The stage for 2022 has been set for the Metaverse landscape to fully emerge and unveil itself with effervescent colours of opportunity.  Those that position themselves strategically in this landscape, are poised to reap a bountiful harvest. That said, there are notable challenges facing individuals who desire to capitalise on these opportunities through a play-to-earn game as they usually take considerable time to understand.  For an individual to gain a competitive edge they require extensive pools of resources such as time, capital and skill. Given that opportunities on the Metaverse are sizzling-hot, and time is of the essence in this ever-evolving landscape, MMA Gaming has tailored a solution that still enables an individual to effectively maximise these undeniable opportunities.

MMA Gaming has formed an ingenious guild that offers individual investors exposure to the Metaverse GameFi landscape similar to an Index Fund.  In other words, an individual can make a single investment while leveraging their bespoke team of experts to gain advantageous exposure to a myriad of opportunities within gaming protocols.

Mma Gaming

MMA Gaming is a unified team of professional gamers, software developers, research analysts and ex-trading professionals with decades of experience and expertise.  Top tier traditional game devs are being poached by well-funded outfits like theirs.  The advantage of MMA Gaming is that they have macro-level exposure to one of the most exciting sectors of accelerated growth and momentum at present. 

It is most likely that because they didn’t choose to follow the VC route to raise seed and Series A capital, that they may be undervalued compared to other gaming guild competitors. As MMA deploy capital, hedge future cash flows, and optimise yields, they are certain that they will exceed targets and the market will naturally place a premium on its talented outfit, automatically enhancing its value. This will allow early investors a momentous opportunity to gain significant exposure to the Metaverse, as they masterfully aim to outperform their peers.

Mma Gaming

MMA Gaming is already successfully managing their growing AUM (currently north of $8.5m in seed and Series A) in a profitable manner yielding prosperous returns.  MMA Gaming is focused on as many probabilistically asymmetrical payoff opportunities as possible. An individual investor can gain exposure to the macro landscape, sector rebalancing, and the fortuity that an invested game pulls an “Axie” with life-changing multiples. 

Mma Gaming

You’re invited to be a part of this success story! After a triumphant start, the team is highly expectant about the future of MMA Gaming. Here’s some inside scoop; there will be an opportunity for early community members’ involvement through the presale which will take place on 13 Jan 2022. 

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