Metacloud – a 2-in-1 platform where artists, influencers, musicians or anyone with the drive and creative ability, can own a piece of land in the Metaverse. Here, they can live to stream their events or shows, publish content, and profit from their fans accessing that content.

Metacloud’s biggest goal is to build a network that empowers content creators to own and profit from the full value of their work. 

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I. Introduction

Metacloud is a virtual reality network that exists on the Binance Smart Chain. The network provides the opportunity for community members to purchase land and space, enabling monetization and complete freedom over their projects.

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On a blockchain-based parcel ledger, users can exert ownership of virtual land and any content that happens to be published on their parcel of land. Tracts of virtual land are identified by a set of Cartesian coordinates (x, y) and purchased by landowners, giving them full control over the media that can be published there. From static 3D scenes to dynamic systems like games and images, ownership and publication options are endless. To put it another way, the published material might be any form of digital media, such as music concerts, art exhibits, gatherings, and other leisure activities.

Land and space are non-fungible, interchangeable, unique, and “limited supply” digital assets in the Metacloud Metaverse, adding value to the published contents. Purchases can be made with $CLOUD, the native BEP-20 token. The $CLOUD token will be used to facilitate all transactions on the metaverse platform, including real-world purchases of digital goods and services.

People spend a lot of time in virtual worlds, especially two-dimensional interfaces like web browsers and mobile phones, for both enjoyment and work.

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Metacloud gives virtual worlds a new dimension. It is a fully three-dimensional universe that provides users with high-velocity, immersive technology, distinguishing it from all other VR and social networking platforms. Metacloud is not run by a single body, but rather by a vibrant and involved community. The unique governance approach provides for democratization and oversight, giving members the ability to make decisions free of outside influence. They provide the conditions for a highly inclusive society that is built by and for the people.

Metacloud membership, as well as browsing and traversing the Metaverse, are both absolutely free. The landowner, on the other hand, has the option of charging anyone (even fans) to enter the virtual property or unlock certain material such as music concerts, games, films, images, or live broadcasts based on the ownership rights of a certain piece of land. The landowner can profit from what is effectively an NFT, or a series of NFTs, in this fashion.

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1. A World That Can Be Explored

As previously said, Metacloud is completely free to join and browse, making it a really free 3D, fully immersive experience. In Metacloud, land parcels are next to one another, with each partition of land having its own set of proportions. The contiguous parcels of land allow for the discovery and formation of new territories, as well as the creation of niche-specific content regions (topic or theme).

Content developers may easily obtain highly targeted traffic by establishing territories within Metaclouds’ Metaverse. End-users, on the other hand, will be able to access a diverse range of information depending on the subjects of their choice.

2. Proposition of Value

The value proposition of Metacloud revolves around three factors: cash, commodities, and services.

➤ Currency: Metacloud will include a foundational technology that will allow any two internet users to make global, instantaneous and cost-effective payments. Cryptocurrency transactions are enabled and facilitated as a simple and secure payment mechanism between two or more users thanks to blockchain technology.

➤ Goods: Metacloud is developing a programmable feature and framework that will allow developers to create features that will make it easier for users to communicate and exchange virtual products.

➤ Services: Metacloud will include blockchain cryptographic signatures that allow users to identify authorship of material and monitor provenance, addressing the issue of double-spending and preventing identity theft. Authors’ approval over their creations and any accompanying rights may also be verified via signatures.

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3. The Meta Stage

“The Meta Stage” is one of the key ways Metacloud distinguishes itself from the competitors. The Meta Stage is a custom-built virtual stage within Metacloud that will hold live events by top international performers on a weekly basis. Users can use $CLOUD tokens to purchase tickets to the events. As part of a VIP package, customers also get the opportunity to attend performances by their favourite singers and interact and chill with them backstage.

4. Create your own venue (CYOV) & “Metacloud Landmarks”

Users can enjoy a novel virtual experience, construct their own venues, and purchase “Metacloud Landmarks” within Metacloud.

You can utilize the CYOV features to design the ideal area in Metacloud’s virtual reality world for yourself and other users to enjoy. It allows them to form a group, discuss ideas, and put their creative abilities to the test. Members of the community have the option of immersing themselves in high-intensity nightlife events such as club hopping or relaxing with friends over seaside bonfires. There is no such thing as an off-limits situation. In the Metacloud, anything that can be imagined can be experienced.

Metacloud Landmarks allows users to buy and sell pre-built locations or venues for profit, with the option to construct entertainment venues such as casinos, bars, nightclubs, and strip clubs.

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5. Use Cases

▸ Metacloud’s all-in-one platform makes creating apps, games, and immersive 3D scenes a breeze.

▸ Metacloud users will congregate in areas of shared and specific interest to form vibrant communities.

▸ Brands can employ billboards located near or within high-traffic land divisions to promote their products, services, and events. Other advertising tools and tactics will be accessible as well.

▸ Metacloud will house a diverse collection of content and valuables. Landowners will be allowed to create, distribute, collect, and trade original digital content.

▸ Communities and other sorts of social groupings that are now offline can transfer to Metacloud. The Metacloud continues to be a haven for everyone looking for entertainment in the most immersive environment that technology has to offer.

▸ The Meta Stage allows fans to attend live performances by major international artists and hang out with them in the VIP zone afterwards.

▸ Record labels have the option of purchasing land on which to hold their festivals.

▸ Users can earn from pre-built “Metacloud Landmarks” by acquiring them and turning them into profit from a variety of alternatives. Art exhibits, clubs, festivals (Acoustic, EDM, Country, Blues, Rap, Latin, Reggae, Rock, etc.), casinos (beginners to professionals), concert halls (jazz, rock, etc.), games (chess, puzzles, trivia, song quiz, sudoku, etc.), night clubs, strip clubs, lounges, tournaments (blackjack, craps, poker, pool, texas holdem, roulette, etc.), shows (live shows, Metacloud will also be the first metaverse to support podcasts.

