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The blockchain ecosystem is for everyone, but it sometimes does not appear so due to the difficulty of navigating DApps for traditional internet users. Also, the space is riddled with other challenges like traffic migration and a lack of headline products that prioritize user experience and can attract mass traffic. 

Considering this, it is safe to say that the Web3 ecosystem lacks what it takes to bring real scalability and easy navigation to Web2 users. These are major challenges that have hindered the space’s growth and require a high level of innovation to offer solutions.

Before now, several platforms have been working in line with tackling this problem; however, with the launch of the Match chain, true interoperability between blockchains will be made possible for the first time. Users and applications will be able to interact seamlessly between and through the EVM, COSMOS, and MOVE-VM ecosystems, achieving a long-awaited milestone for blockchain technology. 

The Match chain is designed to serve as a traffic middle layer for other blockchains, allowing traffic to efficiently circulate between different platforms, thereby enabling the importation of large user traffic from Web2 while enhancing overall security. 

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The Match Website

The Match website is officially live as of December 8th, 2022. Now, users can download Match’s litepaper using the button “Litepaper” on the homepage. Also, the website’s launch is considered a progressive step towards achieving the project’s mission and vision.

As a platform designed to serve as a traffic middle layer for other blockchains, Match will incorporate easy navigation and an exciting, user-friendly interface to provide users and visitors with easy interoperability on the website.

Matchchain Website
The website of Match

On Match, users would be able to know more about as follows:

  1. How Match intends to engage traffic from Web2 onto the Web3 space 
  2. It is a bridging process
  3. Technical Characteristics
  4. Ecosystem
  5. The roadmap that details its upcoming plans


The website will be a platform where ecosystem users and builders can engage directly with Match while taking another step closer to realizing a traffic-driven Web3 platform and witnessing its full optimization. 

No doubt, the Match website will continue to improve user experience in the future. Here are some key features to expect as we tend towards its full optimization.

  1. Access to different blockchain ecosystems 
  2. Online testing and opening of internal testing
  3. Launch of the first batch of DApps
  4. Enabling DID authentication

With these features and functionalities fully operational, the Match website would be a platform that would engage real traffic and promote user growth. 

Match will combine simplicity with security, thereby changing the rules for building practical Web3 applications and integrating Web2 users to its platform. 

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