MadTrooper has officially confirmed the release of 8,888 NFTs on Solana at 2:22pm CET on September 24th, marking their first move in conquering the domain of NFTs.


MadTrooper is a new NFT project from the same team that created EDDASwap. EDDASwap is a well-known and successful company that has taken the NFT industry by storm with its breathtaking 360° VR NFTs created by the world’s finest 3D artists and motion graphic designers. Given the pedigree that EDDASwap has previously demonstrated with its NFTs, this makes MadTrooper an incredibly interesting potential. 

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MadTrooper is set in the year 2177 when humanity takes another step toward exploring space by conquering and settling on Earth and Mars. Threatened with an invasion from an intergalactic alien race bent on annihilating mankind, 8,888 MadTroopers, ready to battle to the death and pave the path for triumph, will set out on September 24th to protect the solar system. 

Each MadTrooper is entirely unique and has been algorithmically produced to have distinct characteristics and qualities. In addition, there are a few mythological warriors hiding inside the army who are more strong and surely more batshit insane than the other MadTroopers.

Another interesting feature of MadTrooper is that the NFTs will be minted on the Solana blockchain. This is significant because, unlike other blockchains, Solana has practically no gas fee. This is extremely beneficial to the end-user, as they will not have to pay any fees while minting the MadTrooper NFTs! To participate in the MadTrooper NFT drop, users must first establish a Solana wallet like Phantom and have some SOL on hand.

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Mint Date Details

There will be 8888 MadTroopers NFTs, with each MadTrooper being entirely unique. The NFTs have been algorithmically created to have unique characteristics and features. The painting will feature bizarre themes like cyberpunk, hippie, and rock n roll. Furthermore, concealed inside the army are a few mythological warriors of the greatest rarity, which only the drop’s luckiest players will be able to get.

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They will be available for purchase on their website,, at 2:22 p.m. CET on September 24th. To add to the rarity, the 8,888 MadTroopers have been divided into the following categories, from most frequent to most rare:

  • 8,000 Troopers: The army’s soul, holding the Classic Colt and Diamond Axe. These gallant Troopers battle to the very end, paving the path for triumph.
  • 650 Sergeants: These veteran warriors carry the Trooper Revolver as well as the Diamond Axe after years of training. Sergeants are in charge of commanding the squadrons.
  • 150 Commanders: The powerful Commanders, the ruthless veterans of the battle, terrify enemy lines with their Galactic Guns and Death Discs.
  • 88 Legendary Masters: There are whispers and stories of mythological masters who can annihilate entire armies on their own. Little is known about them, save that they are the most powerful beings in the cosmos. They wield the Galactic Gun as well as the universe’s most powerful weapon, the Laser Spear.

The team behind the MadTrooper project

MadTrooper was built by the EDDASwap team, a leading NFT, and DeFi multichain ecosystem. The team consists of well-known NFT artists, developers, and digital art aficionados, who have a very successful and established track record in the NFT area.

The team of EDDASwap is an outstanding combination of highly skilled people from financial technological backgrounds, electronic markets, product design, and development platforms.


Sep 2021:

  • MadTroopers Website Launch
  • MadTroopers Launch
  • MadTroopers Soundtrack

Oct 2021:

  • MadTroopers Airdrop

Dec 2021:

  • MadTroopers Merchandise
  • 360-VR NFTs

Feb 2022: 

  • MadTroopers Video Game

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