▸ Metacloud is the ultimate virtual reality platform, focusing on applying cutting-edge technology in the Metaverse! High-frequency cameras and improved graphics input/output are used in their technology, allowing high-energy events to be merged into the comforts of your own home. While many members of the community prefer to interact at home, others choose to attend actual activities. As a result, their firm has purchased a club in Portugal and implemented their technologies, which will combine the two worlds while utilizing $CLOUD tokens for club access. The project is revolutionary, symbolic, and powerful! Take the ‘dream’ to festivals, parties, and more to transform your life. Just remember to bring your virtual reality glasses…!

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II. Architecture

The Metacloud architecture connects the ecosystem as a whole. The ecosystem is powered by $CLOUD, which is Metacloud’s native token.

Binance smart chain

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The majority of Metaverse applications are built on Ethereum, however, Metacloud is an exception. The Binance Smart Chain will be used by Metacloud.

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, launched the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain in 2020 as a viable alternative to Ethereum. BSC is unrivalled in terms of price and speed, with transactions lasting less than 3 seconds and costing less than $1 each swap. BSC has a three-second block completion time, compared to Ethereum’s 13-second average block completion time over the last year. This translates to around 57.8 BSC and 15 Ethereum transactions per second.

Aside from that, BSC is a Proof of Stake Blockchain, whereas Bitcoin and Ethereum are Proof of Work-based blockchains. As a result, it is more ecologically friendly, as it uses significantly less power. The team wants to make Metacloud accessible to everyone as a project, and BSC remains the most realistic solution.

The Ethereum blockchain, as previously indicated, is employed in a number of existing applications. However, for a project like Metacloud, it is not the greatest solution owing to scalability difficulties created by congestion and the accompanying extremely expensive network fees. BSC has seen a significant migration of users due to the speed with which it performs transactions and the low network fees it imposes, with BSC presently completing 2 to 3 times the amount of transactions as Ethereum. As a result, it has positioned itself as a crucial and desirable launchpad for smart contract businesses.

Binance smart chain is the best option network because:
➣ Secure network: network security is ensured by employing Proof-of-Stake relay chains.
➣ High throughput: for speedier transactions, use heterogeneous sharding.
➣ Governance: for complete network decentralization, use on-chain governance.
➣ Interoperability: allowing blockchain networks to communicate across chains.

III. Metacloud’s token

Metacloud will be a completely decentralized, community-driven protocol, according to the developers. A vote function is available in $CLOUD for this reason. Holders of the token will have voting rights and power proportional to the number of tokens they own, allowing them to discuss, propose, and vote on any Metacloud platform modifications. The voting system will allow anybody with a good grasp of how the platform can function more efficiently to upgrade the network, and they will be rewarded for it.

The typical technique by which users assign their voting privileges or cast votes on proposals is to call up the functions directly, according to access protocols. A proposal must receive a majority of the votes cast in order to pass. If there are more than two selections, the one with the most votes wins. To vote, you must have $CLOUD tokens. Until the voting session concludes, the holding tokens are locked within the platform.


The $CLOUD Token ($CLOUD) is the ecosystem’s native token.

The ecosystem will be powered by $CLOUD, which will facilitate permitted transactions, power Metacloud, and facilitate value exchange while also being utilized for governance.

⧫ Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

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Seed10%$0.025100 Million$2,500,000Unlock 10% per month. (Unlock month 1)
Private5%$0.0550 Million$2,500,000Unlock 10% per month. (Unlock month 1)
Team15%150 MillionUnlock month 12, 10% per month
Advisor10%100 MillionUnlock month 12, 10% per month
Marketing10%100 MillionUnlock month 12, 10% per month
Exchange Liquidity20%200 Million9 Total Exchanges listing
Staking Rewards20%200 MillionRewards start immediately for staking
General Reserve10%100 Million
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IV. Marketing strategy

Metacloud team members will use their great skills in this area to use digital media as the most successful current marketing approach. The Metacloud Platform will take digital marketing to the next level by employing a ground-breaking guerilla marketing method to help promote the platform and its BSC-based utility coin.

They’ll use consumer engagement tactics and hire the greatest bitcoin marketing companies in the business. Full-funnel growth hacking approaches, cutting-edge technology, and the application of top-level knowledge will be used to keep their platform growing.

The team will use performance optimization approaches to execute social media marketing and run advertising on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and a variety of others, all while evaluating and optimizing performance.

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Additional marketing methods will include:

• Influencer marketing: reaching out to celebrities, icons, and major corporations to form alliances and leverage their fan bases. Hospitality, sport, modelling, and the film industry are among the current strategic partnerships, with more to follow.

• Content marketing and inbound marketing: Creating unique value-added content for use on YouTube, Telegram, Tiktok, Reddit, and other social media platforms to increase consumer interaction.

• Activities and prizes for community engagement (airdrops and bounty programs).

• AMA (ask me anything) sessions on popular platforms.

• Industry-related events, exhibits, and press releases, for example.

• Listings on CEX and DEC exchanges.

V. Roadmap

▶ Q2 2021
Development Discussion
Market Research

▶ Q1 2022
Smart Contract deployment

▶ Q2 2022
Business Development
Public ICO Launch

▶ Q3 2022
Metacloud MVP Launch
Metacloud NFT Marketplace
Land Sales
Website 2.0
Partnership onboarding

▶ Q4 2022
Metacloud Alpha version Launch
Metacloud Weekly Festival – Top international artists
Marketing Campaign

▶ Q2 2023
Metacloud SDK Alpha Release

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