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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone and welcome back to another AMA with AvaxDaily! I’m your host Daley and today, I’m joined by Mr. Sky Harris – Marketing Lead at MetaDerby. Say Hi to everyone please Harris 🙌

Sky Harris: Hey everyone! Excited to be here. And thanks to you for organizing Daley!

Cryptodaily Admin: Hey, it’s our pleasure! So whenever you’re ready to start the AMA, say the word!

Sky Harris: Let’s do it! The word!

Cryptodaily Admin: Haha, so to start off this AMA, let’s introduce yourself to the AvaxDaily community first:

Q1. Kindly introduce yourself and the core team members of MetaDerby. Are you public? What are your related experiences with Game development and Blockchain tech?

Sky Harris: Hey there! I’m Sky, marketing lead at MetaDerby. And yeah you can find me on most social platforms. I previously worked in digital media marketing at TikTok, and product marketing at Lenovo. I helped launch an NFT project, a decentralized exchange, a dex-builder, and a lending protocol. So I’ve got a pretty lengthy background in both Web 2 and Web 3 tech. Our core team is made up of ex-Binance people with a lot of experience in this industry. Have a lot of trust and faith in them! Tech Lead, PR Lead, CFO, etc. Great group of founders

Cryptodaily Admin: Wow, that is a great group of founders. So you’re public,  but are the founders doxed as well?

Sky Harris: Not all doxed yet, no. But you can see our whole team breakdown here!

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Cryptodaily Admin: Oh here we go! Thank you. 

Q2. In summary, what is MetaDerby about? What do you expect to achieve with this game in the GameFi market? And what are some of your achievements?

Sky Harris: MetaDerby is the first free-to-play-and-earn horse racing game in the metaverse, and the first horse racing game on Avalanche! We hope to get a lot of people’s attention to our project, because I think we have some great new things to offer, like unique game algorithms and breeding mechanisms, as well as plans to develop fully into the metaverse. So far, we’ve hit all of our development milestones, which I think is pretty great. We nailed down $2.5m in Seed Round investments from our private investors, we sold out our 1332 DerbyTicket NFTs in 5 seconds, our IDO completely sold out on Avalaunch (the first time that’s happened), and we’re about to launch our beta game next week!

Cryptodaily Admin: Those achievements are impressive indeed 🤩 And I’m planning on making you spill all the beans about the unique algorithms too 👀 That is why I have my 3rd question:

Q3. Let’s dive deeper into the game. What is the gameplay and game mechanics of MetaDerby? Would you say your game is fun, casual or aggressive, competitive?

Sky Harris: It’s for sure competitive, but it can be played casually. I think what will happen is that users will own a few horses in the game, and will race each of their horses daily to maximize their rewards. As far as races go, 50% of your chance to win comes from your horse’s stats, and 50% comes from a random luck factor, so that shows some mix of casual and competitive I think. But for sure players will quickly learn how to optimize the game in order to win as many rewards as possible. You can check out more details about horse classes and horse racing on our website at!

Cryptodaily Admin: So the race is going to be automated, we just put our horses in the line up and let them race themselves?

Sky Harris: Yes exactly! Beta game is launching on May 6th, so NFT holders will have a chance to check it out for themselves.

Cryptodaily Admin: You mentioned being free-to-play, so can us non-NFT holders join the Beta?

Sky Harris: Soon after Beta you can. Right now we’re undergoing internal testing, then beta launch on May 6th, and then we’ll release the full main-game shortly afterwards.

Cryptodaily Admin: Understandable! That is exciting!!!

Q4. Since MetaDerby is free-to-play, how can we earn in the game?

Sky Harris: It is free to play! We want to onboard as many new players as we can and make the game, and the world of horse racing and breeding, as accessible as possible. But the free-to-play horse, called the ‘starter horse’, will have limited daily rewards it can win, and won’t be able to level up like the other horses. To earn in the game, you simply need to own a horse and enter daily races. If you finish in the top 3 places, you’ll win some daily rewards. If you win enough times, you’ll be entered to compete in weekly tournaments where you can earn even bigger and better rewards!

