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BSCDaily Admin: Hello and welcome. How are you today?

Mecha Morphing – Mav: Hello! I’m doing great. Really excited to be in this great community to chat about my project today!

BSCDaily Admin: Absolutely, today we’re here to talk about Mecha Morphing, an interesting project, so shall we begin?

Mecha Morphing – Mav: Let’s do it!

Q1: What is Mecha Morphing all about? Please introduce the idea and mission of this project for the audience!

Mecha Morphing – Mav: Our project – Mecha Morphing is a horizontal action ARPG game based on the meta-universe. Every level in the game will provide players with original resources. Players can use these original resources and build upon them. You can build your weapons and mechas through synthesis and crafting. Leveling up these mechas will allow you to have more stats to help you beat the enemies in the game. The game is set in the future technological era with sci-fi cyberpunk as the background. Because of resource plundering, an international war broke out. Players enter the game as a member of the mecha squad called the “Rogue ones’ who save the world and maintain peace. Starting from the most basic weapons, players can improve their mecha and stats step by step. The game has PVE and PVP content allowing players to develop in multiple fields. The first world will have five different game systems. There will always be enough content for the players. We also intend on adding new worlds as we develop our Metaverse. Everything in the game, whether you create or discover it, can help you earn money in the process of playing the game.

Our vision – The main vision of our project is to create a Metaverse that outlasts us. We are in it for the long run. This game-fi project is just the beginning. From here, we will expand into other worlds and collaborate with other projects, ultimately creating a complete Metaverse. We believe that game-fi is the first step to this. We believe in it so much that we are also in talks with hardware developers to further advance this idea to one that suits our Metaverse. With one touch on the hardware, you will be able to access the Metaverse, complete with our tokens in your wallet. We also believe that this vision is not possible without the help of our community and those that partake in the Metaverse. To honor this, we are creating a cooperative space that allows those who partake to have their voice heard. We want to hear the opinions of our players. That’s why we have a create-to-earn program where you can earn MAPE tokens by being creative (with art or content) or coming up with a business plan/idea for our Metaverse.

BSCDaily Admin: So with such ambitious goals, we would love to know more about the Team behind Mecha Morphing.

Q2: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Mecha Morphing – Mav: who we are –  We have an amazing team! We have more than 18 years of game development experience. Our developers have worked on games such as Call of Duty Black Ops and Crossfire! One of our co-founders, Jack Pan, is an indie game producer and he specializes in VR so we are also proud to announce that we will have a VR version of our game coming out in a few months. Be on the lookout! Our other co-founder Justin Ma, has been in blockchain for more than 6 years. He has experience in mining operations, fundraising, and infrastructure. He’s worked on projects such as Tron, Mask Network, Orchid protocol, to name a few. Our leaders are a great mix to create a game-fi project that lasts! We are here to develop a game that gamers actually want to play with added successful blockchain features.  In true decentralized fashion, we also have team members all over the world. We have members of our developing, planning, art and marketing team from the United States to Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. We have solid team members, each specializing in their field and in their particular community. With all of these bits, we hope to have a wide reach within the blockchain community.

BSCDaily Admin: The team sure has tons of experiences on Gaming-related business so I am certain that the gameplay is going to be epic, but what about the economy in the game

Q3: Let’s dive into your tokens $MMC and $MAPE. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of $MMC and $MAPE use cases?

Mecha Morphing – Mav: We have a dual token system. MAPE token will be our governance token and the MMC will be our utility token. MAPE token holders will be able to vote on proposals and share game revenue. Currently, the ways to obtain the MAPE token are to be an early investor, to stake MMC, or our create-to-earn system for players (create art or ideas and we will reward you with MAPE). We will add our tokens to a centralized exchange in the future but they are not issued yet.

Our utility token, the MMC, will underpin the entire gameplay system. Players will earn MMC as drops through our game systems. Players will use the MMC for everything in the game from repairing their Mecha, betting on the arena PVP battles, or trading on the marketplace within the game. We believe that the playability of our game will drive the value of our token. It is an integral part of the game used across all the mini-games in our Metaverse. Leveling up in our games will ensure that you earn more while you play.

Q4: Currently, is Mecha Morphing working with any backers/VCs? And are there any plans to cooperate with bigger ones in the near future?

