The third quarter of 2022 is a bad time for the political economy, the financial situation in general and the crypto market in particular. Even so, Near Protocol still asserts its position by organizing Nearcon, Near’s biggest annual event to encourage the development of projects, creating conditions for developers to come to the ecosystem. Announcement of a funding fund with a huge budget to attract the development of projects with depth in use value and user-friendly and easy-to-use.

Near Daily is compiling data scattered around various sources to present this Near Protocol quarterly report. In this inaugural edition, we look into the overall ecosystem growth in the Q3 of 2022, with sections focused on on-chain data, development activity, DeFi and Web3.

The report focuses on the following topics:

Near Daily will dissect each piece around the ecosystem and provide viewers with the most objective view.

  • Developer commits within Q3 of Near Protocol surpassing others top blockchain like Ethreum, Avalanche, Cosmos
  • Near Protocol’s development activity keeps above average and outperforms top blockchains in the market
  • Big events take place around the ecosystem
  • Nearcon 2022 recap and quick comparison of the ecosystem overview between Nearcon Alpha and Nearcon Beta
  • Grant & Fundraising on Near Protocol within Q3
  • Analysis of network activity, including content about new daily transactions and unique accounts on the ecosystem
  • Notable Aurora+ updates and aggregated data on the status of Rainbow bridges
  • Detailed analysis of the Defi situation on the ecosystem including pieces such as AMM DEX, Lending Protocol and Stablecoin
  • Overview of NFTs on the ecosystem. Sweat economy highlights
  • Near Daily’s subjective projection on the near future of the ecosystem

Read the full report here.