In recent years, the crypto business has grown consistently. As a consequence of the investments of several corporate businesses, notably Microstrategy enterprises, there has been a global expansion in the industry.

It has grown widespread in our everyday lives, with prominent artists creating and selling NFTs. In accordance with forecasts for the following years, it is anticipated that the number of real-world items, ideas, images, and melodies transformed to NFT would expand.

Particularly, the notion of Metaverse, which entered our lives with COVID-19, has garnered considerable interest in recent times. Foreseeing that the world would transform into the Metaverse, major corporations such as Facebook have opted to make extremely big investments at this time. Experts predict that the worldwide Metaverse industry would reach $280 billion by 2025.

Rapidly, the metaverse notion has begun to manifest its effects in the modern world. The forms encountered in the context of this idea and the desire for these formations serve as a significant example for the project. Investors in MetaVision have a significant edge due to the fact that their viewpoint on this idea gives visual realism and an entirely other existence.

MetaVision Overview

What is MetaVision?

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MetaVision is a Metaverse-based project supported by Binance Smart Chain that aims to provide users with the greatest possible Metaverse experience. MetaVision creates high-quality, realistic visual designs with Unreal Engine 5 and VR integration. The four primary regions of the MetaVision Universe are MetaStreet, MetaLands, Tron, and Vision. In these areas, it offers users visual commerce, virtual advertising, the ability to acquire Life experience, and virtual P2E gaming.


MetaStreet is a concept street in the MetaVision Universe that has a variety of MetaStores and MetaBillboards. When building MetaStreet, particularly MetaBillboards, the team envisaged the streets of places like New York and Hong Kong, and they wanted you to feel as if you were there. MetaStreet offers this one-of-a-kind experience to anybody who wants to visit numerous virtual businesses, such as art galleries, or who wishes to access physical or digital purchasing in an effortless manner. The NFTs of MetaStore owners may be sold in their shops. In addition, businesses may hire several billboards, the value of which varies based on location and leasing fee, on which they can display different adverts for both their brands and goods.


On Metalands, individuals will be able to purchase and resell land at varying values based on the significance of its location. To acquire the lands, users must successfully complete the KYC processes by enrolling on the MetaVision website. Users who successfully complete the KYC requirements will be able to make purchases via SMS from wallets linked to the Binance Smart Chain network.

On the property they have acquired, landowners will be able to develop their own living spaces and host a variety of parties and events in these living spaces. When organizations or enterprises have property and sufficient living areas on the land, they may host meetings or conventions.


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Tron section intends for users to earn money via gaming. As individuals complete activities, they will earn tokens. Users will be able to live the life they wish by performing customized activities tailored to their way of living.

With MetaVision, people will construct the character of their dreams in the Tron universe and experience the essence of the genuine Metaverse.

Major partners of MetaVision

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As a possible initiative, MetaVision has partnered with several significant enterprises and businesses.

And recently, thanks to their great partners, MetaVision has closed the seed round with $1M raised. This is a very difficult feat for other blockchain companies in today’s volatile market environment. This event represented an important project milestone and promises to make the project more explosive in the coming future.

So, let’s learn about MetaVision’s strategic partners:

Sinpaş – The Leading Construction Firm

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Sinpaş will have an office on MetaStreet, and they will have some interesting things in store for you.

Art consists of constructing a city with amazing structures. Sinpaş is the premier real estate firm, construction artist, and our newest business partner. Sinpaş GYO was founded in 2007 with the goal of achieving the corporate governance principles of Sinpaş, a construction company founded in 1974 on the pillars of competence, trust, quality, uniqueness, nature, and human love, and expanding its capital base. During the process of establishing Sinpaş GYO, certain active Sinpaş projects were maintained under the name Sinpaş Yap, and more projects were implemented. In all initiatives performed by both firms so far, it has been a top focus to provide natural environments that are eco-friendly and interlaced with blue and green in order to leave children with a bright future.

