GameFi Situation

As a result of blockchain technology, the world of gaming has transformed into a fast-paced and emotionally charged atmosphere. Slowly but surely, traditional gaming is giving way to Internet gaming, which is currently worth $50 billion. More than 24 investment transactions were completed in the first quarter of 2021, according to Investgame.

Gaming in the old days had its advantages. People were just having a good time. While the losers were forced to keep trying, the winners received a sense of accomplishment. The goal was to achieve the next best score or move up a level as quickly as possible. There were occasions when in-app purchases or additional features had to be paid for. Now, thanks to the advent of blockchain gaming, that’s all changed.

How To Make The Most Of Your Earnings With Blockchain Gaming

Until recently, gaming was thought of as purely a recreational pastime. Certainly not something that the majority of the population would look at as a potential investment. Every day, players make game firms and owners wealthy, but most people never recognize the possibility of benefiting from winning. A new gaming model known as the “play to earn” paradigm has evolved as a result of the advent of blockchain technology.

Play-to-earn games are the hubris of Game-Fi, which is the gaming equivalent of DeFi in the financial world. It is possible for players to gain money just by engaging in these types of “play-to-earn” games. Virtual currency tokens are used in these games to capitalize on the volatile nature of bitcoin. Tokens that aren’t fungible can be kept in a user’s wallet or traded for cash.

How Meta-World Solving In The GameFi 2.0


Meta-World is a game about building an island nation on the NFT platform. Select the appropriate tools and explore resources, purchase land on which to build farms, and experience the limitless fun that farmers have in the farm world ecosystem.

Through their own NFTs, players can create the world of Meta-World by collecting, farming, fighting, building, and trading. Additionally, players can sell and trade their game assets, which they earn through game competitions and contributions to the Meta-world ecology’s revenue stream.


The Future of Meta-World NFT 

The Meta-World NFT led a rough path during its first few days of the game’s launch. With the game being pushed back a few more days due to some technical issues that they have encountered, The Meta-World NFT, with its high potential and unique game premise, fared really well over the course of its pre-launch campaigns. Only a few days after its announcement, the game had over 200,000 followers and more. Its presale events were sold out in minutes.

Currently, Meta-World is rising steadily in the market and is making an amazing comeback from the lows it experienced. It has been listed on MDEX and all DEX platforms. Additional adjustments and redevelopments were made by its team to adapt to the recent turn of events. 

Meta-World is one NFT game that we should be on the lookout for. Its steady campaigns and ongoing events are gathering attention and more followers. The game itself is as promising as it is. With its storyline, familiar graphics, immersive gameplay, multiple earning features, and DAO system,


In the Meta-World, you can choose to stake income by locking it in the pool for 7 days. The game itself is staking 15% of all its transaction fees as a bonus and giving it back to the community, which has continuously supported the game from the start.

Meta-World is making plans to expand its island territories by partnering with GameFi platforms to be able to share the Meta-World experience with the rest of the player communities. 

Features to be released this quarter will include the opening of the Island Auction, which will allow players and investors to own an exclusive island for themselves. Island owners will be able to design a new island the way they want it to be, provide resource collection sites, and, subsequently, will have created a game within the game. The owner will be able to earn 70% of the residents’ transaction fees.

The Mystery Boxes are debuting as well. These boxes will contain limited and rare NFT items that can be traded and or gifted. Soon to be launched in the game is the farm looting feature, which enables players to steal resources from other players’ farms. Within the first quarter of this year, the island-building feature will be released and will enable players to design and develop their islands.

The game developers are working on new features that include game characters and new NFTs. and will provide more opportunities for their players and investors to profit. Future island expansions and developments are in line for the rest of the year. Plans also include adding into the game more ways for players to earn, including a free play and earn method that would allow players to still earn while playing for free.

Undoubtedly, Meta-World remains a leading NFT game that you should not miss out on.

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