As one of the top self-custodial wallets, MetaMask has a wealthy range of in-app features and services it offers to its 30 million registered users. Recently, the platform dropped hints that it would soon launch a token and potentially offer airdrops to its users.

Key insights:

  • How to Qualify for MetaMask Airdrop
  • Overview of MetaMask Airdrop

How to Qualify for the MetaMask Airdrop

In this article, we will provide you with some strategies on how investors can position themselves as eligible as possible for the upcoming MetaMask Airdrop, which is anticipated to be released anytime this year. To increase your likelihood of being whitelisted for one of the most valuable and anticipated crypto airdrops, we highly recommend you do all of the strategies that we recommend to you below. 

1. Swap Your Token on MetaMask DEX

One of the most popular methods to qualify for a MetaMask airdrop is to finish one or more swaps on the MetaMask native DEX. But please note that you might have to pay a transaction fee of at least $5 for each pair of tokens.

Swap Token On Metamask

After enabling smart transactions, the platform will automatically allow you to swap.

Swap Eth To Usdc

2. Integrating Your Wallet on the MetaMask Portfolio

The Metamask Portfolio dApp is a new platform feature that lets you view all your MetaMask accounts and their assets in one place. Combining values from all of your accounts and displaying your total holdings makes it easier than ever to get a quick breakdown of the value of your holdings in your preferred currency.

Connect your MetaMask account(s) to the portfolio to get started.

Integrating Wallet On The Metamask Portfolio

You can select all accounts you want to connect.

Select Accounts You Want To Connect To Metamask

It will show you the list of all your assets on a single page.

Portfolio On Metamask

3. Engage with the Best Ethereum DApps

Using your MetaMask wallet to transact with Ethereum dApps may qualify you for the upcoming $MASK airdrop. You can enter the snapshot and possibly be eligible for the event by engaging in on-chain activities (depositing money, trading assets, swapping ERC-20 tokens, and supplying liquidity) through the following platforms

  • Aave – Platform for earning interest on the supply and borrowing of assets and establishing non-custodial liquidity markets
  • SushiSwap – Swap, stack, lend, borrow, leverage, earn, and perform yield farming in one decentralized platform
  • Uniswap – A financial marketplace and an emerging network of DeFi Apps
  • Balancer – A platform where applications, integrations, pools, and incentives are used to build DeFi liquidity
  • Curve – A decentralized exchange, trading pairs for stablecoins, and more

4. Use Metamask to Bridge Tokens

The Metamask Bridge is a multichain swap aggregator enabling users to move coins between chains while comparing prices without leaving the dApp. MetaMask users can move tokens from the Ethereum blockchain to other networks using the app’s built-in bridge feature.

The bridge feature supports:

ApeBond - 970x90

MetaMask Airdrop: An Overview

There has been no official confirmation of the $MASK token airdrop. But then, the news that they would launch a native token led investors to think it was likely to happen anytime this year.

MetaMask appears to be heading toward progressive decentralization, which might indicate that an airdrop is approaching. In the crypto sphere, progressive decentralization is a concept where a particular project or advocacy is centralized as it is controlled and put under the hands of its founding team.

As the project expands, it gradually cedes control to its community and pushes toward decentralization. It is claimed that MetaMask is expected to create a protocol that the community will own. That said, an airdrop is their strategy for gaining support for their initiatives and other forthcoming actions.

Even though nothing is certain, the following details about the probable $MASK airdrop can be noted:

LIKELIHOOD: ConsenSys’ valuation reached $7 billion after a $450 million Series D raise in the first quarter of last year, meaning it might airdrop a sizable sum to users.


TOKEN VALUE & UTILITY: Significantly high

Final Thoughts

MetaMask is one of the well-known wallets in the crypto ecosystem due to its Ethereum-based, decentralized, non-custodial nature. Though details regarding the airdrop is scanty, investors and airdrop farmers can begin their steps to be eligible recipients. In order to increase your chances of being qualified for the awaited $MASK giveaway, use as many recommendations as supplied in this MetaMask airdrop guide.

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MetaMask Airdrop-FAQs

When is the MetaMask Airdrop expected to occur?

No date is provided for the launch of the MetaMask airdrop. However, many sources say that it will occur anytime this year. It will likely happen once MetaMask drops more details about the $MASK token.

What will be the value of the MetaMask Airdrop?

The network is widely used for Ethereum-based transactions, so the airdrop has a very high value. Although MetaMask has not mentioned the number of coins it will give, some airdrop farmers predict that it will be close to Trust Wallet’s 100 TWT Airdrop campaign. Hence, investors are spending roughly $100 in transactions. With over 30 million users, the competition to get the tokens for free is understandable.

Do you need ETH to receive an airdrop?

In contrast with most Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), which frequently demand transactions, crypto airdrops commonly don’t require any investment at all. It is for as long as they abide by the prerequisite for receiving cryptocurrency airdrops: having a wallet with a balance. However, what’s clear is that one needs an Ethereum wallet with an ERC20-compatible personal address to participate in nearly all airdrops, including the MetaMask airdrop.

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