Decentraland Bounces Back As Orbeon Protocol Hits All Time High

Decentraland’s price was reported to have increased by over 85% in the month of January alone, making it one of the top-performing metaverse projects currently available. Investors are still hopeful about the metaverse project’s growth for the entire year, despite the fact that it appeared to have had a modest price decrease in the month of February. In addition, the price of the Orbeon Protocol surged to a new record high of $0.071.

Decentraland Hitting the Right Spot This 2023

Decentraland Bounces Back As Orbeon Protocol Hits All Time High

In Decentraland, players can discover an entirely new universe where they can purchase and make money from their own individual property parcels. Additionally, it provides a platform for gamers to communicate and engage in in-game tasks in order to earn MANA, Decentraland’s native coin.

After allegations that the project’s player count had inflated arose last year, the related metaverse project became the subject of criticism. wherein numerous gamers asserted that they were “alone” in the metaverse, despite the project’s assertion that it has over 300,000 users. The metaverse project only has 379 daily active players, according to investigations, demonstrating that the game is not as well-known as it claims to be.

Despite the aforementioned debate, Decentraland had a massive 85% price increase as it entered 2023. Decentraland’s (MANA) value has increased to $0.7362 as a result, and trade volumes have surged to levels last seen in 2021. A rise in the daily number of active players was also seen, and reports indicate that former gamers are now returning to the game. Experts believe that if Decentraland could sustain this throughout the year, it might be one of the best Metaverses currently accessible.

Orbeon Protocol Sparks New All-Time High

Decentraland Bounces Back As Orbeon Protocol Hits All Time High

Orbeon Protocol was seen to have been able to attain its successive all-time highs since its first presale in October 2022, as Decentraland is gradually recovering. Orbeon Protocol is a cutting-edge project that features a unique DeFi launchpad. This initiative aims to make it easier for companies to use NFTs for funding.

Startups would be able to sell their respective NFTs, which stand in for company equity, to retail investors by using the Orbeon launchpad. Through this idea, small investors can share their firm while also assisting it in generating money for expansion.

The Orbeon Protocol is anticipated to offer a decentralized wallet, swap, and Metaverse in addition to acting as a special launchpad. Apparently, work is still being done on the aforementioned features. Investors are reportedly preparing to buy Orbeon Protocols ORBN tokens at record rates in order to profit before its price jumps once more in light of the impending additional price increases.