Snailana is a combination of 10,000 distinct NFTs and play-to-earn snail-themed games.


Snailana is collectible computer-generated snails with ownership evidence stored on the Solana Blockchain.

Their generative NFTs are made up of 10,000 distinct tokens. Holders will be eligible for a pre-sale based on a giveaway and competition held on their social media channel.

Their objective is to create gaming staking mechanisms on the Solana ecosystem, starting with Snail-themed games in which players may wager SOL and win the pot.


Racing/ Staking Games

Snails must exercise and be well-trained in order to be fit and ready to travel in space. Snail holders are encouraged to participate in the Snail Race by staking Snails.

Farm/ Hatchery

This function allows young snails to grow up and be cared for by crypto enthusiasts.

Snail Tinder

Adopters may engage with singles and maybe find a Soulmate in Snailana like the way you use dating apps. 

Project roadmap

Rarity Distribution and Planning in the Breeding Lab

The scientists will test several types of biological improvements on the Snailana species. Distinct Snails will have varied characteristics, and there will be a predetermined percentage of different rarities for future adopters to choose from.


1500 snails broke through the barrier. Only a few people in the crypto community will be able to obtain the very first few escapees. The presale will be announced soon.


Snailana Launch schedule will be announced after the presale concluded.

Listing on a marketplace

Aimed marketplaces that are to be listed for Snailana are. 

  • Solsea
  • Solana Art
  • Digital Eye

Community Building

100 Snails will be handed away to influencers as part of a marketing push to establish a community of Snails fans.

Racing/ Staking Games

After each Snail Race, the Snailana species will award a share of the royalty to the top five racers.

  • To participate in the Snail Race, you must own valid NFTs.
  • There will be a weekly tournament game with around 100 participants.
  • The top five racers will get a portion of the royalty.
  • Depending on how many individuals hold the cards, they may be able to alter to satisfy the crowd or by a community vote.

Upcoming utilities

Farm/ Hatchery and Snail Tinder are two exciting new programs that will be available in the near future.

Farm/ Hatchery

You will be assigned the duty of a snail farm owner, and you will be in charge of feeding and rearing baby snails. This function may be incorporated as one of the fun play-to-earn games.

Snail Tinder

With Snail Tinder, Snailana expands on the play-to-earn concept. This function allows users to engage in social engagement and, if they are lucky, meet snailmate. Snail Tinder demonstrates that Snailana is concerned with more than just their individual snails, but also with communities and social interaction.

Snail NFT mixed game sneak peek

Sneak peek of the Racing game that will be soon launched on Snailana. As you can observe from the below image, your snail racer will have 6 different attributes. Those attributes play an important role in helping your racers to achieve victory in racing.

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Besides, here is the demo visual of the dashboard on Snailana with full features such as Racing, Hatchery and Tinder Snail. 

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