Mecha Morphing – Mav: We have some really great partners that have helped us along the way and we are just getting started with these great relationships. YGG SEA (Yield Game Guild South East Asia) and GGG (Good Games Guild) are big gaming guilds that are based in Vietnam and Indonesia, respectively. They will have their many scholars play our game while earning. They earn money and we will always have players, keeping our ecosystem stable. It’s a nice symbiotic relationship. Innovion, Shima Capital, and Momentum 6 have been a great help with our marketing. They have a wide reach within their network to give us the exposure that we need to have a successful project. We also have other strategic partners that have given us their many resources (advisory, funding, networking) in order to help us succeed such as ZBS Capital, NGC Capital, AC Capital to name a few. Of course, these partners are not limited to these things in their value. They have helped us a great deal on our journey in various ways and we have appreciated the relationships that we have been able to build with them. Aside from these, we have been partnering up with many local KOLs and companies from Vietnam, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, and India. We believe that they will understand their demographic the best and they can help us manage these relationships with the local players. We plan on partnering with more local communities along the way to ensure we can accommodate all the communities that want to partake in our Metaverse.

Q5: Let’s dive into the gameplay for a bit. What will players need to join the game? And What can we do in the Mecha Morphing Metaverse?

Mecha Morphing – Mav: Each account will get their first character free. From there, players can do anything that doesn’t involve fighting. They can spectate PvP battles in the arena and bet tokens on those battles, and visit the museum of mecha. However, if they want to partake in any battles, they will have to acquire a weapon NFT to do so. After a player acquires a weapon, they can take part in the battles in our Metaverse. This is anything from PvE battles to PvP loot battles and the arena. As players battle and get materials, they can also enter the workshop and forge or level up their mecha NFTs. These are the basic game modes in our first world. We intend on adding more worlds and collaborating with other projects down the road to make the metaverse a well rounded place for many to enjoy.

Q6: Yes and I believe the test net is being launched soon. What can you tell us about this exciting event?

Mecha Morphing – Mav: Come join our test net campaign for a chance to earn $30k in tokens! In the testing phase, we plan to open up a wealth of content for players to try out. We believe that players will get tired of the low game playability in the current blockchain game market and we think that Mecha Morphing’s action-packed game modes will bring out the excitement towards gamefi projects. In our test net, Players will be able to enter into PvE battle features. We will hold 4 different types of activities or competitions during the Test Net. Players can participate in these activities to experience our extraordinary action design and unique sci-fi cyberpunk art style.

Activity 1: Gold Coin List – The top 100 players that collect the most tokens share a $5000 pool

Activity 2: The Clearance List – The top 100 players that clear the levels the fastest share a $5000 pool

Activity 3: Bug Catcher –  Earn $300 for each valid bug report that will be confirmed by our tech team.

Activity 4: Daily Task Rewards – Earn $50 for completing all daily tasks for 7 consecutive days.

🪂 How to join?

BSCDaily Admin: Is the testnet going to be open for everyone? or are there any requirements to join?

Mecha Morphing – Mav: open to all that make it on the whitelist. There are about 200 slots left! join soon!

BSCDaily Admin: oh my! please check out their testnet links soon people!

Q7: What can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2022 as a whole?

Mecha Morphing – Mav: We have an exciting year coming up! Early February, we will have our IDO, Main Net Launch and First round of NFT sales. We are showcasing our game and what we have produced first to show people we mean business! We wanted to have an actual product to show before we sold our tokens and NFTs to the community. We wanted them to actually be able to use it when it was released. Now that we have the game made, we are ready to go. Each month after the game launches, we will release a new feature of the game. Our current release plan looks like this: Land > Loot mode > VR version > Bounty Quest > Arena > New World Era. We are especially excited about our VR version being released in June! Join our social media platforms to stay up to date with our releases!

Q8: Where can we find out more about Mecha Morphing?

Mecha Morphing – Mav: Keep yourself updated.

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Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Mecha Morphing – Mav: If you’re interested in our projects please come join our social channels to stay updated! We are currently running a test net campaign with prizes to test out our awesome game! Join here if  interested:

Mecha Morphing is a fully decentralized ARPG game energized by the players in its metaverse. This play-to-earn game utilizes blockchain technology in the form of digital currency and NFTs. Players in the Mecha Morphing metaverse can earn income by engaging and contributing to the ecosystem.

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