Each project is uniquely interpreted via its idea, architecture, landscape, and social reinforcements and provides value to the surrounding region since it is in sync with its surroundings. Sinpaş, as the originator of the concept of housing marketing, was the first company in Turkey to pay attention to landscape beyond the home and to find that living and socializing are also feasible outside the home. Sinpaş has addressed each of its projects as a unique piece of art and provided over eighty thousand individuals with a fresh start. Aqua City, Bosphorus City, Sancaktepe Lagün, Ege Boyu, Aydos Country, Metro City, Queen Bomonti, and Gokorman in Istanbul; ncek Life, ncek Blue and Green, and Ege Vadisi in Ankara; and Aqua City in Bursa are among the completed and continuing pilot projects of Sinpaş GYO. It is well-known for its distinctive projects, including Istanbul Palaces in Kücükcekmece; Liva, Kelebekia, and Koyceiz in Sancaktepe; Altnoran, the largest themed project in Turkey, and Marina Ankara in Ankara; and Aqua City in Denizli. Sinpaş Yap is about to complete the Finance City project, which is the core of the Istanbul International Financial Centre. In addition, the Sinpaş Time project, which will emerge in the same location, was the first project whose start was accomplished after the merger.

PTT – The Next Generation Delivery System in MetaStreet

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PTT, which was founded in 1840 and is the official postal telegraph corporation of the Republic of Turkey, is one of the biggest partners. PTT distributes to every country in the globe through aircraft (air) or surface (land, sea, etc.) based on the sender’s request.

Within 124 nations, the IPS (International Postal Systems) initiative uses electronic information exchange to monitor delivery. Thanks to this technology, every transaction from cargo acceptance through delivery to the receivers can be tracked, and the shipment’s status can be verified. PTT, whose history began with mail and telegraph service but grew as its vision and purpose evolved, has also made substantial investments in several industries, including Banking, Insurance, Cargo Services, and E-commerce.

Today, PTT is among the main delivery firms that continue to provide services in several industries. The PTT’s MetaStreet-designed showroom, which closely follows the technology of the next-generation delivery system, will provide more in-depth information on the components of the next-generation delivery system and high-tech transportation vehicles.

ABDİ İBRAHİM – The First Showroom in MetaStreet

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On MetaStreet, this is the first custom-designed brand showroom created for ABDi iBRAHiM. With a 110-year history, ABDi iBRAHiM, a 100% Turkish brand that exports to more than 60 countries, is the market leader in Turkey and one of the world’s top pharmaceutical firms.

It offers 250 brands and 450 items in Turkey and 240 brands and 130 products in overseas markets. The showroom that ABDi iBRAHiM created on MetaStreet, the MetaVision metaverse realm, will provide customers with a unique experience. The firm is renowned for attentively following technological advancements and is regarded as a pioneer in its industry.

The product detail panel of ABDi iBRAHiM, which will exhibit pharmaceutical brands and items from several categories in 3D format, will give consumers more information about medications. With the release of the complete version of MetaStreet, the showroom is now accessible exclusively through computers. With the completion of VR integrations, it will be able to enter the showroom with VR glasses to see the pharmaceutical brands on exhibit and get further information.

BlueZilla – MetaVision’s Exclusive Partnership

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BlueZilla is the only incubator responsible for the groundbreaking BSCPad, ETHPad, NFTLaunch, ADAPad, VelasPad, GameZone, PulsePad, MetaVPad, and PolyPad. BlueZilla laboratories specializes in bringing unique project ideas from conception to launch by using their market-leading advising, funding, development, influencer marketing, and legal support services.

BlueZilla, upon whose exclusivity MetaVision has agreed, will conduct all IDO through BSCPad, MetaVpad, GameZone, and NFTLaunch in the third quarter, after which they will enter the listing period.

Cookie3 – MetaVision’s Strategic Partnership

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Cookie3 is a privacy-focused version of Google Analytics for the whole Metaverse and Web3. Cookie3 offers dApps and its users experiences of the next generation. Seeing the virtual world as a blockchain-based network of linked objects, the Cookie3 team utilizes NFTs, one of the metaverse’s core components, for its data engines.