Cryptodaily Admin: I see, so even with the starter horse, one can still earn, but of course, minimally

Sky Harris: Yeah something like that

Cryptodaily Admin: Ok, let’s move on to MetaDerby’s economy!

Q5. Please walk us through your tokenomic model. What are the use cases of $DBY and $HOOF?

Sky Harris: Good question! Basically, $HOOF is the gaming token, and $DBY is the governance token. $HOOF has an unlimited supply and is good for paying for entry fees for races, entry fees to stables by male horses, breeding fees for male horses, mystery box purchases, and materials purchased for farmlands and race courses later in the metaverse version of the game. $DBY will be used for metaverse land purchases, staking rewards, and gaming and project governance. Both are available to buy, provide LP, and farm on Trader Joe now!

Cryptodaily Admin: I would love to know more about your approach to sustain the MetaDerby’s economy in our next questions

Q6. MetaDerby also allows staking, please elaborate on that.

Sky Harris: Yes, good question. Our staking mechanism is still under development, so we’ll give you more details when they’re ready. But users will be able to stake $DBY in the game, which will earn them an APY in return. We also plan to give out referral links for stakers that can then be used to reward $DBY stakers for future new users and sales incorporated via that referral link.

Cryptodaily Admin: And this is a good time to remind everyone to check out their website here:

You can find every detail about staking, game mechanics,… there! So obviously MetaDerby has NFT, let’s explain more about its utility:

Q7. What roles does NFT play in MetaDerby? What benefits shall NFT holders receive?

Sky Harris: Great question! We have two NFT collections: LFGLoot and DerbyTickets. LFGLoot NFTs are a collection of Ethereum NFTs that resemble the Loot project NFTs you may have seen before. They grant owners OG status in the MetaDerby game, as well as a free fully-equipped racehorse in. DerbyTicket NFTs are a collection of Avalanche NFTs that owners can redeem in the MetaDerby game to receive a free fully-equipped racehorse. This action does burn your DerbyTicket NFT, however.

Cryptodaily Admin: Can we still get our hands on these NFTs?

Sky Harris: You can! You can find them on Kalao or NFTrade

Cryptodaily Admin: Check it out if you’re interested, chat!! Ok, so here comes the question about your business model, which I’m really eager to know

Q8. What is your business model? And how do you ensure a sustainable economy within MetaDerby?

Sky Harris: We want to onboard as many users as possible with our free-to-play model. But we also want to incentivize users and give them the opportunity to be profitable in the game via the play-to-earn model. So we’re really excited about this innovative new take on GameFi, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us. As for a sustainable economy, we have multiple burning mechanisms with breeding and NFT purchases/sales that will help control the inflation of our tokens. We also have incorporated the dual-token model for a more sustainable project with much more longevity.

Cryptodaily Admin: I think this perspective on GameFi and NFT Game in general is necessary for this market, we can’t just charge people couple hundreds of dollars just to play the game

Q9. What are some upcoming features in your roadmap?

Sky Harris: Beta game is launching May 6th!

Official game launch will come shortly after

Staking system will also go live towards the end of May

End of Q2 will be the breeding module development, for an early Q3 launch. Then we’ll be working on and launching the mobile version of the game!

Cryptodaily Admin: So many things coming upppp 🔥🔥🔥The mobile version as well! man

Q10: What events are you having right now that users can join and get to know more about MetaDerby?

Sky Harris: We’re having a DerbyTicket NFT giveaway on our Discord server soon! We have 10 DerbyTicket NFTs left, which grant users a fully-equipped race horse in the MetaDerby game. Join our discord at to find out more!

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with MetaDerby🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Sky Harris: Absolutely! Yes thanks so much for having me today, I’m excited to spend more time with all of you in this new crypto world we’re building. Check out our socials!

Twitter: @metaderby




Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you Harris for taking your time and introducing us to MetaDerby! I love the approach that you’re taking: the Free-to-play-and-earn. Wish you all the best and good luck with the Beta being released on May 6th! Take care 💪