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Coinwire Admin: Good day to you ladies and gents!!!! Welcome to another wonderful AMA with BSCDaily!! 🔥 I’m Daley – your host for this event, and today I’m thrilled to welcome Mr. Ömer Faruk Özburun – CFO from MetaVision! 


Ömer Faruk Özburun: Hello ✌️

Coinwire Admin: Good day to you Ömer! How are you doing?

Ömer Faruk Özburun: I am fine Daley, you?

Coinwire Admin: I’m doing fantastic! It’s been a great day 🙌 Excited to be learning more about MetaVision. So let’s get this AMA started then! For our first segment of this AMA: Q&A with the host.

Q1: Let’s get to know you and a bit about your project. Can you tell us how you got into crypto and where the idea came from for Metavision and tell us about your core team members and their background?

Ömer Faruk Özburun: Our core team is coming from a construction background. We designed and built constructions like kitchens, bathrooms, and etc. Then we provided customers with VR experience with our designs before finishing the building. Also, with Mark Zuckerberg changing his company name from Facebook to Meta, we totally focused on our Metaverse project. Actually, I can say that this is how we got into crypto on the basis of these experiences and fundamentals and how Metavision was born. We are a team that works with its drawings in different parts of the world and has also received awards from different authorities. Some of our colleagues have senior management experience in different sectors.

Let’s talk about our core team: 

  • Furkan is the Chief Executive Officer & Founder of a company experienced with administrative operations in the field of Metaverse. He developed the architecture of the MetaVision Universe.
  • I am the Experienced Chief Financial Officer with an Economics Education Background of MetaVision. A senior executive responsible for managing the financial actions of a company. I have deep knowledge in Blockchain Technology.
  • Ahmet is Chief Product & Project Manager with experience on the many valuable projects of some of the largest banking brands in Turkey. Ahmet has led developing projects on MetaVision.
  • Ali is Experienced Community Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. He is skilled in Market Analysis, Web Content Writing and Community Management.

Coinwire Admin: What an intro!

Q2: Could you please tell us the strategy to attract new users, motivation and benefits for traders & investors to hold $MVIS token for long-term? We’d love to hear more about the utility of the $MVIS token

Ömer Faruk Özburun: We have announced a great partnership with the Turkish Ministry of Transportation. We are the first and only project in the world that has been able to establish a partnership with the government in this early stage. We have a great marketing strategy, I can truly say that it is just the beginning of huge partnership announcements. After this stage, we will start more aggressive and strong marketing with BlueZilla’s KOLs globally. 

Let’s talk about $MVIS Token which is the core token for MetaVision and it allows holders the following uses: 

a) To be used to purchase NFTs such as character, other game elements, and lands on the MetaVision Universe in order to personalized character and user’s their living area from an in-game marketplace;

b) In the future, to be used to purchase products on MetaStores

c) In the future, as a daily or weekly game sessions rewards on Tron Area; 

d) Also in the future $MVIS can be staked or locked for rewards; 

e) In the future, to purchase “NFT tickets” which would allow participation in entertainment fields such as concert and e-sport  event.

Coinwire Admin: That’s a whole lot of utilities coming up in the future. I believe you are building a MetaStreet too

Q3: How would users, specifically MetaStore owners benefit from Metastreet in the MetaVision Universe?

Ömer Faruk Özburun: MetaStreet is basically the first phase of MetaVision, which consists of a square, shopping streets, NFT Art Gallery and marina. By choosing their own customizable characters and experiencing this unique experience on MetaStreet, users will be able to visit the virtual stores specially prepared for our partners with whom we have local and global agreements, and if they want, they will be able to get more detailed information about the products with the QR code in the product detail panel or the product links of the companies and buy the product with fiat.

They will also have the chance to win surprise NFTs and $MVIS with the daily reward wheel that will take place in the square, and they will have the opportunity to experience and purchase the unique NFT collections in the NFT Art Gallery on the MetaStreet.

On the other hand, MetaStore owners will be able to display their products with high quality graphics, and advertise their products and companies on MetaBillboards located in their own stores and MetaStreet square and streets. These ads will not only be limited to MetaStreet, but will also be supported by social media platforms with both local and global marketing efforts.

