FatAnimal Gachapon is coming 

FatAnimal, the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and NFTs collections on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) plan to launch their own NFTs collection on 19th SEP 2021, 19.00 GMT+8. FatAnimal NFTs are influenced by the concept of Arts and Science with Chinese beliefs and expanding use cases with FAT tokens. 

FatAnimal’s NFTs present the ancient Chinese belief called BaZi system or Four Pillars of Destiny to the community. The 1st collection will come with 5 elements and 12 animals. This project is already audited by Peckshield and Techrate.

Now, they have a giveaway campaign: FatAnimal Giveaway

NFTs farming with BaZi structure

BaZi is the science of nature and understanding what nature has given you is important. With BaZi analysis, simply use your time and birthdate to understand your personality, passions, purpose, strengths, or weaknesses. Also, BaZi can be used to predict the pattern of your life in many aspects, and investing is one of them. Imagine you know which choices benefit you more. FatAnimal will make them accessible around the globe!

How to get FatAnimal NFTs 

FatAnimal NFTs are available through Gachapon (Mystery box) with 6,800 boxes initial supply. The Gachapon box includes BaZi theme Animals and Item cards which will be random. For more information check the “My NFTs” tab on FatAnimal.finance.

Be the part of the FatAnimal NFTs giveaway 

Be sure to catch the release of Gachapon on FatAnimal channels on September 19 at 19.00  GMT+8. They’ve started a giveaway campaign on Official Twitter account. It’s good to take part in the activity by beginning to follow their Twitter account and following simple steps. FatAnimal will give 68 free NFTs, with the top three winning special NFTs.

NFT marketplace and BaZi NFT farming

The next launch will include FatAnimal Markets which can buy and sell NFTs right in the platform. Moreover, the Bazi NFTs Collection is not just the collectibles. Animals can also work for you in the NFTs Farming which will be launched before this Halloween.

The Bazi NFTs Farming is to let your Animals work for you, and if you feed them with good food they work even better. Each of the Animals will have its own eating power (EP), the fatter get the better yield. Animals are like us, we are all better with friends. If we have a great companion which is derived from Bazi’s way, the result will be even better. For example, Rats + Dragons + Monkeys are very good when they work together. Last but not least, the season will be very important for Bazi. The first collection starts with Falls, so the legendary card which is the rarest card will be able to work with any animals and work best in the Fall season.

Official Links

Website: FatAnimal.finance
Document: FatAnimalGitbook
Twitter: @FatAnimalFarm
Telegram: @FatAnimalAnnouncement
Campaign: FatAnimal Giveaway