The SafeHamsters League is a component of the SafeHamsters ecosystem. Their project’s objective is to create the first global blockchain ecosystem based on the idea of “Fun & Rich,” uniting the most popular and successful services to produce revenue for all participants in this ecosystem. Combining this with the simplicity of installation, connectivity of DeFi services and training for even larger crypto market mainstream acceptance.

SafeHamsters League is the first blockchain-based 3D AR game with upgradeable NFTs that converts your time into money via the “Play and Earn” concept.

The SafeHamsters League game

Unique Feature

  • Hamsters World: A blockchain augmented reality gaming universe with its own characters, rules, and legend.
  • Hamsters Combat: The game’s logical core and regulations, which make the game enjoyable and varied in gameplay. 
  • Hamsters Trident: Game elements to make it simple and enjoyable to engage battles within the application. 

The Main Characters

Battle Hamsters are created as cute, fearsome and funny crypto hamsters. Users are offered various actions with the Battle Hamsters:

  • Build a training arena and teach your hamsters the fighting techniques. 
  • Create your hamsters and have full rights to customize with armors and weapons.
  • Take part in battles with other hamsters to seek not only victory but also tokens. 

Upgradable NFT

  • Fighting hamsters with one-of-a-kind armor and abilities.
  • A limited number of gamers will have access to limited-edition collectible playable characters.
  • Rare in-game items that will allow you to demonstrate your abilities and display your individuality.

Game and NFT Tokens

  • Game tokens – Seeds – are required to engage in fights, battles, and quests.
  • Winning every battle and finishing every task allows you to earn a reward fund and get rich!
  • You may use game tokens to buy additional playable characters, outfit them and setup your arena for combat.
  • Each playable character or item is an NFT token that may be bought or sold on the in-game marketplace.
  • Your NFT tokens value will rise as they are limited editions, provide in-game advantages, and become acclaimed collectibles.
  • The cooler your battle hamster, the better his weaponry, the more creative and unique the traps on your arena, the more spectacular your battles and triumphs. 

Main Interface

  • Registration – is an interface for registration by linking an account to a smartphone number and SMS confirmation to it.
  • Hamster Cage – a collection of hamsters and their equipment from the player – with the ability to update and replace them
  • Hamster Arena – a place for holding fights with a player, if he was challenged by another player.
  • Hamster Market – marketplace for the purchase of new playable characters, their equipment and improvements for the arena.
  • Hamster Challenge interface – interface for organizing fights and tournaments between players.
  • Battle interface – interface for conducting fights between players, according to the logic of the Hamsters Combat Trine.
  • Hamster rating – a rating of all registered players’ characters, reflecting the number of their victories, the tokens they have won and the value of their in-game NFTs.
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Stage 1: July – September 2021

Development and release of an MVP game application:

  • First playable characters and interfaces;
  • Basic combat mechanics and fights between players;
  • Overall rating of the gaming community.

Stage 2: October – December 2021

Alfa version of the game application:

  • Integration with the blockchain platform and the use of game tokens;
  • Launch of a gaming marketplace for the sale of game characters and items;
  • Expansion of game characters, items, locations available for purchase.

Stage 3: January – December 2022

Beta version of the game application:

  • Implementation of the ability to create battle quests in real locations;
  • Development and launch of a system of clans and tournaments;
  • Implementation of team battles and group participation in adventures and quests.

Stage 4: 2023 – 2024

Release version of the game application:

  • Development of versions of the application to work on game consoles and VR devices;
  • Development of the game universe and its components, expansion of game mechanics, release of updates and DLC.


Seed is the main token of the SafeHamsters League game. Users are required to own Seed to start gaming. Seed has various uses and can be obtained in different ways. 


Purchase of playable characters (unique, rare, collectible).

Getting equipment (armor, helmets, weapons).

Purchase of objects for the arena (covering, traps, decorations, places).


Access to game events and quests, unique characters and equipment, extended game possibilities.


Viewing ads for rewards (resources, in-game items, combat omissions).


Platform commission (5-20%) from the battle contributions of players in the crypt, from which prize funds are being formed for winners of fights, tournaments and quests.


Hold on the balance of a certain amount of crypt – for the opportunity gaining access to additional functionality – opportunities creating your own game events and challenges among players. 


SafeHamsters Team is an international group of crypto enthusiasts, analysts, and entrepreneurs with a large background in the crypto world from 2016/2017 and a deep understanding of how the market and the world of DeFi work, who have come together to create a one-of-a-kind ecosystem in which ordinary people can earn, learn, play, and immerse themselves correctly in the crypto world.

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