If you’re looking for a safe and secure cryptocurrency wallet, you might be wondering whether to choose MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Both wallets offer great security features but have different advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we’ll compare MetaMask vs Trust Wallet so you can decide which one is right for you.

MetaMask Overview

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MetaMask is arguably the world’s largest cryptocurrency wallet. This noncustodial wallet is the work of Dan Finlay, Founder and Group Manager at MetaMask, and Aaron Davis, Co-founder of MetaMask. When the duo, who knew each other from their days working at Apple, decided to collaborate on a web extension for Ethereum, they had no idea their project would turn into the globally adapted and highly preferred crypto wallet that it is today. 

With over 30 million users in at least 60 different countries and regions worldwide, MetaMask provides users with all the tools they need to manage their digital assets effectively. The wallet, which is mostly used as an easy-to-set-up browser extension, helps store and trade cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens(NFTs). Additionally, it is a convenient way to access decentralized applications(dApps) and NFT marketplaces like Infinity, Zora, and Opensea.

MetaMask also offers a wide range of cross-blockchain compatibility. The wallet supports at least 450,000 ERC-20 protocol tokens and multiple other blockchains like Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon, Celo, and Binance Smart Chain, which has rebranded to BNB Chain.


  • A secure noncustodial Web3 crypto wallet. 
  • Easily accessible as a web extension.
  • Supports multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon, Celo, and BNB Chain.
  • Provides storage and trade platform for cryptocurrencies and NFTs, with links to NFT marketplaces like Opnsea, Zora, and Infinity.


For users who are looking for privacy and anonymity, MetaMask is an excellent choice. MetaMask is a non-custodial wallet. This means that a user is the sole owner of their private keys and can only control or authorize transactions on their account. 

Besides this, MetaMask also enforces anonymity by removing personally identifiable information as a requirement for having an account. Simply put, all users need to have a MetaMask account to submit a username and select a password. The wallet also does not collect any of its users’ personal information.

Besides privacy and anonymity, MetaMask also has a simple user interface and is easily accessible on most mainstream browsers, including Chrome, Brave, Edge, and Firefox. There’s also the option to access the wallet through its Android or iOS mobile application.


The major downside that comes with MetaMask is that it only supports Ethereum-based tokens. For crypto community members who trade other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, or any non-ERC-20 token, it is impossible to use MetaMask.

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Trust Wallet Overview

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In 2017, a group of competent software developers decided to create a user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet. Their efforts to develop a crypto wallet that is accessible to everyone were well identified by the Binance blockchain, which acquired their creation and launched it as the modern-day Trust Wallet.

Trust Wallet is Binance Blockchain’s primary wallet and an essential utility for at least 25 million people in the crypto community. The wallet’s first and most important feature is that it helps users store digital assets. This includes cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

It also enables users to trade cryptocurrencies with ease. Trust Wallet supports blockchains and at least 1 million cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and ERC-20 tokens. Trust Wallet users can buy crypto from third-party vendors like MoonPay, Mercuryo, Simplex, Ramp Network, Wyre, and Transak. 

Since it comes as an application accessible for both Android and iOS gadgets, Trust Wallet is a highly intuitive and easy-to-use wallet. Furthermore, it helps users access other decentralized web3 applications without leaving the wallet, making it incredibly convenient. 


  • A safe and easy-to-use noncustodial wallet
  • Accessible as an App on Android and iOS devices
  • Only supports Bitcoin and Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies
  • Provides storage and trade platform for cryptocurrencies and NFTs, with links to third-party vendors like MoonPay, Mercuryo, Simplex, Ramp Network, Wyre, and Transak


On the other hand, Trust Wallet is the wallet of choice for users who want flexibility. Because it is an app accessible to Android and iOS devices, it is a convenient choice for many crypto users.

Trust Wallet also shows impressive asset and blockchain versatility. The wallet can access Ethereum and non-Ethereum tokens across multiple blockchains. Besides that, users can enable multiple dApps on Trust Wallet and explore them without ever having to exit the wallet’s interface.


However, the most outstanding demerit of Trust Wallet is that it limits access to mobile-based web browsers. Trust Wallet is not accessible on ordinary browsers, limiting its users to interacting entirely on the app-based web browser, which is highly constricting. 

Trust wallet fees are also more expensive than MetaMask fees, and it has some negative reviews on both play stores over the hard time users have when sending crypto across different blockchains.

