Hello guys, somewhere 3 weeks ago I wrote an overview of how the money flow in the Crypto market works.

In this article, we would list the destination of the money flow of the market in 2023.


2023 is indeed a tumultuous year for the Crypto market.

These fluctuations are almost all unique movements of the market, and can not be comparable to any time in the past.

January 2023

Btc January 2023

BTC welcomes the new year with one of the strongest gains in its history. Ending 2022 at a price of $16000, BTC grew by nearly 40%.

This officially confirms that the money has returned to the market and BTC is the first place to attract the money flow.

At the same time, the market has the LSO trend with the lead of $LDO, the Metaverse trend with the return of $GALA and the AI trend with $AGIX.

February 2023

Btc Feb 2023

After the impressive January growth, BTC spent the next month only hovering around the 20k – 24k threshold.

During this time, the money flow did not flow to Ethereum but continued to flow into new trends.

The AI trend continued with $AGIX. Besides that, the trend “Chinese Pump” occurred with the lead of $CFX.

March 2023

Btc March 2023

BTC welcomes March with a price action that could not be worse, after nearly half a month of continuous decline, BTC bounced back because of macro events in the other half of the hemisphere, ending the month with a gain of 23%.

The market this March was sucked out of the money flow by the increase of BTC. There is almost no new trend created this March.

There is only a continuation of the “Chinese Pump” Trend with the impressive momentum of $CFX and a relatively positive price reaction of the settlement coins with $XRP leading.

April 2023

Btc April 2023

April is another month of BTC resting after approaching the $30K mark.

The cash flow this month is a bit special, having partially shifted to the $ETH with the excitement of the Shanghai update. This euphoria caused $ETH to surpass the $2100 mark but was quickly extinguished by the BTC correction momentum.

In April, there were 2 very strong trends in the market. It’s the “Fan token” trend led by $OG and the meme trend led by $PEPE.

May 2023

Currently, May is still a mystery when only 1/3 of the month has passed.

However, the meme trend has continued to grow and is now dead.

With such money flow, with your own perspective, which stage are we in?