MetaFab has recently announced that they have joined forces with BNB Chain to power up their frictionless, free, and end-to-end game developer toolkit. The integration is live now, which means game developers can now streamline their game development process with ease.

How Metafab And Bnb Chain Are Making Crypto Games Accessible To Everyone

MetaFab: The Ultimate Solution for Making Crypto Games Accessible to All Players

The integration of blockchain technology into games has always been a challenge, as it is full of pain points and friction that make mainstream player acquisition and engagement nearly impossible. However, the game creation team spent endless hours building systems to make it easy for players to join and enjoy their own crypto-based games.

MetaFab is a tool that makes it possible for game developers to create games without requiring players to know anything about crypto. The game experience feels just like a non-crypto game for all mechanics, while still realizing all the benefits of digital collectibles (NFTs), on-chain game currencies, and so much more. Any action that would require a blockchain transaction or interaction is handled under the hood by MetaFab. Players are automatically assigned a managed wallet, but they can also connect their own external wallet if they choose.

How Metafab And Bnb Chain Are Making Crypto Games Accessible To Everyone

Developing a game with MetaFab is easy and streamlined. MetaFab provide all the systems game developers need under an umbrella of simplified APIs, so they never have to write smart contracts or deal with web3 programming libraries. The game automatically handles the deployment of necessary smart contracts to your blockchain(s) of choice from their pre-written templates. Game developers own and have full control over these deployed contracts, which are audited, open-source, and proven at scale. If you have your own contracts to deploy, that’s no problem either – all smart contracts work seamlessly with MetaFab.

The infrastructure and systems that the game offers out of the box have taken hundreds to thousands of hours to build, and now game developers can get up and running with them in minutes. The game is what they wish they had when they started.

In Conclude

Finally, MetaFab is a no-lock-in service. Game developers own the underlying smart contracts deployed through MetaFab and can take them with them at any time. The integration of BNB Chain into MetaFab will further improve the game development experience, making it easier for game developers to create blockchain games and for players to enjoy them without having to deal with the complexities of crypto.

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