Official government websites from countries such as India, Nigeria, Egypt, and Colombia were recently involved in crypto scams specifically aimed at MetaMask users. These scams redirected users to deceptive MetaMask websites, raising concerns in the cryptocurrency community. The popular Ethereum-based crypto wallet has been a frequent target for scammers who create counterfeit websites to gain access to users’ wallets.

Government Websites Compromised

Fake Government Website Redirect On Google To Fake Metamask Website
Source: Cointelegraph

A concerning discovery made during this investigation is the involvement of official government websites in these fraudulent activities. Websites owned by governments in countries spanning from India to Brazil have been identified as redirecting users to fake MetaMask websites. This alarming trend raises questions about the security measures employed by these websites and the potential risks faced by visitors.

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MetaMask’s Response and Security Concerns

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Source: Cointelegraph

Upon uncovering these scams, the wallet company’s security team recognized that the explosive growth potential of the Web3 ecosystem makes it an attractive target for scammers and thieves. When users click on rogue links within the government websites, they are directed to counterfeit URLs instead of the legitimate website. Fortunately, Microsoft’s built-in security tool, Microsoft Defender, warns users about potential phishing attempts, providing a layer of protection.

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The Deceptive Process

For those who disregard the warnings and proceed, they find themselves on a website that closely mimics the official MetaMask site. These counterfeit websites ultimately request users to link their wallets, purportedly to access various services on the platform. This deceptive tactic is designed to trick users into giving scammers access to their crypto holdings.


The use of government websites for cryptocurrency scams is a serious concern. Users should exercise extreme caution on crypto-related websites. Enhanced cybersecurity on government sites is crucial. Crypto wallet providers like MetaMask and security tools like Microsoft Defender help combat scams, but individual vigilance remains essential in the evolving crypto scam landscape.

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