MetaGear, OnePad and OneSoft’s first strategic collaboration product, will be unveiled in January 2022. MetaGear is an NFT & Metaverse-based Pixel combat game that focuses on quality, improving the user experience, and adding genuine value to the community, thereby confirming the position of two major blockchain solution providers and game creators in Southeast Asia.

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Project Introduction 

Rocket Studio is a subsidiary of Onesoft, which was founded in 2009. With over 300 million downloads on Google Play and App Store, Rocket Studio, a team of over 100 professionals with many years of experience in gaming creation and operation on client and mobile platforms, has had tremendous success with their games. They have proven their success, and they have built an entirely new genre of online fighting game that adapts to blockchain in order to provide the greatest experience for crypto users, with a big number of users playing Space shooter, Galaxy attack on Google Play store.

They launched MetaGear jointly with Onepad, a firm with a long history of building and promoting the blockchain ecosystem, to celebrate their breakthrough in online gaming integration with blockchain technology. Operating mechanisms and security are major considerations for Onepad’s technical platform, which was developed with the help of prominent technology companies in Vietnam.


With the launching of MetaGear, OnePad PTE. LTD (specializing in offering all-in-one solutions for blockchain projects and backed by FPT Asia Pacific PTE. LTD) and OneSoft JSC (one of Southeast Asia’s top two mobile game publishers) chose to open up the NFT game market.

OnePad wants to be a leader in Southeast Asia’s blockchain industry. The company inherited the company’s fundamental resources from FPT AdTrue, a subsidiary of FPT Corporation that specializes in technology development and employs a team of specialists, advisers, and engineers with extensive blockchain experience.



Onesoft is Southeast Asia’s top mobile game publisher, with over 250 creative and skilled people on staff. In terms of visuals and hardware, OneSoft’s products are all well-thought-out and sophisticated, delivering the finest user experience. The team has successfully launched many popular games with over 100 million downloads, such as Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack, 1945 Air Force, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, Jackal Squad, Zombie War, and others. When it comes to entering the NFT market, OneSoft has a distinct advantage over other game developers.

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The Story

The game is set in the year 2035, when Robot Battle is the world’s most popular competition. Your job is to create, advance, and build robots for use in battles, which are a genius competition in which the winner is hailed as a hero.

Game Elements


The goal of the game is to build Gears in order to compete against other players in a group stage for the best outcomes. The stronger the Gear’s power, the more likely you are to win against opponents; the rest is physics.

No matter how powerful some Gears are, they can be countered by others. As a result, you should experiment with every Machine Part combination you have. The more you learn about the game, the less options you’ll think of.

Chassis, Weapon, Gadget, and Wheels are the four primary components that make up a full Gear. Each component plays a unique role in the machine’s ability and competition for performance. The mechanism for putting it together is straightforward. To create a complete Gear, players must first select a Chassis with slots, then select various elements like as guns, gadgets, and wheels. Depending on the player’s strategy, the body pieces can be removed and simply replaced.

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Pilots, in addition to Machines, play a major role in combat. A pilot is a character who controls the machine; in the beginning, players will select one of three default pilots, each with their own set of qualities. Pilots in Phase 1 will be standard characters with no special abilities or uses in the game.

MetaGear will launch more Pilots in Phase 2 with various avatars. These Pilots will be NFTs with a unique capacity to compliment each other in battle. Pilot NFTs will be available in limited quantities or obtained through tournaments and special events.

Game Balancing

MetaGear is a high-tactical fighting game with a dash of luck, so players must think strategically in order to construct a machine with the best combat potential. That indicates that if your machine has a more unique design and is more effective, you can beat opponents with a higher index.

Because the combat style in MetaGear is based purely on physical impact science, as it is in real life, the disparity in the machine’s index has no bearing on the game’s outcome. As previously stated, if players do not design their machines sensibly, they may become useless while against opponents with lower indexes. This aids MetaGear in achieving a balance between players with low index disparity.

Game Modes

MetaGear has three main game modes, each of which caters to a particular gaming style.

  • Quick fight mode is a player-versus-player (PVP) option in which players face other players of the same rank who are chosen at random. Players will be able to see the opponent’s machine indices and features before deciding whether to fight or switch to a different opponent.
  • The main game story mode is Campaign mode. When playing in Campaign mode, players will not use any energy. There are 24 levels in the campaign mode, each with 15 players in a group.
  • The most anticipated and appealing game format for gamers is the tournament. Every week, there will be tournaments for all players. It is the most difficult mode, in which players must win multiple rounds in a row to reach the final and become the champion.

In addition, MetaGear will introduce a guild creation function in the game’s second phase, allowing users to connect with one another in a shared space via an internal chat channel. Additionally, players will complete activities in order to contribute resources, rank their Guild, and gain prizes for their efforts.

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Key features

Adopt Unity technology for best gaming experience

MetaGear is built on Unity, which allows for seamless integration between PC, Android, and iOS platforms, as well as the expansion of in-game features while maintaining high graphic quality. The game’s in-game effects have been designed to provide users with the best possible experience, and it can be played anywhere, at any time.

MetaGear’s basic functions and in-game structure are designed using Unity technology. The game’s items and physical impact elements are adjusted using AI, which is combined with captivating music and visual effects.

Pixel Art as main graphic

As the world’s game producers rush to embrace the smooth graphics trend, OnePad and Onesoft’s expert game artists chose Pixel Art as the main graphic for MetaGear, forging their own route. Pixel Art adds a playful and vibrant touch, as well as a combination of modernism and nostalgia, to a basic and engaging Simulation game like MetaGear.


Vision/ long term goals

Rather than having a community premiere while the game wasn’t fully-geared like other projects at the time, they picked the quality of the product as their fundamental value. They have impartial insights about NFT gaming as experienced game developers. They discovered that the majority of projects are solely concerned with market FOMO and investor interests, rather than the need to improve product value and customer experience.

Several game projects were published in such a short period of time when NFT Gaming was taking off, but they didn’t invest enough in their products, or worse, they couldn’t launch their games, which harmed the community as well as investors. They have been watching and evaluating a lot of NFT gaming products, and they have gotten a lot of offers to help with game creation.

MetaGear is being developed with the goal of developing a core value of product quality, with a team full of experience in the crypto market working with a game development team with 12 years of experience.

Aside from focusing on product quality, they have devised a strategy for long-term growth and ecosystem expansion. Players can vote on new features in the MetaGear ecosystem for the greater good of the community. MetaGear will also be the first blockchain strategic product for the Metaverse Ad Network Ecosystem, with numerous prominent agencies from around the world as partners.

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