Coinwire Admin: That sounds cool 🤩 Just how I imagine a Metaverse is like

Q4: Which technology does MetaVision use to be able to produce such high quality realistic visual designs that rivals that of your competitors?

Ömer Faruk Özburun: As Metavision, we chose Unreal Engine 5 as the game engine. The reason for this is the long years of experience of our team and the visually endless and unlimited development opportunity that unreal engine 5 offers us.

Coinwire Admin: Man, so it’s going to be for PC. I’m a big Mobile fan though, hoping to see mobile integration in the future 👀

Ömer Faruk Özburun: I hope you will see ☺️

Coinwire Admin: Regarding the accessibility, I believe from your lightpaper, users must complete KYC

Q5: Why must users complete their KYC steps before they can purchase land in Metalands?

Ömer Faruk Özburun: As we are giving you digital assets in return for your investment, we need to know our customers to be on the safe side. The same goes for IDOs on Launchpads, so it’s something we need to get used to while we are in the chain.

Q6: Can you briefly describe the TRON aspect of MetaVision? Also can you tell us whether the tasks are preselected or users get to select their own task?

Ömer Faruk Özburun: First of all, I can say that Tron is the area that excites us the most. The Tron area aims to make users earn money by playing games. As people do the tasks, they will earn a token. Users will be able to live the life they desire by completing tasks, which are personalized according to their lifestyle. They will create the character they want to be in the Tron area and live the soul of the real Metaverse with MetaVision. People will accept the tasks according to the character selection they will perform. In addition, in order to have a fairer reward system we will give rewarded tasks from time to time. Also, we planned to make strategic partnerships with different game projects and studios in the Tron area. This will be announced as the opening of Tron approaches in the names agreed.  People will be able to experience other projects in the buildings we build for different game companies on the open map.  Also those companies will be able to assign certain tasks.

Coinwire Admin: Right, let’s move on to the next question:

Q7: With respect to NFTs, can users or artist design their own unique NFTs to use in the game or are there already designed NFTs by your architects which must be purchased from your marketplace? If so, why?

Ömer Faruk Özburun: In the first phase, we will offer free avatars and equipment from 3 different categories: human, cyberpunk and robotic, which users can choose when entering MetaStreet. Users will be able to customize their own characters with the avatar and equipment they choose. At this point, in the first place it will not be possible for users and artists to create their own unique NFTs and use them in the game. But I can easily say that this feature will come in the future, and a tool that users and artists can use in the game to create their own unique NFTs. As we think we are at an early stage for now, unique NFT collections will be sold in our own market, with new partnerships prepared only for MetaVision by our own experienced architects and which we will announce very soon.

Coinwire Admin: Free avatars, equipment giveaway is very powerful if done right 💪 I love the creativity you have too. Can’t wait to see what the community can come up with in MetaVision!

Ömer Faruk Özburun: Thank you Daley 😌

Q8: Can you shed some light on VISION, one of the 4 main areas of the MetaVision Universe? Also, can enlighten us on the timeline for VISION launch?

Ömer Faruk Özburun: In the Vision area, users will be able to participate in events that will be updated periodically. With vision, you will be able to experience various activities with virtual reality.  Some examples of activities in the Vision;  e-sports, sports events, cinema, festivals, concerts etc. As a matter of fact, the Vision field is the easiest of the 4 fields in terms of software.  However, in order to work with the biggest names and ensure the most efficient interaction in this region, we left this until the end of the project, when we reached the real audience. In this way, both the quality of the events will increase and the participation will be higher. By purchasing virtual tickets and inviting your friends, you can join this unique experience together and have fun.

Coinwire Admin: Lastly, I want to hype up the audience attending this AMA right now. So please:

Q9: Is there any bullish information that hasn’t yet been made public that you can share with our community for ‘exclusive’ news before we wrap up and offer the floor to the audience?

Ömer Faruk Özburun: We had some interesting announcements until now. We did announce that we are the first real Metaverse that is backed by a government. Besides that, we have a lot of updates to come. That’s just the beginning. New Partners, new VCs, new corporates and brands…So stay tuned!

Coinwire Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with MetaVision🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Ömer Faruk Özburun: Thanks for everything, BSCDaily family!

Coinwire Admin: Thank you Mr. Ömer for coming on and introducing MetaVision to us! It was a pleasure having you here. Best of luck and take care!