In the face of unforeseeable circumstances, the Multichain protocol has encountered a series of challenges over the past two days. With unwavering dedication, the team has worked tirelessly to keep the protocol running smoothly. However, a daunting obstacle has presented itself, as the team currently finds themselves unable to contact CEO Zhaojun or obtain the necessary server access for critical maintenance.

Multichain Protocol’s Reported Issue

Multichain Protocol Update: Confronts Unforeseen Hurdles

This afternoon, the scanning node network of Router5 experienced a severe issue, disrupting the normal functioning of cross-chain services for several chains. Regrettably, the problem surpasses the team’s current permissions and capabilities, leaving them unable to address it swiftly. In a bid to safeguard the interests of their users, the Multichain protocol has made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend the corresponding cross-chain services for the affected chain on the user interface. Remarkably, a similar incident occurred just last week, albeit on Router2.

The challenges faced by the Multichain protocol have not gone unnoticed, and the team expresses their sincere appreciation for the understanding and patience demonstrated by their users. In a humble request, the protocol urges their esteemed partners to refrain from directly calling the Multichain protocol smart contracts on or to the affected chain for any cross-chain operations until further notice.

The chains affected by these circumstances include:

  1. Kekchain
  2. PublicMint
  3. Dyno Chain
  4. Red Light Chain
  5. Dexit
  6. Ekta
  7. HPB
  8. ONUS
  9. Omax
  10. Findora
  11. Planq

Fast Response from the Team

Multichain Protocol Update: Confronts Unforeseen Hurdles

The Multichain team recognizes the inconvenience and frustration that this situation may cause. They empathize with their users and remain committed to resolving the technical challenges swiftly while working towards restoring the affected services to full functionality. The unwavering support and cooperation of users and partners during this challenging time are of immeasurable value to the Multichain protocol team. The protocol’s dedication to providing a secure and efficient cross-chain experience remains steadfast, as they diligently work towards resolving the challenges at hand.

For any questions or concerns, users are encouraged to reach out to the Multichain protocol’s dedicated support team, who stand ready to assist with any inquiries.

Before that, the Multichain protocol announced that they experienced issues with certain cross-chain routes, resulting in their unavailability due to unforeseen circumstances.

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