Cookie3 gets the ability to comprehend individual user behavior in the metaverse by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to evaluate and interpret data extracted from NFTs, tokens, and smart contracts. Such algorithms enable businesses and brands to develop behavioral profiles, which are essential for the precise targeting of advertising and marketing efforts. This is such a fantastic project partner.

Legion Ventures – MetaVision’s Strategic Partnership

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Legion Ventures (LV) is the largest community-driven venture capital firm in eastern Europe. They have over 15,000 active members on both TG and Discord, and they are committed to funding projects in the early stages of development that they believe will have a significant impact in their respective niche.

AlphaCrypto.Capital – MetaVision in Strategic Partnership

AlphaCrypto.Capital is comprised of a team of seasoned businesspeople who are of the opinion that blockchain technology is one of the most significant innovations that will occur throughout people’s lifetimes. They contribute decades of valuable business knowledge to each and every investment they make in blockchain firms that are still in the early stages of development.

R-930 Capital – MetaVision’s Strategic Partnership

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R-930 Capital is an organization that operates in the realm of finance, and its foundation is knowledge and the use of cutting-edge technology. They recognize the importance of customs and accept the established methodology of constructing a beginning business, acquiring capital, and selecting the most suitable business alliances.

WealthUnion – MetaVision’s Strategic Partnership

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WealthUnion is a fund that was established in Puerto Rico and is managed by early users of cryptocurrency. They advise, nurture, and invest in the most promising cryptocurrency companies. They are searching for teams and projects that have a strong desire to develop and advance in the cryptocurrency field so that they may invest in and collaborate with such teams and projects.

Synapse Network – MetaVision’s Strategic Partnership

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Synapse is the gateway to an exciting new world of fundraising opportunities on all blockchains that are built on smart contracts. Everyone has access to it, and it has a democratized tier structure that has been created from the ground up. This makes investments possible at any level of a project’s development.

11Minutes – MetaVision’s Strategic Partnership

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The play2earn game series 11Minutes is the first of its kind to be hosted on the Blockchain. People have the opportunity to participate in brand-new activities with each session and win prizes that might radically alter their lives. In addition to this, 11Minutes will serve as a launchpad for new play2learn games to be played in the area. Users will be required to purchase Tier NFTs in order to participate in such launches. 11Minutes has successfully concluded the private sale that was held on its platform for MetaVision.

GamesPad – MetaVision’s Strategic Partnership

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BullPerks is a crypto launchpad that, in just four months after finishing its private fundraising round, hit 7355 percent of all-time high average profits on all transactions. GamesPad is the result of an incubation effort undertaken by the BullPerks team. GamesPad is a decentralized venture capital firm, multichain launchpad, and game incubator that offers equal opportunities for retail buyers to invest in the future built by the most powerful crypto gaming projects. GamesPad was created by combining the concepts of game incubation and multichain launchpads. It focuses on the three industries that are seeing the biggest growth at the moment: gaming, NFT, and the metaverse.

Bullperks – MetaVision’s Strategic Partnership

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Built on the BNB Chain Blockchain, BullPerks is the world’s first decentralized venture capital and multichain launchpad platform. The Bullperks Platform brings together people who have similar goals and who want to invest in the most promising cryptocurrency companies on par with venture capitalists.

Turkiye Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure – A partner from government

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In an absolutely unexpected revelation on MetaVision’s Twitter, the Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has become an official partner. Currently, partnerships between blockchain startups and government organizations are quite uncommon, therefore this occurrence demonstrates that MetaVision is an exceptionally dependable project.


MetaVision will undoubtedly reach even greater heights in the future with the help of the resources, expertise, and support from today’s significant partners in the blockchain sector. In particular, users get several advantages from these partnerships, and parties are able to grow their ecosystems as a result.

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