With its technological strengths, Near Protocol still takes firm steps in any market situation. Every day is a step forward for Near, let’s take a look at the notable events as well as the talking numbers across the ecosystem.


  • Near Protocol Highlight On-Chain Data
  • Neardaily AMA With Sweat Economy
  • USN token breakdown
  • Aurora+ Major Updates and Aurora Developement
  • Nearcon Alpha & Beta Milestone
  • SWEAT Statistics after TGE 
  • Sender Wallet Raised $4.5 Million in Private Round Led by Pantera

Ecosystem Update

Near Protocol Highlight On-Chain Data

Near Protocol Weekly Recap 37 (12/9 - 18/9) - 1

Big Things Around The Ecosystems

NearDaily were excited to collaboration with SweatEconomy 

Near Protocol Weekly Recap 37 (12/9 - 18/9) - 2

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Lets checkout $USN – Native Stablecoin on Near Protocol Breakdown

Near Protocol Weekly Recap 37 (12/9 - 18/9) - 3

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Check out some Aurora & Aurora+ Important Updates from NEARCON 2022

Near Protocol Weekly Recap 37 (12/9 - 18/9) - 4

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Let’s Take A Look At NEARProtocol milestone #NEARCON ALPHA and BETA 

Near Protocol Weekly Recap 37 (12/9 - 18/9) - 5

Time flies and everything has changed so much, NEAR’s Community has grown 6x in twitter space. Besides, we can see the number of addresses on the ecosystem has also made great progress.

Checkout SweatEconomy’s $SWEAT stats after TGE

Near Protocol Weekly Recap 37 (12/9 - 18/9) - 6

The outstanding project of the Near Protocol ecosystem has just successfully raised $4.5M – Senderwallet

Near Protocol Weekly Recap 37 (12/9 - 18/9) - 7

Notable Additional Events

Bitstamp’s listed $NEAR! Bitstamp is World’s longest running Crypto Exchange since 2011.

Tether $USDT launches on NEAR network

NEAR Foundation unveils $100M VC Fund targeting Web3 culture and entertainment

Fireblocks integrates with NEAR, enabling 1500+ institutions to access NEAR DeFi. Starting with Meta Pool , then rolling out into Ref Finance, Burrow & more

The first day of NEARCON was packed with good talks, alpha, updates and on-site development. Amazing to see people sharing ideas and knowledge and of course having fun together. The vibe is right

$NEAR staking is officially live on BinanceUS. Earn 11.1% APY on NEAR Protocol at launch – the highest of any major U.S. platform

Sweat Economy breaks records in thepublic sale on TheDAOMaker with 41,280 Participants and $1M SWEAT sold out in15 mins!

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