MetaMask vs Trust Wallet Comparison

When it comes to features, MetaMask and Trust Wallet are uniquely different. Let’s explore several essential features and see how the wallets compare. 

Basic Features

The basic features of a crypto wallet are its ability to help users store, buy, and sell blockchain assets. Although buying and selling digital assets is expected more from crypto exchanges than from crypto wallets, most crypto wallets have the capability to make the purchase process smoother for their users. 

As far as basic features are concerned, MetaMask is an excellent wallet. With MetaMask, you can store, buy, and trade any Ethereum-based cryptocurrency. MetaMask also allows users to buy, store, and trade NFTs. The wallet has an easy-to-navigate display for NFTs under the main menu, and it partners with NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, to facilitate NFT trading. 

However, Trust Wallet may have superior basic features compared to MetaMask. Although both wallets allow users to store and trade NFTs, Trust Wallet supports a broader selection of digital assets. While MetaMask only supports tokens from the Ethereum protocol, Trust Wallet supports Bitcoin and other non-Ethereum tokens, giving users a more extensive service. 

Best wallet for basic features: Trust Wallet

Accessibility and Ease of Use

Accessibility and ease of use refer to how convenient and user-friendly a given wallet is. An ideal crypto wallet should be friendly enough for beginners to find their way with little to no struggle. It should also be accessible on multiple devices and operating systems.

MetaMask is a highly user-friendly and accessible crypto wallet. To begin with, it is a browser extension, which means it is accessible on all computers as long as they use popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. MetaMask also has a mobile app version for Android and iOS devices, further increasing its accessibility and providing an easy-to-use interface that is convenient even for people new to crypto.

On the other hand, Trust Wallet has significant accessibility and user interface challenges. The first is that Trust Wallet only exists as a mobile app, with a desktop application that is only accessible to Mac computers with the latest Apple M1 chip. Besides this, the wallet has an advanced user interface that makes it challenging for beginners to find their way.

Best Wallet for Accessibility and Ease of use: MetaMask


The security of your digital assets should be one of your most significant concerns when choosing a crypto wallet. So, wallets with unparalleled security features are safer for storing your precious digital assets.

MetaMask is renowned for its top-notch security features. MetaMask offers extreme anonymity and privacy for your data and transactions as a non-custodial wallet. Above this, the wallet has a user policy that forbids it from collecting any of your data, making it extra private. 

Trust Wallet is also a noncustodial wallet, meaning you don’t have to worry about third parties making unauthorized transactions on your account. However, its privacy and anonymity features fade by comparison to MetaMask. Unlike MetaMask, Trust Wallet can collect specific user data for oversight reasons. Although this does not constitute a data breach, Trust Wallet isn’t the best option for users who prefer to remain anonymous in the crypto space.

Best wallet for security: MetaMask


Crypto wallets charge various types of fees to facilitate transactions. Although most of these fees are affordable, finding a wallet that charges the least possible fees is essential to reducing the amount of money you spend on crypto. 

Despite being an Ethereum-only wallet, MetaMask charges a lower fee than Trust Wallet. While transacting on MetaMask, users only have to pay the gas fees associated with their transaction.

However, on Trust Wallet, users must pay gas and additional network fees per transaction. The network fee varies based on the wallet’s traffic at the time of a transaction and is mostly very low, but the fact that users have to pay twice for a transaction makes the wallet rather expensive.

Best wallet for fees: MetaMask

Customer Support

MetaMask offers support through community forums and documentation. Personalized or human customer support is reserved only for technical issues. This makes it very hard for users to get the help they need when they are stuck with a non-technical problem.

On the flip side, Trust Wallet uses a ticket system for email support and a self-help centre. This gives it a bit of an upper hand when accessing personalized customer support. In truth, neither of the wallets is doing very well where customer support is concerned, but Trust Wallet seems to be doing better.

Best wallet for customer support: Trust Wallet

MetaMask and Trust Wallet: Which One is Best for You?

Choosing between MetaMask and Trust Wallet depends mainly on your crypto needs. If you are more concerned about security and only trade ERC-20 tokens, MetaMask is an excellent choice. If you prefer a more comprehensive range of crypto and dApp options and don’t mind spending a little extra, you are better off with Trust Wallet. At the end of the day, you can have the best of both worlds when you connect MetaMask to Trust Wallet.

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