TETU is a DeFi application based on Polygon that uses automated yield farming methods to give investors a safe and secure way to receive high income on their investments.


TETU is a DeFi application based on Polygon that uses automated yield farming methods to give investors a safe and secure way to receive high income on their investments.

TETU tokens represent a portion of the team’s total efforts and skills, which are entirely focused on developing sustainable revenue streams for Tetu users. Their technology speaks for itself, but what matters most are the people behind it, who have created a culture of inclusion, transparency, and a worldwide community of individuals who all desire high returns backed by competent technology. They are always searching for ways to employ from within and offer opportunities for all members of the community. TETU is a team and community you want to be a part of in the long haul, as projects come and go and tokens pump and dump.

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Tetu, the Yield Farming Aggregator on polygon, has arrived. DeEarn interest on your crypto assets across different Defi chains and platforms, all in the form of a token. With TETU’s interest-bearing token, xTETU, you may earn interest on every block. This implies that your interest payments will accrue interest automatically, with no action necessary from the user. Tetu’s unique TETU token has price stability features to assist reduce volatility and steady revenue for its investors.

On-chain work structure

They are developing a work structure based only on on-chain interactions, including multi-signature and several levels of DAOs. All payroll is paid weekly via a smart contract with defined roles and pay rates.

An open core team

New participants can progress to any level 

No dev allocation

Fair launch. All emissions will be sent to shared Funds, which will be used to pay existing developers’ and newcomers’ wages, as well as other ongoing payments. Token sales will be backed up by a compelling argument and widespread community support.


Tetu is concerned about the security of their protocol. As a result, they have enforced a 48-hour time lock on all vaults and schemes since launch. Tetu also features a multisig for adding/removing pools, altering pool weights (rewards), modifying the Tetu block reward, authorizing transactions, and making general modifications to smart contracts. DeFiYield does an audit on Tetu. A solid testing infrastructure is in place to ensure that every new code is thoroughly tested before it is deployed. To eliminate attack vectors such as flash loan assaults, strategies adopt a cautious approach.


The information they give and the governance choices made within the community are entirely open and are only executed through Multisig.

Open for any new ideas

They have big ideas and are ready to put them into action. Furthermore, they are receptive to fantastic suggestions from their community.

Liquidity Balancing

A novel method to stabilize yields in the native token, TETU, through the use of a smart contract to automate price dynamics

Real world investing

Long-term goal: diversify revenue streams to include initiatives other than DeFi by investing a part of proceeds in long-term income-producing investment-grade assets.


TETU Token has a fair launch distribution and programmatically restricted weekly emissions. TETU is accessible on Polygon and intends to serve as a hub for other developers and DApps. It’s similar to a launchpad, except everything is built in-house. During the Protocol’s first launch phase, two-thirds of TETU emissions will be allocated to the Multisig contract until the community decides on the appropriate usage of tokens.

Total Market Supply: 1 billion tokens

Minting period: 4 years. 

The TETU supply will be coined over a four-year period, with the minting cycle ending in August 2025. 70% of all weekly minted TETU goes to vault rewards, with a 4-week distribution time. 30% of the weekly minted TETU will be available on the multisig contract instantly.

At launch, TETU will distribute proportionately on a weekly basis, with 70% going to vaults wrapped in xTETU tokens. This additional incentive – which is automatically compounded – will be given to investors.

Each Vault has a percentage based on how many buybacks it has had; all computations will be maintained transparently: 30% goes to operating funds. At first, they will only have one fund – the developers’ fund. 

However, over time, it will be divided into several funds to assist new projects and their developers, marketers, and economists.

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Cross Platform Expansion 

Create a bridge mechanism for Profit Share pool and RewardForwarder.

Deploy on Second Network.

Deploy on Third Network.

Polygon Expansion 


Quickswap – done

Sushiswap – done


Wault – done








Collateralization mechanism for xTETU (Provide xTETU in order to borrow asset)

Short selling & Leverage mechanism for xTETU (Provide asset in order to borrow xTETU)

TETU Liquidity 

Create a strategy based on LiquidityBalancer mechanics for Profit Sharing pool.

Collab with projects (like Bancor) with single token LP and impermanent loss protection to improve liquidity.

Collab with Quickswap to improve liquidity.

Collab with Sushiswap to improve liquidity.

Collab with Pancakeswap to improve liquidity and improve position on BSC.

Website Improvements 

Create a user statistic page with full information about past and future profits, charts, info about invested assets, some kind of prediction for price movements and APR based on it.

Create a project statistic page with info like total info about all vaults and comparison % of TVL in external projects with other yield aggregators.

Dev DAO 

Create a system for weekly salary vesting based on hourly rate and grade.

Integrate the weekly salary vesting system to task tracker.

Create a layered system with self-management for each participant.

Create a program for senior Builders who want to start their own platform.

Community DAO 

Create a DAO with power to change some contract settings like Profit Share ratio.

Yield Farming 

Create a universal farming contract for any asset from any platform. Like a Uniswap for any token but TETU farm for any token.

Create a conception for a long time vesting schedule and implement it on contracts.

Investigate opportunity to integrate DeFi investments to the real world. It should use Oracles and some kind of network of information providers.

Create multi-strategy conception – they can invest an asset to different places and auto-rebalance it.


DappRadar listing – done

CoinGecko listing

CoinMarketCap listing

Binance listing

Official Links

Tetu: https://tetu.io/ 

Discord: https://discord.gg/xs8VESN4yz 

Github: https://github.com/tetu-io 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tetu_io 

Medium https://medium.com/@tetu.finance 

Telegram https://t.me/tetu_io 

Forum https://forum.tetu.io/ 

Task tracker https://tasks.tetu.io/youtrack 

Email: admin@email.tetu.io 


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