With its technological strengths, Near Protocol still takes firm steps in any market situation. Every day is a step forward for Near, let’s take a look at the notable events as well as the talking numbers across the ecosystem.


  • Near Protocol Highlight On-Chain Data still have a positive number
  • A Deep Dive Report About Near Protocol Within Q3 by Near Daily
  • USDC Come to Near Protocol
  • Nearcon-2022 Flash Back
  • Near Foundation collaboration with Google Cloud

Ecosystem Update

Near Protocol Highlight On-Chain Data

Near Protocol Weekly Recap Week 40 (29/9 - 5/10) - 1

Big Things Around The Ecosystems

The Deep Dive Report of Near Protocol within Q3 2022 by Near Daily

Near Protocol Weekly Recap Week 40 (29/9 - 5/10) - 2

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Top Near Influencers with the Most Impression last 7 Days by Near Daily

Near Protocol Weekly Recap Week 40 (29/9 - 5/10) - 3

Checkout Newcomers Of Near Protocol Last Week 

Near Protocol Weekly Recap Week 40 (29/9 - 5/10) - 4

NEAR has shown significant growth in active addresses in the last 30 days

Near Protocol Weekly Recap Week 40 (29/9 - 5/10) - 5

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NEAR has partnered with Circle to bring $USDC to the NEAR community. Now the world’s fastest-growing stablecoin will be available natively on NEAR

Near Protocol Weekly Recap Week 40 (29/9 - 5/10) - 6

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Notable Additional Events

Flashback to #NEARCON and dive into our interview with Raiz, CEO and Co-Founder, Emiliano Gutiérrez, where we discuss how #NEAR fits into the world of vertical farming

For the complete scoop on everything that happened on NEAR over the past few months, Read Blockworks Research NEAR Q3 report here. 

Check out the incredible progress NEAR has made in the past 12 months in their data-based roundup. 200M transactions, 20M accounts, 21 Global Partners! And More Below!

Decentral Bank announced the new partnership of TONANA BRIDGE with $USN – the first stable coin available on the TON network

NEAR x Fireblocks: Fireblocks is now available on Burrow

NEAR is becoming a major hub of NFT platforms. checkout all NFT platform which NEAR has covered

The NEAR Foundation has partnered with Google Cloud to provide tech support for NEAR grantees as they build their Web3 dApps

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