Offering more than just a launchpad, MetaGaming Guild is delivering the first solutions to provide automated yield on GameFi. While DeFi yields have crashed, GameFi yields still reach a 1,000% APY.

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The MetaGaming Guild, or MGG for short, is a community-run organization dedicated to making game finance more equitable for everyone. It largely focuses on live scholarship programs that let players or members to access games for free, gain early access to game tokens such as VCs, and deploy their NFTs to automatic yield. MetaGaming Guild takes advantage of these NFTs to provide the most value to its members.

MetaGaming Guild, which is primarily built on DAO and inspired by the play-to-earn concept, uses blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to allow gamers to fully control their virtual assets and sell them safely anywhere, at any time.

More than a game, MetaGaming Guild promotes NFT staking as a game-changing ecosystem that uses cutting-edge blockchain technology to improve the digital economy.

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MetaGaming Guild Unique Features

By engaging in such strategies business activities, MetaGaming Guild is at the forefront of play-to-earn gaming.

  • Gaming Scholar Program: Earn income by renting out MGG-owned NFT assets to players all around the world.
  • Community DAO: Foster a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) where everyone may be a part of the DGG Network as a co-owner and co-manager.
  • Token Purchases: Use VC cash to purchase virtual assets issued by start-up NFT gaming projects. 
  • Game Yield Farming: Offer the first DeFi protocol to lend NFT game objects to academics – the first form of automated NFT yield. 

Growth Figures

MetaGaming Guild has been the fastest-growing yield guild thanks to this exposure and the team’s ability in attracting users. The Philippines is MetaGaming Guild’s principal market for play-to-earn gaming. Its influence has also extended to other strong gaming markets, including India, Africa, and others. In a year’s time, the MetaGaming Guild hopes to be the industry leader.

MetaGaming Guild has reached some significant milestones in its business growth in less than a year since its inception. With over 1,000 engaged scholars, monthly earnings topped $100,000. The month-to-month growth rate surpassed 50%, with over 3,900,000+ SLP being farmed per month. In addition, the team has bought 10 early game assets.

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The MGG project is still in its early stages. As a result, depending on MGG’s actual operations, the predicted roadmap may alter. As the project progresses, some new features may be added as a result of DAO.

Phase 1:

  • Creation of MGG Core Team
  • Brainstorming, research and development
  • MGG logo and gameplay design
  • Generation of MGG funding and asset building
  • MGG content creation
  • MGG website development
  • Official launch of MGG: including website, social media accounts, email, etc.

Phase 2:

  • TGE launch and distribution of MGG tokens
  • Launch of MGG Yield Farming
  • Official listing at exchanges
  • MGG Gaming Scholarship Program (expected 1,000 – 1,500 scholars)
  • Team expansion

Phase 3:

  • Onboarding of more players/ scholars (up to 3,000 scholars)
  • Launch of MetaGaming Guild Karma
  • DAO Protocol development
  • Exchange listings and partnerships
  • Buyback and burn program
  • Team expansion

Phase 4:

  • Launch of MGG DeFi Lending Protocol
  • DAO Protocol Initial Implementations
  • Exchange listings and partnerships
  • Onboarding of more players (up to 10,000 scholars)
  • Buyback and burn program
  • Team expansion

Investors, Backers and Partners

MetaGaming Guild has already formed collaborations with some of the most well-known companies in the blockchain and gaming industries, as well as receiving significant funding from well-known investors and backers.

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Launchpad on Cooper

On Copper Launch, $MGG is currently available. By December 23rd, 2021, the token launch auction will be over. Learn more at: 

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