hosts an AMA with Midas Investment

Coinwire Admin: Ok! Thank you fam for joining today’s AMA with FantomDaily and Midas Investment 🙌 I’m Daley and I have here with me Mr. Arseny – Marketing Lead at Midas

Arseny: Hey guys! Nice to meet Fantom lovers 🙂

Coinwire Admin: Welcome to FantomDaily! How’s your day going?

Arseny: Going great, we have just recorded a video for our community with important marketing updates and plans

Coinwire Admin: Oh, if you want to share the links here, let me know

Arseny: Sounds good! Will do

Coinwire Admin: Perfect 👌So, whenever you’re ready, we can start the AMA!

Arseny: Let’s start!

Coinwire Admin: Alrighty, so our first segment is Q&A with the host. Let’s start with a basic question:

Q1: Tell us a bit about yourself and the core people behind Midas!

Coinwire Admin: Regarding myself, I have been doing marketing in crypto for almost 5 years and took part in more than 15 projects including decentralized exchanges, mobile apps, blockchain networks, etc. Our team consists of more than 40 people. You can learn more here: Guys are patient about crypto and passive income and our mission is to provide passive income in emerging crypto markets for Midas users 🙂

Coinwire Admin: I see the team is fully doxed there 😍

Arseny: Exactly, C-level is getting more publicity each day, currently we are taking part in several conferences in Barcelona and Singapore

Coinwire Admin: Nice going! Make sure you follow their twitter for the latest updates chat! Right, next question:

Q2: What is

Arseny: Midas.Investments ( is a custodial “CeDeFi” investment platform offering market-leading yields on an array of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, and USDC. Midas’ mission is to bridge the ease of CeFi with the transparency of DeFi strategies, fueled by algorithmic infrastructures and 24/7 portfolio monitoring. These strategies allow Midas to offer premium yields while hedging against downside risk, thereby allowing investors to build sustainable, passive income. In the four years since our launch, we’ve attracted more than 10,000 active investors and over $300 million in assets under management. 

Our token is based on the Fantom network and has certain utilities connected with regular buybacks and constant increase of liquidity on DEXes.

Coinwire Admin: Integrating CeFi and DeFi together… But you’re mainly DeFi though, just adding the 24/7 portfolio monitoring as “centralized”, correct? Besides that, you don’t have control over anything else?

Arseny: Currently, we are centralized custodial platform, but plan to add more investment products connected with CeDeFi strategies

Coinwire Admin: Ah I missed the “custodial” part. Oh thank you for clearing that up!

Q3: How can Midas.Investments offer such higher interest rates compared to competitors?

Arseny: Currently, we have over 50 yield positions across six different blockchains. You can check some of them on our wiki page –

All those strategies are boosted by the algorithms that our DeFi development team builds. Additionally, we use automated lending health factor check, automated swaps and so on. There are three main directions of investment department team:

1) DeFi monitoring. Analyzing all the blockchains and all the projects that feel decent, constantly reevaluating emerging opportunities, discussing and testing them and managing capital within it.

2) Quant analytics. Taking ideas and hypotheses into testing through code and deep analytics. The next step here is to build the onchain analytics module to give our investment team the raw data from blockchains. 

3) Development of investment infrastructure. Automated swaps, entering and exiting positions, managing lending positions, and so on.

Coinwire Admin: And you also have a token called $MIDAS

Q4: What is the $MIDAS token utility?

Arseny: $MIDAS token is an integral part of Midas.Investments platform designed to produce yield and give utility to holders: 

📌Payout Split program (10% of customers earnings is used for buyback of MIDAS token from open market)

📌Yield-farming on DEXs (SpiritSwap and Beefy is available atm)

📌APY boost (users who elect to receive rewards in MIDAS token can earn an extra 3-4% APY)

You can find more info on our wiki page – 

More information can be found on:

Coinwire Admin: That APY boost looks juicy tbh 👀But of course, do your own research fam!

Arseny: That’s true 🙂People will get yield in MIDAS tokens using this feature, not native asset they are staking

Coinwire Admin: Understood 👌Ppl have their preferences and for me, I feel like that is going to be my 1st option. With all these being said, I would love to know more about the security of Midas:

Q5: How is Midas platform secured?

Arseny: We are using the custodial infrastructure of Fireblocks. Around 97% of Midas funds are managed through tokens located at different addresses within Fireblocks vault infrastructure.

Moreover, each transaction goes through the multi-signature process consisting of 2-4 DeFi and C-level team members. The connection to the protocols is done through WalletConnect. This is why the private keys never leave the multisig and are not inserted anywhere.

More information is available here:

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For our last question:

Q6: Do you have any incentive program for inviting new users to the Midas platform?

Arseny: Yes, we have the Midas Affiliate Program. You can refer new users to Midas.Investments and earn up to from 5% to 15% of the investors’ rewards. 5-10% on all assets and 15% on $MIDAS token. Read more information in this article –

Coinwire Admin: Check it out peeps!

Coinwire Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Midas Investment🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community? You can send the link to the latest video update you have about Midas too!

Arseny: Thank you guys for taking part in the AMA!

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Arseny: Thanks for hosting, see you guys!

Coinwire Admin: We wish you nothing but success and prosperity in all kinds of market situations! Take care!