As interest in NFTs hits an all-time high, the launch of projects like NEAR starts to garner more attention. This sharding protocol creates opportunities for faster transactions speed, better security, and increased volume in the NT space.  With NEAR, NFT projects have the flexibility they need to create unique and innovative NFT marketplaces.

To get an idea of how much NEAR’s Nightshade protocol is impacting the NFT community here’s a list of some of the top projects already using it.

1. Mintbase

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Mintbase is an NFT platform based out of Lisbon. This exciting NEAR project gives users a way to sell and mint their NFTS. This includes music, artwork, and more. Even though Mintbase is first and foremost a marketplace, it also provides users a way to make their own customized marketplaces.

With NEAR’s scalability capabilities, low fees, and fast transactions speeds, Mintbase can offer plenty of features on its platform. These include NFT stores and auctions, along with a rewards system that incentivizes users. With more than 2000 minters, 800 NFT stores, and hundreds of NFT smart contracts, it’s easy to see why Mintbase is an up-and-coming platform. 

It doesn’t hurt that site developers are working on an “Openbase” feature. With Openbase, users will have access to an open NFT store. It will also include features that make buying, selling, and minting NFTs even easier than they already are.

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2. Paras

Second up on our list of NEAR NFT projects is Paras. This platform gets its inspiration based on the real-world trading card phenomena. If you collect sports cards or like to trade Pokemon, you’ll have no trouble adapting to the Paras NFT marketplace.

On the Paras platform, NEAR users have the ability to create digitized trading cards. These could be for comics, artwork, sports, or any other collectible. After an NFT is minted, creators can sell the digital assets right on the Paras marketplace. Buyers and collectors can do the same, giving everyone a piece of the action.

The Paras website greets users with information about upcoming NFT drops and popular NFT publications. If you’re familiar with the NFT industry at all, you know how important this information can be.

Paras is now the home of a vibrant, thriving community, boasting thousands of users. Those on the site can purchase their favorite NFTs right from the online marketplace. If you’re interested in trading digital cards, Paras might be the NFT platform for you.

3. Satori

Satori is an excellent platform if you’re a creator and need help learning how to mint NFTs and get them to market. You’ll view content from high-profile musicians and artists on the Satori marketplace, which makes it part of the creative renaissance we’re experiencing with the booming NFT market.

With Satori, creators can get their content in front of an audience without using a middleman. The platform makes sure artists, musicians, and the like have the necessary tools to establish their very own NFT business while giving users and collectors access to the content they want to own.

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4. DAO Records

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Next up on our list of NEAR NFT projects is DAO Records. This project, established by DJ Lethal Skills and Vandal, focuses on what a record label might look like in the NFT world. The founders of DAO Records view NFTs as a way to distribute content while also allowing independent artists a way to create virtual events. 

Through DAO Records, artists of any genre can mint audio NFTs and release them to the marketplace. The platform has actually been in business since February 2020, which is when they released their first audio NFT.

Since its launch, DAO Records has released almost 200 audio NFTs from more than 100 different independent artists. This includes the first interactive audio NFT, which came with 25 songs and their accompanying artwork.

However, DAO Records is more than just minting audio NFTs. The platform also offers virtual events for its users. As a matter of fact, the site has hosted more than 50 of these events within its digital space referred to as “The Playground.”  Seeing the success of “The Playground,” DAO Records continues to build support from independent artists willing to participate in music-related online events.

5. OP Games

If you’ve wanted to know what a Web3 gaming arcade might look like, look no further than OP Games. This platform is combining NFTs with the world of Web3 to give players a way to take ownership of the games they love. Developers created an arcade that gives the OP Games community a way to own a piece of a game. They’ve managed to do this by using fractionalized NFTs. Pretty clever, huh?

By using collective ownership, those within the OP Games community have the ability to watch their NFT appreciate as their favorite game becomes more popular and successful. Plus, since the games are decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), users get a say in how their game evolves and transitions.

For example, if the community wants different levels in their game, they can make that request to the developers. This is also true for any in-game digital assets they want to buy, own, or trade while they’re playing. Plus, OP Games allows its users to import other skins or accomplishments from other games they may be playing. Most other platforms don’t allow this. They lock their digital assets into their own environment.

With the NEAR protocol, OP Games is hoping to launch more than 500 games throughout 2022. That’s a big goal, but one OP Games may accomplish, especially since they have help from Gabby Dizon, the co-founder of Yield Guild Games. With a community of more than 16,000 followers, it’s easy to see how OP Games can make a name for itself in the NFT world.

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6. Sisu

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For those looking for a social action NFT project that focuses on climate change, Sisu is right up your alley. Built using defi and NFT technology, Sisu offers those on the NEAR blockchain a way to discuss, collaborate, and address social projects. Launched by social entrepreneur Angela del Sol Varela, Sisu uses blockchain tokens and NFTs within its community.

For example, del Sol Verala unveiled a gallery of NFTTrees at the 2021 Art Basel Miami event. This NEAR-based project will link NFT artwork with physical stress, which gets planted to offset the impact of carbon in countries like Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina.

With the help of Satori – another NEAR-based project – del Sol Verala will offer a blockchain-based system that will allow NFT owners to track when trees are planted and how they’re growing. This will show that the people behind the project are doing what they promised and caring for the plants as they grow.

Projects NEAR Everyone

As you can see, there are plenty of NEAR NFT projects on the market. There’s a good chance that one of the projects listed above will catch your attention. Whether it’s gaming, social media, climate change, or simply a way for NFT artists to peddle their wares, it’s like there’s a NEAR protocol project that will appeal to you.

And if you don’t see it on our list, keep searching! There are plenty of other NEAR-based projects out there!

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