that criminal cases against Prigozhin have been dropped, and he and his forces will receive full immunity. Vehicle movement restrictions have been lifted in the Voronezh region, which experienced clashes during the coup.

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Previous Updates: The Ongoing Military Coup in Russia was in Full Progress

Yevgeny Prigozhin, accompanied by the Wagner Group, has reached the headquarters of the Russian Army in Rostov following their earlier capture of the facility.

Wagner Coup Attempts Report

The flow of traffic from Voronezh to Moscow is currently completely obstructed, with reports indicating that the Wagner group has already reached Voronezh.

Wagner Coup In Russia
Traffic from Voronezh to Moscow is currently completely obstructed

Putin’s Response

Putin is experiencing a state of despondency and is unable to make any decisions regarding Prigozhin’s ongoing coup. He made an offer to relinquish control of the country to Secretary of the Security Council Patrushev. However, Patrushev declined the offer.

“This is a criminal campaign. It is equivalent to armed mutiny. Russia will defend itself and repel this move. We are fighting for the life and security of our citizens.”

He claimed the actions of one-time ally Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is leading a rebellion to oust Russia’s defense minister, were a “stab in the back” to the country’s soldiers and people. It came as Prigozhin claimed he and his troops have reached Rostov-on-Don after crossing the Russian border from Ukraine and taking control of key sites including the airfield.

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Ukraine & Alliances’ Statements

President of Ukraine’s Response to the Wagner Coup Attack in Russia

Zelensky’s statement highlights the destructive nature of those who choose the path of evil, emphasizing Russia’s actions and their consequences. He criticizes Russia’s military aggression, propaganda, and weak government. Ukraine’s President asserts Ukraine’s determination to protect Europe from Russian chaos and emphasizes their resilience, unity, and strength. The statement ends with a resounding “Glory to Ukraine!” showcasing a patriotic sentiment.

Chechen Soldiers
Chechen Soldiers

In a released statement, Kadyrov expressed his belief that Prigozhin has betrayed Russia, stating that Kadyrov has deployed Chechen soldiers to combat the Wagner Group.

Meanwhile, Belarusian soldiers, showing support for Ukraine, have urged their fellow Belarusian citizens to join forces in the ongoing events involving Wagner, aiming to free Belarus from Russian influence.

President Of European Council: Russian Situation Clearly An Internal Issue
President of European Council: Russian Situation Clearly an Internal Issue

The President of the European Council has stated that the unfolding situation in Russia is regarded as an internal matter for the country. They are closely monitoring the events and maintaining communication with European leaders and G7 partners. The European Council reaffirms unwavering support for Ukraine and President Zelensky.

In response to the events in Russia, the UK government is in close coordination with its allies. The UK Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly, urged citizens to follow travel advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, which advises against all travel to Russia. The situation involving the Wagner group and the Russian military is being carefully monitored, and close collaboration with allies is ongoing.

Governor Reports Fuel Tank Blaze at Oil Depot in Russia’s Voronezh Region

Emergency services are actively tackling a fire that has broken out in a fuel tank at an oil depot in Voronezh, as confirmed by the regional governor, Alexander Gusev. Gusev shared on Telegram that over 100 firefighters and 30 pieces of equipment are currently engaged in the operation. Fortunately, there have been no reported casualties thus far.

Previously, Gusev had informed local residents that the army was undertaking necessary military actions in the region as part of a counter-terrorist operation.

According to Reuters, a Russian security source disclosed that Wagner fighters have gained control over all military installations in Voronezh, a city situated approximately 500km away from Moscow.

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