Shiba BSC (SHIBSC) is a decentralized and community-driven meme token operating on the Binance Smart Chain. It is the twin brother of SHIB on the BSC chain and its theme is blockchain toolbox, NFT marketplace and NFT games. SHIBSC can be bought and sold exclusively on PancakeSwap.

Launched in May 2021, SHIBSC aims to expand the user base of SHIB on the BSC platform. SHIB is a decentralized cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain which has branded itself as “the Dogecoin killer”. As SHIBSC is a fair launched token, everyone is required to participate in the fair open market. Therefore, the developers do not have more right for ownership than anyone else.

SHIBSC is listed on several crypto exchanges. However, unlike the major cryptocurrencies, it cannot be directly bought with fiat money.  One can buy SHIBSC using other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) or Binance (BNB). Holders of SHIBSC also earn passive rewards by static reflection as they watch their SHIBSC balance grow indefinitely. Thus, they earn more tokens by simply holding tokens.


Shiba Bsc

Toolbox are used for attracting users to NFT games. So, while doing the LP mining, the users can get NFT cards of different values and functions. Users can use these NFT cards for themselves or in the marketplace. SHIBSC has already launched its first game “lucky pet”, and some features of the toolbox such as LP value query. Toolbox provides the essential functions for the DeFi users and fees charged from toolbox are returned back to the community through buyback and burn.

The toolbox has following features:

  • Real time LP value query
  • DeFi Monitoring
  • One-click Token Generator
  • Token MultiTransfer
  • One-click Mining Pool Launch (coming soon)
  • Price Bot (coming soon)
  • Smart Pool (coming soon)
  • Market Data Analytics (coming soon)


SHIBSC Oracle is the next- generation oracle with the aim to create a safe and efficient data bridge between DEX and CEX. This oracle feeds data to BSC from centralized exchanges and provides the fundamental systems and facilities for DeFi dApps. Its design is divided into three parts:

  • On-Chain Smart Contracts
    The Smart Contracts on SHIBSC Oracle are deployed on the high-performance BSC blockchain. The key functions include request processing and response calculation result verification, gas fee system,  node application and token staking. It also provides a set of easy-to-use interfaces for all DeFi dApps. 
  • Relayer Node System
    The node system is a P2P distributed network which is composed of APIs using Core Governance Protocol and it runs independently by external users. The API includes modules such as Block-Watcher, Tx-Relayer, CEX-Watcher and Node Consensus module. 
  • High- performance Data Caching System
    It monitors and caches real-time multi-chain DEX and CEX data and updates the price feed data if any significant price difference is observed.

Project Roadmap and its vision

Shiba Bsc

In the month of May 2021, Shiba BSC’s token was listed on PancakeSwap and the toolbox was launched. In June, the project planned to launch the PET NFT 1.0 card. Moving forward, in the third quarter of 2021, PET WARS as well as PET NFT Games will be introduced. The company plans to end the year with a big bang and aims to introduce the SHIBSC NFT exchange as well as the SHIBSC Swap on similar lines of PancakeSwap.

SHIBSC targets exchanges such as Binance, OK and Huobi and aims on expansion of active token holders base. The roadmap of SHIBSC focuses on NFT and blockchain toolboxes. Overall, the NFT marketplace has steadily growing demand and the NFT games are also gaining popularity and are most likely to be the next hot spot. SHIBSC has already launched its first game “lucky pet”, Oracle, and some features of the toolbox such as LP value query. Both Toolbox and NFT marketplace are generating revenue for SHIBSC. It is also developing a NFT battle game with the NFT cards, NFT Marketplace and other features. The burning mechanisms will further make it more and more valuable for the token holders.

Project Tokenomics

The Shiba BSC price today is $2.36e-8 USD (reporting time) with a 24-hour trading volume of $351,655 USD. The current CoinMarketCap of the token is #2885, with a live market cap of $6,896,050. The maximum supply is 1,000,000,000,000,000 SHIBSC coins.

At the time of launch, 67% of the tokens were burnt, and the remaining 33% were provided to the liquidity pool and locked permanently. If one wishes to buy Shiba BSC coins they may do so on PancakeSwap.  What this translates into is that the development team will have no right of ownership when compared with anybody else in the world.

The project team promises to burn 6% of the transaction tokens to achieve deflation. Out of the 6%, 3% will be returned to the liquidity pool, and the rest of the 3% will be distributed fairly to all token holders. The transaction slippage is suggested to be set to 10% when trading.

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Token Details 

  • Token Name: SHIBSC
  • Token Standard – BEP-20
  • Blockchain – Binance Smart Chain
  • Supply Model- Deflationary
  • Class- Governance/Utility
  • Total Supply –  1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 Quadrillion)
  • Contract- 0xdf0816cc717216c8b0863af8d4f0fc20bc65d643

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