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P2E Daily AdminToday we welcome Morris and Leslie to our community.

Hello. How are you today? 😀

Leslie: Hi! 😊👋🏻

Thanks for welcoming us to your community. We are happy to attend your AMA today 😉✨

P2E Daily AdminLovely! And Morris, I figure you are fine as well?

Morris: Hello everyone.

P2E Daily AdminHi Morris, good to have you here too.

Are we ready for the AMA?

Morris: 👍

Leslie: Yup. Let’s do this.

P2E Daily AdminAlright, perfect! The first question of the day:

Q1: Can you explain a little bit about MetaGaming Guild and what makes it different from other projects?

Leslie: MetaGaming Guild (MGG) is a project that is driven to reinvent NFT blockchain gaming unlike any other.

MGG is a community-governed organization that makes game finance fairer for the masses. It primarily focuses on live scholarship programs where players or members access games without upfront costs, access early-stage game tokens like VCs, and deploy their NFTs to automated yield.

We buy NFT games assets from startups like Axie Infinity and other NFT gaming projects and rent them out to our community of players through our scholarship program. We also buy early game tokens of projects that meet our selection criteria for our GameFi Vaults and will connect NFT holders with our scholars through our Game Yield Farming (the 1st form of automated yield).

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Q2: Can you please tell us more about this scholarship program – What is it? How can users apply to be a scholar? And how is the program sustainable for the MGG? Would it be available in selected games or all?

Morris: Thanks for your interest in this aspect! 😉

Yes, at MetaGaming Guild, our main activity is live scholarship programs. We offer gaming scholarships to qualified gamers who actively play-to-earn. Through our scholarship program, gamers can access games without upfront costs. We buy NFT assets from promising games and rent them out to qualified scholars. The profit-sharing is 50-50 wherein you take home 50% of your earned SLP.

Our target for 2021 is to hire 1,000-1,500 scholars and up to 5,000-10,000 scholars in 2022.

In case some of the audience here want to be part of the world’s fastest-growing gaming community, then pls check-out our blog that summarizes the 10 steps on how to become our scholar.

👀 Read more:

Q3: What are the major milestones MetaGamingGuild achieved so far and what are the plans for the next 100 days?

Leslie: Since our launch in September 2021 we have maintained a 50%+ MoM growth and we are now earning a monthly revenue of more than 100k USD from our scholarship program. We are targeting to have at least 200k USD at the end of this year.

We had a successful SHO hosted at DAO Maker with 27.4M $DAO staked in total. At the moment, we have an on-going Token Launch Auction at Copper Launch from Dec 20-23,2021.

You may view our Copper Launch Listing here:

As we move forward, we are driven to strengthen our global community by consistently building strategic partnerships with the strongest and reputable names in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

We will continue to onboard scholars. Our target for this year is to have at least 1,000-1,500 more. And next year, we are looking at 5,000-10,000 scholars in MGG.

In the future, MetaGaming Guild will also put up: Lending Protocol, GameFi  vaults, Game Yield Farming

To see complete details of our roadmap, you may visit this link 👉🏻

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Q4: What are MetaGamingGuild’s income techniques that allow its users to benefit?

Leslie: MGG’s revenue will be sustainably derived from a mix of rent and sale of NFTs, subscription fees, production of virtual assets, sponsorships, merchandise sales, yields gained from treasury’s activities and more. MGG has partnered with DAO Maker, SparkPoint Global Ventures and shall continuously attract major investors in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology start-ups.

At present, MGG gets its revenue from farmed cryptocurrency (with 50-50 profit sharing) and generated early-stage NFT assets of incredibly exciting games such as Place War, Demole, Nitro League, Souni, WAM, Dark Frontiers, Gold Fever, The Kill Box and many more. To date, MGG now has more than 1,000 NFTs in the Treasury.


Q5: Can you tell us if $MGG has been audited? As we know, smart contacts are very vulnerable to attack and having it checked can be a bit costly.

Morris: Big YES! We have a strong security at MGG. Our smart contract has done numerous testing before we deployed it in mainnet. Of course, it is audited by reliable and prestigious security firms in the industry.

Moreover, our experienced web developers ensure that our sites and domains are safe from hackers and unwanted viruses.

Security of our members and investors are always a priority.

P2E Daily AdminCan you name some of the prestigious security firms in the industry that audited $MGG so the viewers can have a better understanding?

Leslie: We’ll probably publish their names in the future ~ privacy reasons. Stay tuned for this

P2E Daily AdminAlright! I get it, this should be left for a big reveal!

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Q6: Partnerships are one way to get a better position in the market. Talking about strategic partnerships, does Meta Gaming Guild have any partnerships or is included in any collaborations that may be beneficial to result in exponential growth for both teams?

Leslie: Yes. We have many and we only partner with the BEST and reputable names in the industry.

Our strategic backers are led by DAO Maker and Ice Tea Labs ( GameFi and RedKite), both of whom play a pioneering role in the GameFi economy, and SparkPoint Global Ventures, which is the venture arm of the leading Philippines crypto wallet SparkPoint. Dao Maker and IceTea Labs will help us accelerate our growth and profitability by connecting early NFT gaming projects into our ecosystem.  

Aside from Dao Maker, IceTea Labs and SGV, we are also supported by Gamestarter, Metrix Capital, Halvings Capital, Raptor Capital and  more than a dozen of KOLs around the world.

Q7: Can you briefly tell us about the experience and background of your team? What makes your team effective to fuel the success of your project?

Morris: Our team is composed of experienced and qualified people who know what they are doing. We are a public team and all our personal and professional details are found on our Team’s page on our website. Feel free to check them thru this link:

Our CEO has been in the industry for more than 4 years already and has launched several successful projects. In fact, the main token for one of his projects is one of the few tokens according to CoinMarketCap (  with an impressive ROI of 6,280.78% which performed more than 1000x during this year. We use tried and tested tactics in MGG. We also have solid partners and backers who have the power to boost further our token.

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Q8: As far as I know, “MetaGamingGuild’ has organized a lot of AMAs and delivered a lot of rewards and prizes to the audience. What do you think are the advantages of doing AMAs?

Leslie: That’s correct. Indeed, for the past weeks, our team at MGG has been very active in attending AMAs from all over the globe including Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa, etc.

We think that AMAs sessions hosted from many parts of the world allow us to connect better with our target market and open bigger doors not only for our gaming community but also to our potential members. In order to invite more members, we have to create awareness, introduce our project, build up our reputation and create trust from people. This is why we think that AMAs are important.

We invest our time, money and resources to attend AMAs like this because we see the value in doing these activities to successfully dominate the global gaming industry.

Q9: Where can we find out more about MetaGamingGuild?

Leslie: Feel free to connect with us on our official

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P2E Daily AdminWith this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Meta Gaming Guild 🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Leslie: Follow/add us to stay updated with all the happenings at MGG 😉👋🏻

P2E Daily AdminAbsolutely! We are going to hear more about MetaGamingGuild in the future! Hopefully in 2022 when you’re the best game out there.

Thank you guys for being here, Merry Christmas!!

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